Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 36

Top Twenty Greenest US and Canadian Cities:
Air Products' Latest GRI G3 Sustainability Report Now Available -
Co-Design a manual for Social Change, that will be freely available for all
Weighty Battle Over Plastic Foam | The Press-Enterprise |
With the $4 trillion we spent on war, we could have provided 280 million people with 100% renewable energy
Original green campaign by Infineon in partnership with Panasonic! Solar and Sheeps ;)
Sustainability initiatives turning Green to Gold in the Midwest:
Did you know that there's a way to be eco friendly and give to charity all at the same time? Givmo is the answer.
California congressman tackles toxic trade in new bill | LA Times | 
What if you chose your cab by who's greenest? Steps in that direction:
How frequently do you travel? Calculate the impact your carbon footprint has:
Newest GTM Research report on Solar PV BOS costs and what it means for the solar industry as a whole. Will this...
Global IT outsourcing for the legal sector: The legal sector is experiencing a period of rapid change, bringing ...
Dead Penguins Washing Ashore With Disturbing Regularity #green
New California Law Expands Tax Exemptions For Solar Projects: Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., has signed into law A....
The new "30 Years War" #green
Better imaging means fewer animals, improved data?
Wayfinding Maps for Urban Navigators
How to give EVs unlimited range: Denmark's plan for a nationwide electric battery-switching infrastructure would...
American Association for Advancement of Science Slams Harassment and Attacks Aimed at Climate Scientists green
Big Coal faces a powerful new enemy in its quest to build new plants: you.
Decoupling economic growth from negative environmental impacts: the Coca-Cola case -
New research shows #climate change could shorten the lifespans of many men
New research shows #climate change could have biological impacts that shorten the lifespans of many men
The Social Side of Reasoning (create collective meaning to find a "truth")
Can Underground Water Cool City Houses?
Efficiency 2.0: Couponing Your Way to Efficiency: There are two things people love in this world: getting discounts...
If Renewable Costs Are Down, Why the Financial Uncertainty?: Over the past few years, renewable costs have been...
California confirms 12-month delay to carbon trading scheme
The Supervalu family of grocery stores, annonced a new sustainability initiave! The addition of 40 new zero waste...
As Energy Demand Accelerates, ARPA-E Bets on Caves, Biofuels
San Francisco tops list of 'green' cities in survey #green
More CPV Funding: Semprius Gets $20M from Siemens, et. al.: Semprius, a developer of concentrating photovoltaic...
UK's Energy Secretary Promises Green Policies Will Boost GDP
UK emissions flat-lining, warns climate committee
UK partners downplay impact of Google's decision to axe PowerMeter
Skills gap puts UK's biodiversity efforts at risk
DECC warned it could 'blow' £11.3bn smart meter budget
New Greenpeace VW Star wars Campaign, Great Video! #green
GreenVolts, CPV Aspirant Gets $39M in VC: GreenVolts, a second-tier Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) supplier ...
GM working on sexy new all-electric car for every country except U.S.
Cincinnati kicks off Green Business Council:
California’s New Pesticide Plan Sparks Protest | LA Times | pesticideplan
High-Stakes Wind Farm Drama in Minnesota Enters Final Act / Subsidiary of Boone Pickens' Mesa Energy impacted.
Germany to substantially increase geothermal feed-in tariffs:
If you like #EV then check out
University of Toronto announces Solar Development - Colloidal Quantum Dots: #green #sustainability #environment #solar
EV Laguna launches electric vehicles charging stations - Coastline Pilot
Climate of Denial... an epic article by @algore in @RollingStone. A must read!
Climate of Denial... an epic article by @algore in @rollingstone. A must read!
How the Meat Industry Turned Abuse into a Business Model #green
Next time your flight's delayed, it might be because of this:
Progressive Brands Should Turn Their Backs on Sustainability: Every progressive consumer-facing bra...
When it comes to green, what you buy matters more than where you live:
Announcing ShadeFund's newest field partner, the Green Chamber of Commerce
Falling PV Module Prices To Drive Solar Market's Recovery Later This Year: After declining for two consecutive quarters...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 35

Boeing and American Airlines partner to rev up clean-energy, less noise with NextGen flights greenairlines
Dismount and die? – the paradox of sustainable living
SMA America Debuts Slim-Line Sunny Boy Photovoltaic Inverter: Rocklin, Calif.-based SMA America says it is now s...
Unilever announced its Sustainable Living Plan: cutting environmental impacts in half by 2020!  Exclusive...
4 'superstar' beaches for the holiday weekend; plus 10 to monitor
Draker Labs Closes New Round Of Equity Funding, Names New Board Member: Draker Labs, a provider of turnkey monitor...
Free Insulation - Loft insulation & Cavity Wall Insulation
Norton Construction - Old World Quality, New World Technology
CertaPro Painters of Marin - Proven an Trusted Experts in Painting - Where Every Purchase Helps Save Our Planet
Natural Healing Tools - Natural Healing Tools
Replaces bottled water at conference hotel
SoloPower shoots for another $44M for thin film solar
IBM Coordinates Smart Grid Data in South Korea: On the island of Jeju off of South Korea, a smart grid revolut...
How can our Economy become Sustainable? #MSLS founder Karl-Henrik Robèrt on the Globe and Mail [video]
Food sustainability requires systemic thinking and action via @guardian
And Not a Drop to Drink: the Salting of Florida #green
Space boat to cruise for extraterrestrial life
University of Toronto announces Solar Breakthrough - Colloidal Quantum Dots: is offering half off as part of the green deal of the week!
KYOCERA Brings Modern Solar Energy Solution to an Historic New Jersey Property: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — June 27, 20...
Shark Fin Ban Proposed for Toronto | CBCNews Canada |
Kaid Benfield on what really matters to community planning, in a happiness sense:...
Silicon Valley's latest startup hub: an entrepreneurial 'hostel'
Sustainability - A Powerful Engine of Innovation for Healthcare?: #green sustainability csr healthcare
Google says delaying clean energy will cost the U.S. trillions:
U.S. solar industry grows 66 percent in Q1 on less expensive parts: green sustainability solar
Editorial from @SthlmResilience on ecological tipping points, and the need to reach a social one fast enough [pdf]
Critical List: Global warming—it’s happening; Exxon funds climate deniers
What does the reverse Great Migration mean for #urbanism? By @blackurbanist:
Dave Laipple Joins our Blogging Team - Natural Gas: A Volatile Reminder -
IREC Releases U.S. Solar Market Trends Report for 2010: Thanks to strong consumer demand and financial incentiv...
Google: Delaying Clean Energy Transition "Only 5 Years Could Leave Trillions on the Table": Google, a leader of...
Mid-State Petroleum Raises More Than $50,000 for Local MDA Chapter: /PRNewswire/ - North Carolina...
xpedx Selects Winning Entry in Sustainability Challenge via PRNewswire
Energy Management on Campus
Talking sustainability: IT, innovation and entrepreneurs
In defense of ‘green jobs':
Another great example how the naturalgas industry exploits the  US  Economy  for  profit
Pinnacle Engines Aims to Slash Fuel Consumption by 25 to 50 Percent: SAN CARLOS, CALIF. --- Most internal comb...
Match the ingredients to the heavily processed foodstuff!
Group Sues to End N.Y.'s Role in Regional Cap-and-Trade
What Can a Clean Up Crew Do To Improve Cities?
FedEx adds to electric vehicles, energy-efficient fleet
Sustainable business in in era of #austerity - how the basic framework is about to change
Oregon's New Legislation Slashes Renewable Energy Incentive Funding: The Oregon State Senate has voted overwhelm...
How green is your internet? Data from @Greenpeace narrated and presented in a 2mins video
Feeling entrepreneurial? Hope so- it may be the route to revitalizing cities:
In the UK, #bee populations declined to dangerous levels despite favorable conditions. Nutrition was a factor.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 35

Increased Access to Broadband Vital to Stimulating New, Sustainable Economic Growth: /PRNewswire/... 

GM expands Chevrolet Volt orders to all 50 states, lowers price - Detroit Free Press -
New Post: HomeMade Ethanol 
Do Better CSR Reports Lead to Better Corporate Citizens?
Rappers, race cars and biofuels
US firms top renewable energy index despite little consumer pressure
Fossilized pollen reveals climate history of northern Antarctica  
Automated 3D Digital Landscapes
Can a Dog Tranquilizer Help Clean the High Seas?: GOTEBURG, SWEDEN --- Medetomidine was invented to tranquilize... 
Ballard Acquiring Stake in Adani Power? No Way: A rumor popped up in The Times of India last week that fuel ce...
Harvesting Visible and Invisible Light in PVs with Colloidal Quantum Dots
On-Ramp Wireless Ramps Up Funds for Smart Grid --
Sustainability Scientist compares energy-efficient air conditioners to post-gym ice cream treat - cool & tempting. Uh oh: 
How to save $2,000 in energy costs this year |
Bill McKibben: Environmental Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline #green
June is wedding month, and we have some ideas for eco-friendly wedding gifts.
Randstad leads the way on corporate citizenship! Corporate Knights names us one of 2011’s Top Foreign Corporate Citizens

Sales of wind turbines for home use are going strong
 (USA Today)

The Morning Dig: Europe’s Shift On Urban Transportation Policy
Bike lanes better for job creation than car-only roads:
Mixed Greens: People Power Ups Its Offerings, SCI Buys Servidyne and More: People Power has its head in the cl...

Hunter Lovins Sees Business Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation!
New index ranks corporate leaders in renewable energy purchases | SmartPlanet
Photovoltaic Tracker Company TecnoSun Solar USA Launches In Ohio: TecnoSun Solar USA Inc., a provider of solar t...
Trident Solar Develops New Solar Inkjet Printhead And Etchant-Dopant Material: Trident Solar, a Brookfield, Conn...
Virginia utility to convert three coal plants to biomass
Timberland Creates Role of CSR Vice President: Timberland has created a new role, vice president of...
Norway's carbon capture bet: The fossil fuel industry claims it is the answer to climate change. Energy-rich ...
Obama unveils $500 million initiative to fund emerging technologies:
Industry needs creativity to become sustainable - An Ontario veal farm that generates energy and heat from poop
(1/2) 230 Million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2009. 50% of it for single-use disposable applications
(2/2) Plastic waste: Redesign and Degradability. Good "Future Brief" from Science for Environmental Policy

Green Chamber of Commerce Perspective on Benefit Corporations and CA’s B Corp bill, AB361
A double duty solar window
What Happens To Corn If Ethanol Subsidies Disappear?
Eleven Animal Wonders of Evolution #green
FedEx Adds More Than 4,000 New, Fuel Efficient Vehicles: FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Cor...
GM Breaks from Automaker Pack to Meet 56.2 MPG Challenge
Arctic sea ice headed for another major melt
What do you do with the world's biggest coal field? Turn it into the biggest coal plant, of course!
GM, Westport sign pact to develop natural gas engine tech
Sour Apple: Edward Glaeser Hates Urban Farms >
Is your shampoo making you fat? The effect of "obesogens", chemicals which affect hormonal balances, on our waist lines
Luxim Brings American Lighting Tech to China: The technology and the lineage of lighting company Luxim is nota...
Inside Israel’s Solar Lab: Deep in Israel's Negev Desert sits the National Solar Center, where commercial technology...
Boyd Cohen's Top 10 Resilient Cities around the Globe: tops in North America, #Copenhagen top spot #climatecapitalism

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 34

New phase-changing alloy turns waste heat into green energy, exhibits spontaneous magnetism (video)
Coal to Diesel Conversion using State-of-the-Art Pyrolysis (Gasification) System (Revised Ver.)
KLM launches commercial flights that use biofuel:
Geothermal power "heating up" across the globe: Latest update from EarthPolicy 
Rattner: Ethanol production wastes corn
A car in the US sits idle in a parking lot for 22hrs/day: Tapping the opportunity for car-sharing >
(sustainable planning = more happiness) How livable streets make us happier humans 
The Continued Relevance of Reclaiming the Urban Memory
Why We Need to Calm the Natural Gas Frenzy
China opposes EU's new aviation emission rules, threatens to pull plane purchases from Airbus
Value of solar power far exceeds its cost
Solazyme receives San Francisco Business Times Cleantech and Sustainability Award: 
Women in Green Forum: The Women In Green Forum (WIGF) will bring together renowned female profess... 
 Is Modern Technology Making Us More Reflective? 
Warming oceans cause largest movement of marine species in two million years
Earth Action Daily is out!  Top stories today 
GE’s ironic new slogan: ‘Natural gas. It’s hot stuff.’
First Packaging-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store In US Coming To Austin, Texas green
Earth Action Daily is out!
United States solar PV expands by 66 percent in Q1 on cheaper parts: 
What does positive social change really take? Practice, consciousness and compassion - Toke Møller
A Double-Dose On The #Power of Collaborative  Planning:  +
A Great Post on how #sociology Affects Our Choice of #Building#Materials - and how we can change >
See the power of placemaking in Korea
Households Challenged To Afford Their Cars -
SGX Introduces Sustainability Reporting Guide to Support Listed Companies - MarketWatch
Global Climate Change May Make Our Oceans Stinkier green
American Electric Technologies Develops 1 MW 1,000 V Photovoltaic Inverter: Houston-based American Electric Tech... American Electric Technologies Announces Solar Industry's First 1 MW 1000 Volt UL 1741-Tested Inverter System: ...
China Sunergy Increasing Solar Cell Production Through 1 GW Expansion Project: China Sunergy Co. Ltd., a solar c...
The most comprehensive evidence to date on embedding #sustainability in organizational culture
Wow. Fast food garbage makes up 50% of street (and Pacific Gyre) litter
Organic Valley and National Cooperative Grocers Association Join Forces to Improve School Lunch: ...
VoltAir: The Electric Passenger Jet Of The Future
Tomorrow, Rich Goode, Head of Sustainability, will speak at the @CleantechOpenNE East Coast Academy - agenda:
Can Developers and Locals Agree on Renewables in California?: Generating renewable energy in California’s Ante...
Saudi Arabia plans to invest at least $100 billion in solar energy & export it
First Take: Regrowing U.S. Manufacturing, the Coming EV Traffic Jam, and More...
All Effective Management Must Be Sustainability Management
GOP lawmakers take aim at Endangered Species Act green
Crazy Europeans think people are more important than cars
Why Happy Customers are Key for Utilities' Success
What's a green city to you, how is your city green, how can it be more sustainable? Use GreenCity & share your thoughts
EcoFactor Teams Up With NV Energy: EcoFactor successfully completed a residential demand response pilot with N...
Solar Competitive Market Analysis: Residential & Small Commercial:
Flow batteries store electricity in giant tanks of goop
Across Europe, Irking Drivers Is Urban Policy #environment
Study: Western US forests burn hotter, take much longer to regrow due to climate change green
Climate change side effect: overworked doctors?
Smart UrbanPlanning in Stockholm = Traffic & CO2 drops 30%, economy booms
Wind energy production has grown at 28% for the last 10 years. #green
Green - A Powerful Engine of Innovation for Healthcare?:

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