Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 40

Scientists Urge Reform for a Broken Global System
Climate change creates geothermal opportunities and other unproven science in the name of politics - ...
Addicted to Fossil Fuels! How do we make the transition to renewable power?
Over $3 Trillion invested in Green Transition…
Partnering with oil company to save island?
Green Tips - Before you dispose of it, be aware Mercury is in your cell phone
Battery innovation is alive and well in the U.S.
What ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Really Mean on Climate Change (Hint: Nothing)
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brokers deal to shut two polluting coal fire plants -
Exclusive: GE unit Buys stake in Arizona solar project
40 miles of the San Joaquin River dried up? CA deserves better than the "State Water Rights Repeal Act" (HR1837)
U.S. announces protection for owls
World’s Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Today
Scope 3 Emissions Reporting and the Future of Corporate Transparency
See Inside a Canadian E-Waste Recycling Facility /really interesting stuff
Dutch kids ride tandem bike-bus to school.
Study: The Scent of Rosemary Can Make You Smarter
Comcast to offer smart thermostat service via EcoFactor
Lone wolf inspires conservation
100% of TEDsters believe there should be a price on carbon. TED2012
Fact check: All-of-the-Above Approach to American Energy -
Mean right hook: Conservative judge deals blow to polluters in climate trial

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 39

Greenhouse gas rules vulnerable
The balancing act of CSR Reporting: CSRjames gives us the back stage tour
Keystone Pipeline Permit Request to Be Renewed The latest: TransCanada is proposing to split the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in 2, to get around U.S. process TransCanada to proceed with the Southern (Texas!) leg of the Keystone Pipeline…
Warren Buffett's company owns more wind power than any other in USA (over 3 gigawatts!)
Beyond Blocks: Lego's Parent Spends $530M on Offshore Wind
Filling up an electric car battery like a gas engine
Our daily roundup of news and views. We bring you the design issue. From green oscar winners to an Eco bottle battle.
 Americans Listening to Politicians, Not Climate Scientists - Wired News
 Influential Women in Cleantech: Top 10 Women of Sustainability
Tendril buys Recurve for energy analytics
Barnett Shale gas production hit record high in November, despite low gas prices…
Glidehouse Prefab Built on Vashon Island:
Renewables Now Cheaper than Coal in Michigan, Could Be $5-Billion Industry
Warner Urges Companies to Lend Expertise to Strapped Nonprofits
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability.
Eco-Travel Helps South Africa | Care2 Healthy Living: South Africa is a blend of first and third worl...
Bill Gates: The lack of energy funding is crazy Bill Gates on changing the energy system: The IT revolution "warped people's minds" on how fast change can occur
Shareholders' Top Priorities: Green Issues, Political Spending
Cisco enlists it’s employees to fight global hunger relief
For future cars, anything but gasoline
2012 Plug-in Prius (95 MPGe) eligible for $4k rebates in California-

Solar in most conservative zip codes in state; number 1 area conservative senior citizens. When solar reaches grid parity, consumers will exit. Evolving role for utilities. Customer satisfying process, compete with vendors on distribution, generation and efficiency. Perfect storm in power industry--lower gas and solar prices, building efficiency technologies. Richard Kauffman, DOE, innovative business models, with that comes innovative technology. Students in school demanding solar on school rooftops. In theory, projects financable. Long term power purchase agreements, but source of funds not there. Challenge is that to use tax benefits have to get equity. Not market issue but tax equity and debt--tough to get for small projects. Can't get financing. More interest in lower prices, reliability--munis looking to do dist gen. Scaling an issue; make service model more efficient. Gen side-what should utilities do? Low demand growth with uncertain future investment in assets. What can utilities do to get bigger share of wallet? Services efficiency, increase value of product. Kris--commissions can pre-approve transmission, accept more technologies like storage, order 1000 good thing to find agreement on cost allocation.

Efficiency will save $9 billion in AZ. Storage business model, digitization, decoupling, Arizona citizens believe solar is their economic destiny.

Greenhouse gas rules getting their day in court -- today & tomorrow…
Are Container Houses the future? by futurecapetown
AEI Economist Zycher Makes Head-Exploding Claims About Cost of Renewables
Warming Arctic Means More Tundra Fires—And More Warming
Inventing the Energy Future: Bill Gates and Steven Chu Have a Plan : Greentech Media…
Update: Solar Firms Setting New Records in Efficiency and Performance…

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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 38

TransCanada to spend US$500 million on Mexico natural gas pipeline extension…
New science links antibiotic-resistant staph and the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms:
$6.5 million to go to alternative energy by Native American groups!daADt2l
Global Warming Ice Cubes Feature Melting Penguins and Polar Bears ~Inhabitat
Ridge Avenue closed after oil spill - Philadelphia Daily News
The Blender Girl’s Top 5 Reasons To Say NO to Bottled Water -
"A meaningful response to global warming would be a fatal blow to free markets and capitalism."
"Don't close the gate on endangered species protection "
Climate Feedbacks - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Gulf of Mexico oil spill: timeline - Daily Telegraph
7 reports of nuclear fuel rod pieces being ejected from Fukushima reactors and/or spent fuel pools
Understanding the Dangers & Symptoms of Lead Poisoning
Fox News and a small-island dictator are on the same page w/ climate change; the message is not what you might think
30 cost free ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint: from the Go Green Guy!
Are McDonald’s Golden Arches Losing Their Luster?
Gulf oil spill trial delayed for settlement talks - Boston Globe
Mt. Everest Getting More Dangerous to Climb: Sherpa -
The Latest Buzz on Bees 
World’s Largest EV Bus & Taxi Fleet Gets 1,500 Vehicles Larger
Nice article on ways to "nudge" people to do small things to better the planet. Small stuff, but effective.
Heartland Institute’s Climate Skeptics vs Children: Bet on the Kids
New Waterworld, bigger than Earth Smaller than Uranus. NASA says planet is like nothing seen before.
Alaska is about to get fracked up
TransCanada to build part of Keystone XL as stand-alone project, re-apply for permit.
LA Times op-ed: The greening of faith…
Amyris shores up company with $84M
MonsantoCo's RoundUp is even worse than we thought. New study shows it damages DNA, even after dilution:
Tell the FDA to end the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in live 

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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 37

“Invisible” Solar Panels are on the Way
Is 100% renewable energy in Cincinnati's future?
Nine Acre L.A. Parking Lot Transformed into Pollution-Reducing Wetlands ~Inhabitat
France, China can learn from Fukushima: French minister - Terra Daily
Oil spill contained after train derails - Seattle Times
U.S. Urban Forests Losing Ground -
Are Consumers Getting Tired of Hearing about Green Energy?
Architect Manthey Kula Explores Seaweed as Natural Insulation For Sustainable Building ~Inhabitat
Lexicon of Sustainability: Fallen fruit
Why Fast Company Prints on Recycled Paper, and Other Magazines Should Too
Global warming COULD SHRINK THE HUMAN RACE - The Register
World Bank launches global coalition for marine protection -
New Renewable Energy Doc from Greenpeace
River rising: Water helps revive a washed up industrial town
Solar-Powered DomoLab in France is a Candy Cane-Colored Paragon of Sustainability ~Inhabitat
"Step one is to drill and step two is to drill. And then step three is to keep drilling." – Barack Obama on GOP plan
This nonprofit is swapping kerosene for solar lights in developing countries: Clean, safe, and rechargeable.
SolarCity, Shea Homes building "no electric bill" homes in 5 states-
New blog post: Simple Living Green Methods To Preserve The Environment 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 36

NRDC Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Agent Orange Ingredient from Weed and Feed Products
Chinese EV Market Gains Traction with Continued Government Support: The Chinese EV market is now transitioning ...
President's Budget Maintains "Green" Commitment but Has Several Unanticipated Surprises: On January 25, 2011, t...
New Report: Philanthropy Must Fund the Grassroots to Win on Environment and Climate - YAHOO!
Climate change scientist duped sceptic thinktank into handing over confidential files showing 'how it...
Coal miner Exxaro to submit five renewable energy bids - Engineering News
Centrica May Mothball More Gas Plants as Capacity Trims Profits - Bloomberg
The Green Brewhaha: Drink Up, You’re Making Sustainable Shaving Cream
Harmful Herbicide: EPA's Unreasonable Delay Protecting People from 2,4-D
Can carnivorous farmed fish go vegetarian?
Dryden Becomes New York's Test Town on Fracking ~NYTimes
The Dawn Of Even Stronger Superweeds
Rachelcernansky looks into a new report on why Walmart can't fix our food system
Smart Grid - Hitachi & Silver Spring link up over smart grid
Many thought turning crop waste into fuel was a pipe dream: Turns out it's booming.
Pollution is “Against God’s Will” According to Catholic Church Leaders in the UK ~Inhabitat
Renowned climate scientist comes under fire
DuPont is focusing on solar power - and raking in billions as a result.
“This dangerous pesticide is lurking all over the place, from ball fields and golf courses, to front lawns and farms."
Actress Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace activists climb oil-drilling ship in New Zealand protest 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 35

BBC News - EU to vote on oil sands pollution -
New Hiut Jeans are Getting a Welsh Town Back to Work -
Study suggests 60% of UK office-based employees will be ‘regularly’ working from home in next ten years
Critical List: Court upholds local fracking ban; New York could ban shark fin sales
Smart Grid: 4 cities that get it - and 3 utilities with smarts:
Wind Energy News (Humungous Crossroads Wind Farm Complete; 70-MW Wind Farm Planned for Northern Chile; Steel Winds...
Cheap Natural Gas Won't Kill Renewable Energy growth (3 Reasons Why)
How Universal turned a sustainability icon into cash
Giant Spiky Sculpture To Clean Air for New York Gallery
Startup Develops Floating Solar Farm
Crazy talk: Rick Santorum out-denies the climate deniers and spins eco-conspiracy theories -
Selerant Joins TSC
How U.S. Pro Sports Teams Rank on Environmental Disclosure How do teams in the NFL, MLB, NB
How Autodesk cut its data center energy use by 62%
Engage employees with sustainability via this nifty app.…
Something we all should know - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Green Column: Trade Battles Buffet E.U.'s Green Efforts
The World According to Monsanto « Caitlin Reviews?
Monsanto poisons French farmer -
Stearns accidentally exposes GOP energy agenda, by drgrist
Making Solar Power Competitive with Coal
Confronting the biodiversity crisis ~… 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 34

Want to learn more about The Sustainability Consortium? Then you should take a look at this video!
Darden Restaurants Dedicates Solar Panel Installation at Corporate Headquarters: Darden Restaurants - 
Firms urged to save water as South East drought declared: business_green Water utilities -
Environmental factors must be included in GDP, say scientists: business_green Governments warned...
According to the book Reinventing Fire we don't need oil or coal & can be free of all the headaches they cause by 2050.
Intel Cranks Up The Efficiency, Develops Solar Powered Chip -
Over a third of U.S. counties may be at "extreme" or "high" risk of water shortages by 2050, from a swelling population
30 cost free ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint: from the Go Green Guy!
Why do you think the SMRS is vital to sustainability?
How important is shelter to fish? This coral reef cam shows how fish hide and why it matters with a changing climate.
Vikings Held Key to Dealing with Climate Change - Softpedia
Ocean acidification turns climate change winners into losers: research - PhysOrg
The short-term pollutant plan is a long-term green win. 
Why Electric Cars Are Not the Answer (But They Sure Can Help) green
A Poison Pucker – The top 15 Lipsticks with the Highest Lead Content -
Good read from MotherJones - The Inside Story on Climate Scientists Under Siege
National Defense and President Obama’s 2013 Clean Energy Budget
Dow Chemical's Olympic PR push dogged by Bhopal
EcoSpeed App Directs Your Driving, Cuts Fuel Use by 30% -
From Confrontation to Collaboration
Green Tips - Use nontoxic pesticides 
Find out more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on  product sustainability
Unsafe levels of lead still found in California youths - 
World’s Worst Elected Official Makes the Case for Sprawl
"Organic" means not full of chemicals; or does it? Arsenic In Baby Formula Related to Organic Sweetener -
Many products claim to be green or friendly to the environment, but what makes a product truly eco friendly?
Rick Santorum: Global warming is politics, not science - Boston Herald
EU Ministers Mull Climate Aid From Airlines, Ships, Draft Shows - Bloomberg
Sea level rise underestimated say B.C. scientists – CBC
New Green Business Model for Sustainable Finance
MonoSol Creates Innovative Dissolvable Packaging To Combat Waste
Trina Solar Gets $100-Million Loan for High-Efficiency “Honey” Solar Cell Launch
Is There a Leaner Way to Footprint?
The VA Department's Veterans Canteen Service Attacks Food Waste
The Benefits of Building Efficiency Go Far Beyond Energy Costs
Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline But Leaves Door Open for Tar Sands
IBM and Tulip Telecom Building Giant 900,000 Sq Ft Sustainable Data Center 
Wave and tidal power 'need boost' to maintain UK leadership
Is a spiritual revolution the transition path to a sustainable society?Guardian interviews Thich Nhat Hanh
Indirect Carbon Emissions and Why They Matter
Transforming a derelict buildings into vertical gardens by Kaid_at_NRDC
Should Cities Embrace ‘Sandwich Board Urbanism’? by crwolfelaw
How Much Your Car Really Costs You and The Quality of Your Living
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Campaign Against Citizens United
25 million pounds of plastic beads make their way through New Orleans every Mardi Gras. What happens to them next?
 It makes a difference what you say about Climate Change. - Examiner
GleickGate: Climate change activism takes a big step backward - Houston Chronicle
Cape Wind’s Nstar Deal May Spur Financing of U.S. Offshore Farm - Businessweek
Companies are reaping the benefits of climatechange strategies, says Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) - 
Dutch Earnest Studio’s Multifunctional Furniture is More Than the Sum of Its Parts - - Inhabitat
The Universal Transformer as EV Fast Charger: Solid state transformers, devices that “digitize” the grid’s alt...
Eco-religion is getting to the young, ignorance is winning -
Environmentalists threaten suit over ballast rule
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability.
Green Blog: The Quest for 'Hydricity'
Apple Tips Plans For Solar, Biogas Systems at NC Data Farm: Last year Apple commissioned its new 500,000 acre d...
Farming the burbs: Is it the best of both worlds?
Media hoopla over new report saying coal worse than oilsands misses the point. Both are unsustainable forms of energy.
Famous faces help boost animal rights in China
32,000 Year-Old Flower Has Rebloomed -
Tenna, Switzerland Unveils World’s First Solar Wing-Powered Ski Lift ~Inhabitat
Hey Mr. Green, aren't electric cars only as clean as the fuel that generates their electricity?
Eliminating styrofoam cups in the enterprise. How CA made it happen despite some bumps in the road -
Climate change increased likelihood of Russian 2010 heatwave (via Guardianeco)
Renewables Are a Reality: How We Can Ditch Fossil Fuels Without Any Help From Congress | Environment | AlterNet
Creative Recycling Latest NASCAR Green Sponsor : Creative Recycling, a Tampa, Fl.-based company has joined...
A Quick Take On What Obama's Budget Means For Clean Energy
Edible food packaging. Yeah, man.
Top Three Reasons Cheap Natural Gas Won’t Kill Renewable Energy
Prove climate change doesn’t exist and get this guy's most favorite gun: He's not kidding. 

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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 33

SunPower going ‘on the offense’ in 2012, CEO says
Protect the Arctic, Mr. President - Seattle Times - PRESIDENT Obama made a vow in his recent State of the ...
Interesting fed-funded behavioral efficiency work at Stanford involves teaching Girl Scouts energy-saving techniques…
'Green News Report' - February 16, 2012
It’s the One-Year Anniversary of House Solyndra Investigation, But the Traditional Gift of Paper Seems Superfluous
Hog farmers in MN are struggling with exploding barns. When pigs start exploding, it's time to rethink our food system
Warren Buffett's Billions at Risk; Berkshire Hathaway Is Lowest-Rated on Sustainability -
Obama bypasses Congress again on climate change - USA Today
Clinton Leads New Effort Against Climate-Heating Gases - Bloomberg
Coal, Mining Interests File Suit to Block Landmark Mercury Regs
What Supportive Govt Policies Can Do: North Carolina Becomes Hotbed for Renewables -
Nanosolar scores $20M to scale up its thin-film solar printing tech
Access to Low-Cost Feedstocks Remains a Key Barrier to Wider Adoption of Biofuels
Green Blog: A Different Kind of Beekeeping Takes Flight
No more injections: implantable microchip delivers drugs
Pollution from Electric Cars?…
Tell USDA To Reject "Agent Orange" Corn
Mitsui unit to pay $90 million over Gulf oil spill
SCA First to Introduce Verified Compostable Products
Hawaii plastic bag fee could be first of its kind
Mission Impossible: Oil Spill Clean-up in Arctic Waters - PRWeb
Investor sues electric car maker Fisker
Fearing Urbanization
Old School Industries Transforms Unwanted Furniture Into One-of-a-kind Pieces with an Edge – Inhabitat
Is 'Low-Profit LLC' the Next Big Label for Responsible Businesses?
Food Inc Interview ~… ~ Michael Pollan Interview with Bill Moyers
The 10 Top Mums in the Animal Kingdom 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 32

5 Deadly Air Pollutants Measured on 5 Continents
CSR: New Business Opportunities Through Social Commitment
Sony plugs RFID chips into smart power sockets
Are bicycle lanes really green? Some city residents see red
Smart Grid - Itron and National Grid Evaluate Advanced Smart Grid:
Behind the Top 10 List for Green Building Markets: How SF Made No. 1
Has The Nature Conservancy Gone Too Far With the SI Swimsuit Campaign?
Tesla scores electric Mercedes-Benz deal -
'Janitor satellite' cleans up space junkyard
Sami Grover explains why green products aren't enough.
Do you ever wander your city and dream about restoring it's old parts? Then this beautiful piece by Chuck Wolfe is...
Does energy efficiency compromise the hospitality experience?
Sustainability Day April 17 in Stockholm – Tobias Larsson -
Expect big things for the municipal wastewater treatment market in 2012 -
U.S. Bank Expands Its aggressive Recycling Program
Today in Green IT: What’s the future of Zipcar?
Environmentalism Gone Wrong? ~… ~ Inside the WWF ~ PLUS Official WWF Response
Puerto Rico army bases to get $34.3M energy-efficiency makeover
Clean Air Now: Federal Register Publishes Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
Sustainability in the Middle East
Agriculture consumes 92% of freshwater used globally.
Hillary Clinton announces new global deal on climate change
Is pond scum the future of food and fuel?
Honda Civic, Toyota Prius Earn Least-Toxic Car Scores
IDC Smart Buildings Maturity Models – A New Framework... IDC Insights Community
New study finds arsenic in infant formula, cereal bars:
U.S. Pushes to Cut Emissions of Some Pollutants That Hasten Climate Change ~… U.S. leads low-cost bid to curb global warming pollutants - Reuters
In the climate advocacy wars, the biggest casualty is reality - Houston Chronicle
GREEN GUIDE TO PREFAB: Siting Your Home to Maximize Eco Efficiency ~Inhabitat
Ignore the brown fields: Below the surface, freezing does a farm good. Here's why warmer winters are troubling
UN Global Compact Expels Thousands of Companies
EnerNOC CEO Tim Healy board member of Advanced Energy Economy, biz org for a smarter energy industry. Read more:
Global Revenue from Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Will Reach $785 Mil. in 2012
House Transportation bill H.R. 7 is "a bill only Big Oil could love" - Bicycling under attack in Congress
Interview with JeffDSachs, renowned economist and author of The End of Poverty.
Excellence in Renewable Energy Award Announced! Check out Video Coverage of the Winners Here: http://www.renewa...
NRDC president praises Obama for "historic progress" on the environment
Natural gas boom: A deal 'getting worse all the time'?…
How Will You Take a Stand Against Coal?
Alaska Well Blowout Still Out of Control While Congress Wants to Drill in Polar Bear Country
Lloyd Chapman: Where Is Obama's Windfall Profits Tax On the Oil and Gas Industry? 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 31

Can a Prius increase global warming? - The Christian Science Monitor
Md. governor lobbies lawmakers for offshore wind - RealClearPolitics
Climate change increases risk of storm surges, according to MIT study - Boston Globe
What does the USDA seal of approval mean when it's stamped on your food?
Ban Ki-moon outlines 5 steps business can take to advance sustainability:
Should we shift from 'Sustainable' to 'Regenerative'?
Why Corporate Fat Cats Love Ethical Consumerism
How the Military Uses Green Tech to Save Soldiers' Lives
Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) Releases 2011 Sustainability Report:
The Fight to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Continues
GreenTouch & TIA to Showcase Network Innovations in Green ICT at TIA 2012 ...
The Effect of Chlorofluorocarbons on the Ozone Layer
Humans helped wipe out African rainforest
Wind power's hope for a near-term extension of key tax credit "nearly extinguished"…
Michael Pollan - Check out this cool animation of a talk I gave in UK about how to feed the world sustainably.
Smart Grid - Itron Buys SmartSynch: Itron, North America’s biggest smart meter maker, is buying cellular smart meter leader...
Did you know: It’s energy efficient to rebuild old computers; only about 2% of PCs ever find their way to a 2nd user.
Sabre Announces Industry’s First Eco-Certified Hotel Program
Biolite’s Brilliant Camp Stove Converts Waste Heat Into Electricity for USB Gadgets –Inhabitat
Tesla has 500 reservations for the Model X -- but hasn't sold a single vehicle yet
Fukushima Reactor Temperature Surpasses 752 Degrees
Smart Grid - Another big smart grid acquisition Itron Buys SmartSynch for $100M : Greentech Media…
Bill Gates jumps into fray over SEC oil transparency rule -
Smart Grid - Aquamarine Power To Connect Wave Energy Generator To UK National Grid ~Inhabitat
CSR in the Middle East 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 30

Regulating any practice that may have an adverse effect on the environment - the EPA
IDC's Top 10: 2012 Utility Industry Predictions - FierceEnergy:
World’s most environmentally outspoken president forced to resign at gunpoint-
Bridgelux raises $25M to replace your old lightbulbs with LEDs
Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Patents
India’s Bharathi Antarctic Research Station is Made From 134 Prefab Containers ~Inhabitat
Climate change denier: environmentalism is a religion - DAILY KOS
DPD promises to deliver "carbon neutral" packages: business_green Logistics firm says emissions -
UK rail service introduces 'carbon free' trains
Smart lightbulbs could help lost shoppers 
Why the 21st century will see migration back to the Rust Belt   - The coming water crisis.
Do You Recycle? The Go Green Guy – 19 items you may not know that you can recycle!
2012 Toyota Prius C So Popular In Japan, Toyota Ups Production -
What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day - WorldWatchInst
Climate Change May Bring '100-Year Storms' Every 3 Years 
Greener (Brown) Toilet Paper and the Elusive Green Consumer
Even Fox News likes this anti-factory-farm ad
70% of Americans oppose federal subsidies for fossil fuels. 68% Dems; 80% Indies; 67% Rs.
Bill McKibben on Climate Change, the Keystone Pipeline and the no KXL campaign
Energy Efficiency: Utility Programs Getting More “Boots on the Ground” for Business Customers
Hershey Makes Big Announcements
3 Ways to Get Ahead of Climate Change, Without Ditching Oil (Yet):
U.K. has world's largest offshore wind farm but S.C. has its start. - Examiner 

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