Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 18

EU exempts solar panels from toxins rule http://bit.ly/jPSkuc
Sprint Establishes Industry’s First Electronics Stewardship Policy: May 27, 2011 - Sprint Nextel... http://bit.ly/jlkulv
Five Years After “An Inconvenient Truth”: Memorial Day weekend 2011 marked the fifth anniversary ...http://bit.ly/jgxh1x
In Europe, The Great Energy Debate—Renewables or Nuclear—Begins: Europe looks like it will become a live labor...http://bit.ly/lHQEZ3
TNG 2011: The Post-Stimulus Smart Grid Market: Brad Williams at Oracle outlines what's expected next from regu...http://bit.ly/kNAlIF
Code green: Energy-efficient programming to curb computers' power use http://tw.physorg.com/226074343
See sustainability as "a strategic prism through which to view the resiliency of a company" http://bit.ly/mUkJ3y
Thinkhaus Becomes First B-Corp Certified Business in Salina, Kan. and Second in Richmond, Va.: So... http://bit.ly/mabtBX
New map using NASA satellite data shows forests in tropical countries hold 247 billion tons of carbon.  http://go.usa.gov/DBD
Making the Case for Spinning Reserve on the Grid: Advanced energy storage technology, including lithium ion battery...http://bit.ly/jaO8Fb

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 17

Xantrax Prosine 2.0, 2000 W Inverter – Charger http://dlvr.it/THzvz
Excellent idea! Explore the Interconnectedness through arts: Global Oneness Project  http://bit.ly/jseswG
How the ‘Arab Spring’ makes massive solar in North Africa more likely - on grist http://bit.ly/jpZImb (have you heard of DESERTEC?)
Electronic Healing pt 2 http://dlvr.it/TK21p
Article on the Future of Car Sharing, on the Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/mrZUHx
An Integrative Approach to Quality of Life Measurement, Research, and Policy  http://bit.ly/ip747V (sustainability and human needs)
Discover your complete resource to green business. http://dld.bz/YPCC
What’s blocking sustainability? Human nature, cognition, and denial http://bit.ly/fOlVE0
"The collapse of the old oil order" excellent article by Michael Clarke on http://bit.ly/hVOd9T
Overcoming systemic roadblocks to sustainability: redesigning worldviews, institutions and technologies http://1.usa.gov/jC2Mwz
"A steady-state economy" - Herman Daly's piece published on the Sustainable Development Commission http://bit.ly/iv8utZ 
"Economic growth and quality of life: a threshold hypothesis" Max-Neef http://bit.ly/mUdXh6
Some good insights on how brands must rethink sustainability http://ow.ly/55WWi
Germany plans to shut all nuclear reactors by 2022 http://t.co/hgTYiMx
Economist explains how humans have changed the planet and must now change our thinking: http://econ.st/kvCw9Y
REC Solar specializes in grid-tied solar electric design, install... http://bit.ly/lkOF33
Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink http://bit.ly/jIIa9Y
Trends in sustainability reportingGRI, Global Compact and Climate Disclosure Project key http://bit.ly/kdZ27O
"Canada leaves out rise in oilsands pollution from UN climate report" http://bit.ly/iA3sDk
CEO compensation - how important should Enviro, Social, & Governance factors be in exec compensation? http://ow.ly/5649d

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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 16

Vermont Enacts First-in-nation Solar Registration: Vermont has enacted a first-in-the-nation registration process...http://bit.ly/m1Y7IF
New to sustainability? View top recommended books and resources around sustainability  http://bit.ly/caHdgy
To What Extent Are We Ethically Responsible for Our Tech Breakthroughs? http://bit.ly/jbgomj
 China leads top 10 coal producing and consuming nations http://ow.ly/54Bgs
Wood Gas micro turbine engine http://dlvr.it/TF7jP
Resources Global and Boys & Girls Clubs Team Up to Give Back to Detroit: International Conference... http://bit.ly/lmA6tJ
Hydrogen: A Dream or Delusion?: Hydrogen. In green technology circles, just mentioning the word is enough to... http://bit.ly/kVIcqr
Plainville, Conn. gets a solar carport http://tw.physorg.com/225725804
What's wrong with Environmental Education? Why it's not enough? Interview on YaleE360 http://bit.ly/mQDE5i
Solazyme surges in debut on alternative fuels bet http://bloom.bg/iTaPi1
America's Most Gas-Dependent States Also The Least Prepared For Having No Gas http://bit.ly/jwfKE2
"Subsidising the clearing of rain forests" - Green quotes of the week http://bit.ly/k2aA9G
PV Inverter Shipments Decline 39% As Product Inventory Builds: Global PV inverter shipments declined to 4 GW in ... http://bit.ly/mHp3JN
Solazyme Up In Early Trading: $21 and Climbing: Solazyme--the company that produces oil for cosmetics, industry... http://bit.ly/lo6VPc
More washed and reused, than shaken not stirred http://bit.ly/jjdy1s
Lipscomb University's Nationally Recognized Institute for Conflict Management Launches Online Mas... http://bit.ly/mTn9Vj
Panel: EVs Key to Canada's Smart Grid: Electric vehicles will soon hit Canada's roads, but they already play a ... http://bit.ly/kF5zH7

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 15

AES 709 MW Solar Thermal Project Now Officially a PV Farm: Tessera Solar is/was the dedicated development arm ...http://bit.ly/modGFm
Three Answers Blowing in the Wind: Top wind industry CEOs agreed, in a key Windpower 2011 panel discussion tha...http://bit.ly/iHGUjg
Japan aims for 20 per cent renewable power http://bit.ly/jPUB2H
Green Marketing is Dead http://bit.ly/ihGx1k (controversial?) article on @GreenBiz 
New bill passed in Brazil could loosen restrictions on the use of the Amazon forest http://bit.ly/isjAp6
Aligning ESG Benefits with Executives’ Top 10 Priorities http://t.co/yywirRK
UK’s Cable unveils plan for offshore renewables innovation centre http://bit.ly/lx0SpC
Innovators Take the Stage at National Business-Environmental Conference in Las Vegas, July 18-20:... http://bit.ly/lWmjUp
An Inside Look at How CEOs View Sustainability (on @GreenBiz )http://bit.ly/kvbHR1
Book about Wal-Mart and sustainable/green efforts just released. http://bit.ly/iLIHZ0
Our online debate on happiness comes to an end. More than 80% of you think GDP is not a good measure of well-being http://econ.st/mvue0Q
Raytheon Releases New Corporate Responsibility Report - Raytheon Company. http://bit.ly/mD5b1N
What is the Backstory on Google’s Renewables Play?: Google announced yet another big wind buy, this one in California...http://bit.ly/l3aRgy

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 15

Thinking about university? Check out our Top 10 degree courses for the low-carbon economy: http://tinyurl.com/3vjzkk7
News, Review and analysis on green business http://dld.bz/YPCC
Nissan Leaf sets safety standards for EVs http://bit.ly/jygf1I
How Defining Planetary Boundaries Can Transform Our Approach to Growth  http://bit.ly/m1oV6S
Top 10 degree courses for the low-carbon economyhttp://bit.ly/lkxTni
California moves on bisphenol ban http://bit.ly/lR4twf
SC Johnson pledges to use 100 per cent sustainable palm oilhttp://bit.ly/ljIYPh
Total extends $1.4bn SunPower offer http://bit.ly/kl6m3H
Liberia protects its rainforest by barcoding trees http://bit.ly/mJPjAh
Google buys £34m stake in giant 1.5GW California wind farm http://bit.ly/mncUuy
The Dangers of Energy Generation: It was a bit astounding. Somehow, despite the massive tsunami that hit Japan'... http://bit.ly/mG3I9a
SEIA: “Solar is the Fastest Growing Industry in the U.S.”: The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) host... http://bit.ly/ktmZpn
The Forgotten Cost in Residential Solar: Customer Acquisition: With most of our attention fixed on the falling silicon panel prices... http://bit.ly/llQQyV
Swiss to phase out nuclear power http://bbc.in/iKK5yU
SolarWorld Begins Shipping Modules For 33 MW PV Installation: SolarWorld says it has begun shipping solar panels...http://bit.ly/k3cQAM
Apricus Introduces New AP-30C Evacuated-Tube Solar Thermal Collector: Apricus, a designer and manufacturer of solar thermal collectors...http://bit.ly/iZvcI8
Why Green Retrofits Should Become a Big Business: SAN FRANCISCO --- It’s green. It’s groovy. It’s customizable...http://bit.ly/lLIFpr
TNG 2011: ABB and What’s Next For the Grid: Voltage regulation is one of the big concerns for ABB... http://bit.ly/iYiOmB
Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center the Beneficiary of Major New SunPower Solar Rooftop: http://bit.ly/lOd6p7 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 14

Whisky industry toasts ground breaking for pioneering green energy plant http://bit.ly/j5DRBO
Toshiba forgoes nuclear sales for renewables focus http://bit.ly/iTtUUZ
EU urges governments to let city soils breathe http://bit.ly/kwwr4s
Reasons to be Cheerful http://bit.ly/iDXC57
Green Corporate Energy 2011: Making Breakthroughs in Carbon & Energy Efficiency http://bit.ly/kqrY9j
 Carbon Trust prepares for future free from government grants  http://bit.ly/jV4BNY
Investing in green energy? Get live updates from BusinessGreen. http://dld.bz/YPCC 
Microgeneration UK 2011 http://bit.ly/jJaiI9
Teaching algae to make fuel http://tw.physorg.com/225432593
Energy Saving Trust plans for charitable statushttp://tinyurl.com/44bbrys
Department of Energy invites Tesla to clean car partyhttp://bit.ly/mvKsYO
Electric microbes spark prospect of 'bio-batteries'http://bit.ly/m8LYnr
RWE to repower ageing Taff Ely wind farm http://bit.ly/mgJKYb
European Union Emission Trading System http://bit.ly/kAi2nR
Coke Appoints First Chief Sustainability Officer:  May 23, 2011 - The Coca-Cola Company http://bit.ly/kL97Zc
The OECD has launched its Better Life index to measure well-being as an alternative to GDP http://econ.st/lThxJR

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Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 Vikram R Chari's Journal Volume 2011 issue 26

Sony launches 'Internet TV' http://tvaftertv.com/yzt
Ariane5 launch, here's the replay http://bit.ly/m6bmZe - had Insat satellite as payload
Netflix isn't swamping the Internet; ISPs are overstating their congestion problems http://t.co/RRC3sAN
Mediaset and Telefonica Spain to pilot HbbTV http://dlvr.it/STrqT
LTE Advanced WiMax2 – 4G Explained - As we now know the initial offerings of 4G have... http://bit.ly/66M7rA 
World's largest HD screen makes its debut tonight during NASCAR All-Star race http://engt.co/l6MHBC
World's largest HD screen makes its debut tonight during NASCAR All-Star race http://engt.co/l6MHBC
Yamal 300K delayed, Luch 5B added. http://goo.gl/fb/rgKZh
Express AM4 launch delay http://goo.gl/fb/2Cmbj
Telstar 14R launch success http://goo.gl/fb/iojbr
GSAT-8 coverage/footprints http://goo.gl/fb/0LZjR
Hulu Plus on TiVo promos pop up in stores and online, suggest launch soon http://engt.co/lsVXtL
Cablevision doubles Argentinean subscribers http://is.gd/dLN3wH
Pay TV revenue to top $240bn, despite OTT success http://is.gd/31qhDJ
UTStarcom Launches End-to-End Internet TV Solution and Wins First Commercial http://tvaftertv.com/m8u
ILS... Telstar Trips On Out (Launch) http://goo.gl/fb/GWAJh
Cablevision Wins ITC Ruling In Verizon Set-Top Patent Case - http://t.co/lk5WU9i
Chairman makes surprise appearance at the Ham Radio Convention in Dayton, Ohio  http://twitpic.com/50m8u5
Research and Markets: Finland Telecommunications Report Q2 2011 Includes a 5-Year Industry Forecast Scenario http://bit.ly/mzrexZ
Making Television Social (Part 1) http://ow.ly/50B6z
Brazil's World Cup host cities first in line to get 4G upgrades http://engt.co/mqIzHR
IPTV platforms compete with cable  http://tvaftertv.com/uv9
Samsung serves up five million Internet TV apps http://tvaftertv.com/3o4  Samsung #TVApps Pass 5 Million Downloads http://ow.ly/50Acp
NOS reports connected TV usage; Spanish HbbTV pilot: http://conta.cc/kVObUq 
Ericsson IPTV Remote wins Connected TV Award - Screen Africa http://bit.ly/lWjqEA
Optimal Solutions is moving beyond GR with its interactive IPTV software - WZZM  http://bit.ly/ldH6EC
Sky 3D wins BAFTA for Attenborough’s Flying Monsters http://dlvr.it/SgSxM
ADB adds 3D UI for  http://dlvr.it/SgSwp
AT&T looks to outpace Verizon with 28.7Mbps LTE network demo http://goo.gl/fb/Hod01
BBC HD quietly begins broadcasting in 1080p, but not all Sony HDTVs can handle it http://engt.co/iteAyj
httv partners Normandie TV for the first HbbTV applications deployment in Europe. http://bit.ly/m7bus1
NOS releases connected TV usage http://tinyurl.com/3d2kb5w
HK telecom body to grant three free-to-air TV licences: PCCW, i-Cable and City Telecom expected to receive licences...http://bit.ly/lh1HsA
MTNL to hire PricewaterhouseCoopers as consultant: Indian telco looking for help to establish business model for...http://bit.ly/kwFWSy
S Korea govt to discuss ways to lower mobile service charges: Country's vice minister of strategy and finance said...http://bit.ly/lYKS32
Telecom NZ attempts to register new trade mark: Move sparks speculation telco is planning new mobile venture. http://bit.ly/k36Ldu
Western Europe digital TV penetration to reach 99% by 2016http://t.co/KdfNpru on-demand TV revenues will growth by 39% between 2010 & 2016
TV5 Monde widens Bulgarian reach http://dlvr.it/SfZ56
Czech Television prepares HbbTV pilot broadcast with ANTIK Technology http://bit.ly/kBwOWm
Italy – March 2011 DTT decoder market http://bit.ly/lheyPz
Doordarshan Plants A Major Bouquet (SatBroadcasting™)http://goo.gl/fb/EypdT
GlobeCast... Moving On Up... http://goo.gl/fb/zhYKQ
MCS to launch IPTV channel MCS Bien-être http://tvaftertv.com/n3t 
Maxdome expands VOD offer http://dlvr.it/SfMf0
Universal Weather and Aviation selects Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband http://i.gsat.cl/m5EYF4
ATTN CARRIERS, special report IPTV: Competition in Flux learn how to navigate (& compete in) the tricky waters of IPTV http://bit.ly/lnBMGW
44% of consumers use social networks to enhance TV viewing http://bit.ly/mBLUxi 
Ericsson received award for best contribution to LTE R&D - Ericsson http://t.co/CdmODs4 
Yahoo Connects With Broadcasters | Broadcasting & Cable http://ow.ly/50IBO
Cable TV lost ground to IPTV and Internet TV in first quarter of 2011.... http://fb.me/xjBinHD3
Cable and satellite TV lead boom in Western spending on entertainment media: Consumer expenditures on entertainment...http://bit.ly/kghDI0
Czech Republic next for HbbTV trials: Czech Television (Ceska televize) and Slovak manufacturer of set-top boxes...http://bit.ly/kTKUc0
Pay-TV revenues in Western Europe "will not grow" over next five years: Annual pay-TV subscription revenue... http://bit.ly/jDhYza 
Total number of payTV subscriptions expected to exceed 759 million by end of 2011: http://bit.ly/kHit0p
Low customer satisfaction could get worse following AT&T, T-Mobile merger http://j.mp/iTEgDk
Telstra proudly declares intent to cut off bandwidth hogs http://j.mp/irr0n0 #mwd11
Turner 'TV Everywhere' Expands Into AT&T's U-verse - http://t.co/bTeko5o
Broadcasters Shy Away from 3-D TV http://bit.ly/k9lKol
DLNA Advances Playback of Video Across DLNA Certified Products: The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) release...http://bit.ly/mydrBy
XFinity TV App Offers 6,000 Hours of On Demand Content: Comcast Corporation digital subscribers using the Apple iPad...http://bit.ly/kwSqub
Visionary Solutions Enhances AVN Series IPTV Encoders http://tvaftertv.com/qq9
Govt plans to raise FDI cap in DTH, IPTV and FM - Times of Indiahttp://bit.ly/mfORFE
Samsung TV App Downloads Top 5 Million http://bit.ly/jT96Sb
US still hasn't gotten its act together on broadband deployment http://j.mp/iOCROW

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The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 13

Interested in electric cars and green business? Visit BusinessGreen. http://dld.bz/YPCC
Biodiversity day May 21, 2011  - in the meantime enjoy pictures of last year's celebration  http://bit.ly/l2cXnV UN Goodwill Ambassador Edward Norton outlines benefits of biodiversity  http://bit.ly/jahah3
AltonBrown ”Sustainability is the capability to endure. The capability to endure is the defining challenge of our species. " 
An ultra-cheap solar lantern From dlightdesign is "the study light for young people with big dreams" http://bit.ly/jvFRfK
Apple Reports its Carbon Footprint: http://t.co/UA6WHmT 
Japan's prime minister abandons claim of commitment to nuclear power, cancels plan to build 14 more reactors by 2030 http://nyti.ms/m8v4UY
Did you know the Universal Declaration on culturaldiversity was adopted following the tragic events of 9/11?  http://bit.ly/jOgoYn
Nick Clegg says Green Investment Bank to begin lending from next April  http://tinyurl.com/3fzkooe
Investing in sustainability? Get the news and analysis on BusinessGreen. http://dld.bz/YPCC
Judge halts California's carbon market plan http://bit.ly/mld8fv
SSE wind turbine venture ties up Skykon purchase http://bit.ly/kaUISc
International Biodiversity Day, and its relevance for policy making (on guardian eco ) http://bit.ly/kM9t1B
Green America Urges Strong Support for Treasury Department's CDFI Fund: Green America http://bit.ly/iziiyQ 
Green Investment Bank – As many questions as answers http://bit.ly/jqxp0u
3TIER Releases 90 Meter Wind Prospecting Tools: 3TIER®, a global leader in renewable energy risk analysis, today...http://bit.ly/mA1fF4
NWF Calling for a new way of measuring progress, beyond GDP http://bit.ly/la0S7B

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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 12

China Seeks Big Wind in a Push To Standardize Project Size: The Chinese government is now working on new procedure http://bit.ly/k6O6hA
Montreal Protocol's success in protecting ozone layer (can we say: Evidence of the 'Anthropocene' era?) [pdf] http://bit.ly/e2sXQK 
Feds OK Rate For Google Offshore Transmission Line - WSLS: International Business TimesFeds OK Rate For Google Offshore http://bit.ly/jgNHSy
Do climate change threats demotivated us? It may, new study finds [pdf] http://bit.ly/jMkcYo
Wind power affects US electricity prices "less than one per cent" http://bit.ly/j18dFa
EarthDay EveryDay at EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability, Dr. Chris Charles on Rapid Climate Change.  http://cot.ag/mHtnQr
Working to drive electric vehicles from niche to mass market http://tw.physorg.com/225095544
Hall of Fame - Hall of Shame: Greenpeace lists the climate leaders and the climate laggards  http://bit.ly/kOfXcm
Investing in sustainability? Get the news and analysis on BusinessGreen. http://dld.bz/YPCC
Exclusive: Landis+Gyr and Toshiba plot "end-to-end" smart grid http://bit.ly/jaKcdc
The greenest government ever: but so far only in target-setting http://bit.ly/lsL9Ts
RunaNation supports Ecuadorian farmers and reforestation http://bit.ly/iQnQx4
[Video] Update: See solar panels installed & tested on the Aquarius/SAC-D spacecraft; launch set for June 9. http://go.usa.gov/jwd
Beijing Clearing the Way for Massive EV Adoption: A tentative subsidy for purchasing electric vehicles (EVs). http://bit.ly/iolDp3
Geothermal Assesses Its Potential: The annual report counts 15 states with projects currently under consideration... http://bit.ly/kevP8T
Defra urges water companies to beef up drought resilience http://bit.ly/kpAVqY
Innovative solar storage plant lands $737m loan guarantee http://bit.ly/jSiqHI
Can Green Be Free?  Home energy management systems are coming, and the best part is, you may not even have to pay for it. http://bit.ly/kBFaaV
Speed of species loss is under debate > http://bit.ly/igO1db
Bank of America Aims for 15% Cut in GHG Emissions: May 20, 2011 - Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) http://bit.ly/kl79Tp 
We commend Puma for being the world's first major company to put an economic valuation on its environmental impact http://ow.ly/4ZpuM
The Networked Grid in Pictures and Video: The Networked Grid 2011 brought together some of the best minds of ...http://bit.ly/jwIKze
Life in EU could be up to 22months longer, if air quality met the WHO recommendations http://bit.ly/ieDUQq
Exclusive: Government to develop Oil Shock Response Plan http://bit.ly/mGphsu
Bill Gates and Total Invest in Sadoway’s Liquid Metal Battery: Liquid Metal Battery, a company pursuing . http://bit.ly/iLVeqR
DOE Offers $737 Million Loan Guarantee To SolarReserve's Crescent Dunes Solar Project: SolarReserve, a Santa Mon. http://bit.ly/mMjs9J
New York City Seeking Bids For Solar PV Installations On City Buildings: New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. http://bit.ly/iWPk2W
Launched today: 1st global partnership to advance rights of indigenous peoples http://bit.ly/lmlCbE 
Boom in Green Tech Jobs in Singapore and China http://bit.ly/j8AgQT

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