Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 20

National Solar Energy Plan Moves Closer to Final Stages bit.ly/xEFmaU
Climate Change Has Helped Bring Down Cultures - Scientific American ow.ly/1h1KET
On Climate Change, Weathercasters May Be Misguiding Their Viewers - Huffington Post ow.ly/1h1KEY
Volcanoes caused a little ice age in Europe 500 years ago, say scientists - io9.com ow.ly/1h1KFj
Will an electric SUV be a game changer? dlvr.it/18Jmjk
China says it has curbed spill of cadmium, a poisonous component of batteries, in river  nytimes.com/2012/01/31/wor…
Wall Street Journal publishes 16 climate change deniers. Rejects letter from 255 scientists. ow.ly/8MG89
Is Wind Power the Most Under-Exploited Energy Opportunity in the Southern US?: The U.S. has nearly 45,000 megawatts...bit.ly/zxyAWO
Tadashi Kawamata’s ‘Under the Water’ Imagines The Debris From Japan’s Tsunami bit.ly/zEkc5r –Inhabitat
Midland's parks department works to become more efficient water user mywesttexas.com/top_stories/ar…
Travis County, TX, to consider water-use rules for development statesman.com/news/local/tra…
Transforming the market for electric cars: The solution to "Range Anxiety" by Steveoffutt goo.gl/fb/Qutsl
Device Could Drive Down Solar's Cost techre.vu/x4A3Xs
Video: Inside Google's sea-water cooled Finnish data center: bit.ly/y2R9aS
Run-of-the-River Hydropower Goes With the Flow: In recent years, run-of-the-river hydropower projects have emerge...bit.ly/x9AH4z 

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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 19

7 Trends That Will Shape Sustainable Consumption in 2012 bit.ly/yKGPWY
Resource for Environmental law - environmental-counsel.comfb.me/10Ma8yuwx
10 Ways Big Data Is Remaking Energy zite.to/wCQA3y 'Big Data' Creates Big Opportunities grn.bz/zOA5R7
First Drinks is adding Central European Distribution Corporation’s (CEDC) vodka brands Green Mark and Żubrόwka to...fb.me/JbQJg18A
Spotlight on Rio+20: What’s Happened Since 1992? bit.ly/AuscPz
Oil spill brings attention to delicate coast - Northwest Herald ow.ly/1h0XBM
Debt crisis forces Spain to halt green energy subsidy scheme: business_green Spanish government...  bit.ly/zA4t2M
BP shuts down Shetland oil leak: business_green Oil giant confirms leak has been stopped, as US... . bit.ly/xpghQK
Protection of 'river pigs', rarer than pandas, is gaining traction bit.ly/ycghp2
"Material" ESG Issues Trigger Extensive SEC Requirements and Liabilities for Corporate Management. bit.ly/yS1Yv5
With Billions Living Close to the Shore, Protecting Our Oceans Isn’t Just a Conservation Issue bit.ly/A2AGt2
The 6 Biggest Trends in Sustainability Reporting bit.ly/vZufjv
Conservative Media Recklessly Distort Chevy Volt Safety bit.ly/Adb3x5
Study finds pollution from North America is responsible for a 1.2 million ton annual loss of wheat in Europe. bit.ly/y4DzYm
Daily Mail Slammed for Ignoring Scientific Truth We’re Still Warming and Human Emissions Will Dwarf Any Solar Changes bit.ly/wr1AhU
Tesco Considers Dropping Carbon Footprinting Labels from Productsgrn.bz/Az7w9e
Our daily roundup has landed. Today, solar is a loser and Europe is better than the States. Sorry. ow.ly/1FaDLd
10 lessons from the world’s great biking cities bit.ly/zDRMLv
Activists Crack China’s Wall of Denial About Air Pollution nytimes.com/2012/01/28/wor…
Smart Grid - NM lawmakers consider tax changes for grid project cbsnews.com/8301-505244_16…
How Do You Drive Sustainability Progress Among Your Diverse And Often Complex Supply Chain? Don’... bit.ly/ymtEPy
This is an interesting piece about oilworker clashes in Kazahkstan nytimes.com/2012/01/30/wor…
Utilities team up for a water-energy two-fer: greenbang.com/utilities-team…
Big Breaking News: China-US Solar Trade Claim greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Keystone XL bill gets 44 U.S. senators on board huff.to/z920h9
The heat trapped by global warming equals 1 million Hiroshima bombs a day bit.ly/y6cYRp
A Flawed Global Warming Analysis in the Wall Street Journal bit.ly/xsvyRz
For those of you interested in sustainability and food-- a red river, an investigation, and a meat processing plant. ow.ly/1Fb5JZ
In West Texas, an interesting tie between a freshwater district and Fort Stockton Holdings mywesttexas.com/top_stories/ar…
Enhancing Southwest Airlines into a Greener Fleet | green@work today bit.ly/A2nPQI
Hawaii Research Center Walks The Green Talk - EarthTechling (blog) ow.ly/1h1AY6
Wind energy needs union workers - Baltimore Sun ow.ly/1h1AXY
Global Warming Activists Seek to Purge Unfriendly TV Weathermen - FOX News ow.ly/1h1AXC
Climate change may shrink wheat crops - Skynews.com ow.ly/1h1AXx
Commerce Dept sides w/SolarWorld in trade dispute against China bit.ly/zCCvbV Report: tariffs would cost jobs bloom.bg/xvAU3y
Dot Earth Blog: 50-Year Burst of Tropical Eruptions Spawned Enduring ‘Little Ice Age’ bit.ly/yWk74N
Income From Building Energy Management Systems to Achieve $6 Billion by 2020 shar.es/fs8SF
Two hundred square feet? SO last year. This house is so tiny it fits in your pocket: bit.ly/zSw36K
Nest Thermostats: Making Home Energy Use Smarter & Sexier grn.bz/wTTnw7
Water being trucked to Central Texas town of Spicewood Beach after wells run dry therepublic.com/view/story/6bd… 

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 18

Is There a Better Way to Stop Global Warming? bit.ly/yXu0V6
I'm A Piece of Trash: Recycle Me bit.ly/z28pYT
Where Sustainability Reporting is Headed: A Preview of the E&Y and GreenBiz Survey bit.ly/yjD2sl
United Nations funds $2mil CSR programme guardian.co.tt/news/2012-01-2…
 Fuel Cells on the LEEDing Edge: Getting credit for an amazing innovation isn’t always an easy task...bit.ly/zJmEqL
Smart Grid - Entergy Tests AMI Voltage Optimization: Many people working in smart grid argue that the smart meter, which go...bit.ly/wZ81oJ
Coal Does More Harm Than Good in Kentucky: $62 Million for Asthma Costs, $10 Billion for Lost Lives bit.ly/ymAdWi
Should News Corps’ Anti-Climate Stance Impact its CSR Rating? bit.ly/wzCJJy
How measuring e-mails can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by BuildingsAlive goo.gl/fb/yeJQI
In the Developing World, Solar Is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels techre.vu/w157J6
Unilever launches global charity foundation to enhance CSR efforts. bit.ly/yZ2zKL
Un-Shopping, reCommerce, and Building a Business on Buying less grn.bz/xuSLMm
Obama proposes to link federal aid to colleges with affordability |bloom.bg/AtLBRE
Should we eat invasive species? If you think so, here are some recipes to get cooking. awe.sm/5eGcV
Would you live inside a billboard? You may want to after you see this billboard apartment:  bit.ly/wukOSQ
Waning Support for Wind and Solar - NYTimes ow.ly/8IG0y
 3 coal-fired power plants on Lake Erie to close - Boston Herald ow.ly/1gXOrH
Scientists: No Need to Panic About Global Warming - FOX News ow.ly/1gXOrM
Why Biodiversity Loss Deserves as Much Attention as Climate Change http://bit.ly/AEVZ8O
Joseph Stiglitz talks about going beyond GDP [video] bit.ly/xYcszH
Another Solyndra? U.S.-backed battery firm Ener1 seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy cnet.co/AqWOgv
How megacities are changing the world smrt.io/z5fSpV
Leaked data: Palm biodiesel even dirtier than fuel from tar sands bit.ly/zhZMIM
The world’s largest human experiment: GMOs, Roundup and the Monsanto monstrosity? part one  bit.ly/z4ypQI
A Global Community Project to Re-Envision the World - The Global ...: A Big Project is a one year effort to build... bit.ly/z5zbjU
Renewables nearly competitive with fossil fuels, even without subsidies: bit.ly/zMBEAe
High-Speed Test Drive of Tesla Model S greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
U.S. Department of Defense Takes Forceful Lead as Early Adopters ...bit.ly/zXoVvZ
Keeping the Green Hope Alive, One Wise Investment at a Time bit.ly/wZQ6Sy
Spain suspends clean power incentive program to rein in costs bit.ly/xZQBiS
Leading Executives Meet With Secretary-General in Fresh Boost to Strengthen UN-Business CSR Partnerships bit.ly/wUmnLz
Can solar power help shipping go green? ow.ly/8J2yA
GE, Bayer, BASF Join Other Top Firms in UN Climate Adaptation Project c2k.co/329
Barack Obama: ‘I will not abandon clean energy’ http://shar.es/fg2KB
While other countries are banning fracking for natural gas extraction, why is it on the rise in the US? http://bit.ly/AhppJM
Do you think this could be implemented at your office? http://fb.me/UzVIXMTK
CSR needed in PP Rust Homeland. http://www.coastweek.com/3504_28.htm
China Cadmium Spill Threatens Drinking Water for Millions http://bit.ly/y6J8hZ
Alberta, Khosla loan biofuel company KiOR $75M http://bit.ly/zWCLIj

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 17

Feeding The World Gets Short Shrift In Climate Change Debate http://trib.al/tqoA3L
China's environmental year in review – in pictures http://flpbd.it/y9GC
7 Gorgeous Eco Resorts For a Green Escape http://bit.ly/w1QvFD ~Inhabitat
Hold the French Fries! School Lunch Just Got Healthier with USDA Ruling http://ow.ly/8GvT5
These guys ditched investment banking to grow mushrooms in old coffee grounds: http://bit.ly/xMMohw
Plans for a 2 Gigawatt solar power plant in Tunisia to provide power to Europe http://bit.ly/w7dgSg
Living on Earth: Disposal of Fracking Wastewater Polluting PA Rivers trib.al/pQbRo3
Sustainable Cities Take Center Stage grn.bz/wtpaES
Smart Grid - Boulder gears up for legal battle over the grid dlvr.it/17MR66
Japanese sell more solar power back to utilities ow.ly/8GKI2
Figs In Boston: New Plant Hardiness Zones Reflect Dramatic Global Warming - bit.ly/w8YYeG
Aravis: More power for renewable energy sources bit.ly/wziQLK
New food reporting project dives deep into pork and antibiotics bit.ly/xXlmrx
Oil Supply as a Strategic Risk bit.ly/AditRX ~NYTimes
On Location Video: Adapting to climate change bit.ly/wumwZG
Huhne warns solar firms not to promote higher feed-in tariff: business_green Energy Secretary bit.ly/zzQcSm
Southern plants find fertile ground farther north as climate warms usat.ly/wT9SRz
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Aims at 33 Percent Renewables by 2020: California’s 46 publicly owned... bit.ly/x8d6d3
UN: Shift to a green economy could reduce poverty: A SHIFT to low-carbon, resource-efficient green economy... bit.ly/xO1VCI
US Solar Industry: The Future of American Jobs, Domestic Energy, Clean Energy ... bit.ly/zub7EA
Renewables From Vestas to Suntech Plan Profits Without Subsidy bit.ly/zwOqJY
Climate change set to hit the UK hard and the poorest hardest | Damian Carrington gu.com/p/3529y/tf
 SeaEnergy Chief Quits, Group to Focus on Wind Services Business - Bloomberg ow.ly/1gWJMH
Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Releases Annual Report With 27 Clean Tech ... ow.ly/1gWJMq
Smart Grid - DistribuTECH Smart Grid Show Wrap-Up: Much of the Greentech Media smart grid brain trust has been in San Antonio... bit.ly/yOi9Dk
John Elkington shares the top ten lessons he has learnt from being on the inside of sustainability for 25 years fb.me/1jNW1RF5r
GM to launch industry's first eco-label for cars grn.bz/zVCZuN
SC Johnson Helps Families Learn More About the Products They Use Every Day: /PRNewswire/ - SC Jo... bit.ly/xj7xrQ
The group behind climate change denial education bills reaching statehouses. bit.ly/zfYael
Monsanto shareholders reject concerns for financial risk at 2012 annual meeting bit.ly/yivLjr
Ocean Acidity Rise Unprecedented in Past 21,000 Years, Researchers Say ow.ly/8GKaK
10 years of life-saving work -- 7.7 million people are alive thanks to the Global Fund! Video: youtu.be/OA-31xD0log
Smart Grid - Glen Canyon Promises the $25 Smart Meter greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Nuclear Waste Panel Urges ‘Consent-Based’ Approach bit.ly/ywlLa0

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 16

State Department: House Keystone bill raises legal questions reut.rs/zThMO1
While obesity levels increased by 156 percent between 1960 and 2009, bicycling and walking levels fell by 66...fb.me/1f3jXQFKl
Dot Earth Blog: A Legal Defense Fund for Climate Scientists bit.ly/yDdAj6
Novo Nordisk Tops List of World's 100 Most Sustainable Firms ow.ly/8FMLQ
WSP Environment & Energy Receives Three Prestige Industry Awards - Marketwatch ow.ly/1gV66N
Obama backs natgas drilling, but offers little new - Reuters UK ow.ly/1gV66U
BP executive expected to be first witness in oil spill trial - News-Press ow.ly/1gV66X
Binary Domain: The World Changed - IGN - The world of Binary Domain lies ravaged by the climate change... ow.ly/1gV672
Do You Recycle? The Go Green Guy – 19 items you may not know that you can recycle! gogreenamericatv.com/do-you-recycle…
GMO - I mean, we're really making a quantum change in our relationship to the plant world with genetic modification. - Michael Pollan
Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine tl.gd/ed9vsd
Global Reporting Initiative Publishes New Guidelines for Green Events grn.bz/ABJQ8Y
Cascades Tissue Group Launches First-of-its-Kind, Unbleached, 100 Percent Recycled Bathroom Tissue... bit.ly/xYOere
California Sustainable Winery Lynmar Estate Also Grows Food for Cancer and AIDS Patients bit.ly/w264L4
Smart Grid – Halt wireless SmartMeters says American Academy of Environmental Medicine aaemonline.org
"When the last tree on earth is cut, we will realize that man cannot eat money" Luc Beeson quoting an Indian saying - Davos
Fired BP worker says he was asked to fake spill data bit.ly/yFMu9k
Wells Fargo, Enfinity Launch $100 Million Solar Project Fund: Wells Fargo & Co. and Atlanta-based Enfinity America...bit.ly/AkEwem
SolarEdge Launches New Solar Inverter Product Range: SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of solar power optimization...bit.ly/ze70SJ
NYTimes: In Brazil, Fears of a Slide Back for Amazon Protection nyti.ms/yJ1wtw
Why does agriculture keep getting a climate pass? bit.ly/wTQWO0
Some day we could all have a home battery ow.ly/1gVfDK
New study links toxic chemicals in consumer products with impaired immune system trib.al/ndcsbN
Community Rights versus the Hydrofrackers in Pennsylvania bit.ly/zoTF7W
Smart Grid - From DTech: No wonder Accenture honchos happy with smartgrid division. Grew 100% 5 years in a row, just under that last year, execs say. Accenture expects several utilities to self-fund metering projects. Business case so strong don't have to put in rate base.
Composting is one way to help your vegetable garden and the environment bit.ly/pUvuSp
Warren Buffett and the true value of solar dlvr.it/17CT0M
Smart Grid - Price wars! Tired of being labeled the high-priced spread, Tropos introduces new communications gear while slashing prices.
California's Lead in Solar Is Slowly Eroding bit.ly/wtLcs2 - NYTimes
San Francisco & Medellin win 2012 Sustainable Transport Award by Future Capetown goo.gl/fb/XLmF1
Research and Markets: Directory of Environment & Climate Change Foundations 2012: names and contact details... ow.ly/1gVpLY
From Dalian to Davos: A Tale of Two Cities from CSR champion huff.to/zQwH4t
Paper Planet: EPA Science Panel Upholds Key Scientific Principles to Guide Biomass Standards ht.ly/8Gh02
Defining PR's CSR roadmap - PRWeek US prweekus.com/defining-prs-c…
Cleaner oceans would boost world economy bit.ly/wYhQpV
Under Pressure: Startup Company Turns Water into Power: When Frank Zammataro thinks about water pressure, he...bit.ly/z3GdGZ
USDA Releases New School Meals Nutrition Standards: The new nutrition standards call for USDA-subsidized...bit.ly/ypz3yC
U.S. Government Downgrades Projections for Coal. Again. bit.ly/A9PMMU
Underwater River of Mud and Sand Tells Tale of Climate Change and Ocean Gateways, New Oil and Gas Exp... ow.ly/1gVtZK
Underwater River of Mud and Sand Tells Tale of Climate Change and Ocean Gateways, New Oil and Gas ... ow.ly/1gVtZV
Ocean Acidity Far Exceeds Natural Norms - Voice of America ow.ly/1gVtZY
O'Malley Introduces Updated Offshore Wind Bill – Patch ow.ly/1gVu02
Six Canadian firms among globe's most sustainable bit.ly/zdRbEU
Harmonised CSR Regulations for Shipping Industry - maritime-executive.com/article/noboru…
Geo-engineered Food? Climate Fix Could Boost Crop Yields, But With Risks trib.al/4GTePH
Magnetic soap could help in oil spill clean-ups  bbc.in/yv5bHW
NPR: Guitar makers worried about wood import law deforestation bit.ly/yW9SlA
Smart Grid - Renew Grid asks: What challenges remain in Smart Grid implementation? What would your answer be? bit.ly/yWE5JU
Help us send 1 million comments to the FDA by April! Tell the FDA to just label genetically engineered (GE) foods at justlabelit.org.
U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Decline Despite Political Gridlock - Scientific American ow.ly/1gVxLu
Eco-Friendly Fashion on the Red Carpet bit.ly/zUPh7H
Save Money by Saving Energy - Energy Efficiency Tips bit.ly/s7cl66
Manpower Group: Business Strategies Must Generate Benefits for Companies and Society: bit.ly/wP57Or
Japanese Homes and Business Sold 2,150 Gigawatt-Hours of Solar Energy Back to the Grid in 2011 bit.ly/A1gQa9 - Inhabitat

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 15

Real Time Farms tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from: bit.ly/yEvDXW
Underwater Legend Valerie Taylor Urges Protection of Coral Sea - Int'l Business Times ow.ly/1gT6Zo
Deep impact: The toll your protein takes on the Earth bit.ly/Aen4r8
Newt Gingrich is a Clean Energy Killer bit.ly/xn07AN When it comes to clean tech, almost no-one has done more to set back leadership than Newt Gingrich: bit.ly/xtWn4K
Ofgem speeds up £7bn plan to rewire low-carbon Scotland: business_green SSE and Scottish Power ... bit.ly/zED3b2
REpower to upgrade Blyth wind farm with UK's biggest turbine yet: business_green Giant 3.4M 104 ... bit.ly/x10hde
UK Greenlights first marine-energy park in the heart of Brunel-country dlvr.it/171W6w
Sadly, 14% of the wells using the ancient water of the Ogallala Aquifer are now contaminated: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…
Smart Grid - Smart Energy Daily is out! bit.ly/kbYR3u
Keystone activists to protest oil, Congress ties reut.rs/ws0IAJ
Smart Grid - Proximetry Breaks into Big Smart Grid Networking With Cisco, CSC: Proximetry is on a tear. On Monday, the San ... bit.ly/Aez6Z5
'Bicycle Pump' to turn wave power into clean energy. bit.ly/yPcL3T
Bill Burr describes Scotland's ambitious Kincluny Village project, which combines green development practices...fb.me/1i00yw9EU
How to Get Help Paying for Heating Oil bit.ly/ylrMRb  - NYTimes
 Will We Go Hungry in a Warmer World? - Time - Climate change might hit us in the most vital place of ...ow.ly/1gTHgf
Nigeria: Senate Committee Invites Chevron, Others Over Oil Spill -AllAfrica.com ow.ly/1gTHgy
World's tallest peaks most vulnerable to climate change - Deccan Herald ow.ly/1gTHgC
Global Registrations Top 1000 for The Security and Sustainability Forum's January 26th Free Public Health shar.es/fXm5Z
Report: White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP Spill Size bit.ly/xKtLHV
Solar feed-in tariff appeal judgement slated for tomorrow: business_green DECC refuses to rule ... bit.ly/yfzusc
From Starbucks to Barbucks: Hyperreal Gentrification in Your Neighborhood ow.ly/8EmHK
Opower hits 25 million home energy reports ow.ly/1gTL6E
IKEA Transforms Its Own Flat Pack Cardboard Packaging into Funky Furniture Art bit.ly/xKwLtx ~Inhabitat
CSR helps out orangutans shar.es/fX6Vk
Filipinos may pay for new ADB loan bit.ly/wUyUhX
Decline in solar output unlikely to offset global warming: study tw.physorg.com/246626517
Deforestation Could Wipe Out Sumatran Elephants -  bit.ly/ylwmUE
FERC Issues License for a 1MW Tidal Energy Project in NYC greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
EU launches attempt to deliver shipping emissions trading scheme: business_green Consultation ...bit.ly/yxQIo2
In his first campaign ad of 2012, Barack Obama touts clean energy & ethics, amid attacks from oil billionaires. bit.ly/z8Ou2G
Do I Really Need a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment? - The Science of Real Estate Article lnkd.in/sgA6Z3
Long-term sustainability is one of the critical challenges facing health information exchange (HIE) initiatives.ow.ly/8EtHz...
What Are Romney and Gingrich’s Plans for Energy in the US? greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Has Congestion Pricing Lost its Buzz? ow.ly/8EDs5
Carbon Neutrality by 2035 featured in Dec. 2011 edition of College Planning and Management magazine: tiny.cc/jd94o
Ten Years of Texas Electric Utility Deregulation greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Tapping weather data for better demand response bit.ly/xFJv6X
Climate Science Education: It's Important - Huffington Post ow.ly/1gTXqq
U.S. in 2035: Oil imports slashed, renewables rise smrt.io/yRK9r7
Is Europe is more naturally sustainable than America?  goo.gl/fb/FBE0w
How to Fix America's Soon to Be Waterless Cities.  bit.ly/w2aDfM
Heating with wood is making a comeback: bit.ly/x6zrFQ
Obama's State of the Union: A Big Chance to Stump for Clean Energy & Climate Action bit.ly/xBNhyb
NASA video shows visualization of global warming from 1880-2011. It's getting hot in here, and it's accelerating! ow.ly/8EOxM
When Sustainability mixes with Social Media - Social Media Sustainability Indexshar.es/fX4IZ
Nearly a Third of Companies Say Sustainability Is Contributing to Their Profits shar.es/fXCJ9
More companies are using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs to talk about sustainability than ever before.fb.me/1b1YyXr8N
Obama claiming credit for fossil-fuel gains angers industry | bloom.bg/ypudkA
Eco Friendly Kitchens Have Less Food Waste nblo.gs/t7AlP
Attendees referred to scientists who don't believe in climate change as "heroes." bit.ly/y9wQIs
Fukushima conference in Vancouver examines local and global concerns - Georgia Straight ow.ly/1gUabl
U.N. sustainable development summit shifts from climate change - Reuters India ow.ly/1gUabw
In GOP Debate, Santorum Dodges Floridian’s Concern About Offshore Drilling - Think Progress ow.ly/1gUabJ
Using Ocean Temperature Differences to Create Renewable Energy – NASDAQ ow.ly/1gUabR

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 14

Seaweed Biofuel Breakthrough Found news.discovery.com/earth/seaweed-…
Saudi Arabia. Nigeria. Venezuela. Canada? Is our neighbor to the north becoming a jingoistic petro-state?  slate.me/ybaR2Z
6 Amazing Green Treetop Paradises for Sustainable Living bit.ly/w16k45~Inhabitat
A Farmvillesque wetlands protection game that actually helps real-life wetlands bit.ly/wkugyr
GREEN GUIDE TO PREFAB: The History of the Mobile Home and Its Influence on the Modern Prefab  bit.ly/AsY6SJ ~Inhabitat
South African Farmers See Threat From Fracking nyti.ms/zfuIzr
The environmental arms race that could save the world. ow.ly/1Er8E5
Oklahoma senators want federal fracking study to meet strict scientific standards bit.ly/ACxoTj
It's Climate Change, Stupid - Huffington Post http://ow.ly/1gSu7m
Study: Man-made ocean acidity threatens marine life - USA Today http://ow.ly/1gSu7B Carbon emissions speed up ocean acidification - Khaleej Times http://ow.ly/1gSu7E
Fresh Arctic water could cool Europe - study - Independent Online http://ow.ly/1gSu7N
Sustainable Mobility Hits the Road  http://bit.ly/xsOkBb
Reconciling cities with water scarcity http://bit.ly/yCVaKl
Risks to whooping cranes in Texas raise profile of Wisconsin program jsonline.com/news/wisconsin…
Urbanisation: The Smart Way to Play God with Earth's Limited Land  bit.ly/wNWac0
 US experts to help address climate change issue for Pacific nations - Philippine Star Online ow.ly/1gSBTY
Shrinking footprints ow.ly/1gSBjx
 Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus climate confusion center to close. thkpr.gs/xeWsSW
The Devastating Costs of the Amazon Gold Rush bit.ly/A1R47n
Anaerobic composting: let the anaerobic microbes generate nutrient-rich fertilizer for you bit.ly/omXxxm
Live updates from fishing boats could reduce waste  bit.ly/xm0XfO
Additional Critical Habitat for Leatherback Sea Turtles Designated in U.S. goo.gl/fb/mwa44
Marriott Selects Kimberly-Clark Prof for Sustainability Award shar.es/fmCMM
Smart Grid - Charlotte Observer: smartmeter could help consumers save money ow.ly/8Ce9w The smart thermostat battles. Didn't see this coming? http://ow.ly/1EDL8e
Ending fossil fuel subsidies will get us 1/2way to carbon cut targets, keep temp rise below 2°C  bit.ly/zOeBZ9 So let's do it!
GOP isn’t giving up easy on Keystone XL pipeline project: bit.ly/wsDkF6
Thornton Tomasetti Acquires Green Consulting Firm bit.ly/zoCxPS
Joint editorial from Bill Mckibben and Bruneski on President Obama's Keystone XL decision: http://ow.ly/8Dchw
Check out this “crowd-sourced online food guide” that tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from: http://bit.ly/yEvDXW
Blow the Whistle on Big Oil! Join us, 350 & hundreds of others TOMORROW (Jan 24) in DC & don't forget your stripes! http://bit.ly/Amegso
The Need of Building Sustainable Cities shar.es/fmhQk
Atlantic canyons and seamounts remain largely unscathed - right now. bit.ly/uNgcg3

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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 13

A 3-part approach to corporate sustainability - grn.bz/zaHoRf
A spiffy green waterfront begins to take shape in DC - bit.ly/z2bL3V
Alien invasion: study says non-native species threaten due to climate change - Winnipeg Free Press ow.ly/1gOCye
Aclara, Calico Energy Plot DR for the Masses: We’ve seen a lot of action lately from companies promising to... bit.ly/w0EVdu
Smart Grid Technology: 7 new problem-solving smart grid technologies (and a free bonus tool) bit.ly/z6kDDW
How humans spread both ecological disruption and diversity grn.bz/AAOWdO
Loving fashion and the environment bit.ly/gihPlk
Check out sustainable design done right. Could this be a template for other large foundation campuses across the... fb.me/IWhNEu0p
California PUC declares SDG&E's new fee illegal  -bit.ly/AfKaaE
Part 5: Meet the final 4 contenders in our Smart Grid Companies to Watch search Today we're featuring the fifth -  bit.ly/xaVxp1
Critical List: Vermont can’t shutter nuke plant; microbes turn seaweed into biofuel  -bit.ly/w1Rq2c
Tanzania: Going Wild With National Parks: Wildlife conservation for sustainable tourism development was not a pr... bit.ly/xSkcCq
KXL - Rejected Pipeline Becomes Hot-Button Election Issue n.pr/yDUKpJ
First Round: Entergy 1, Vermont 0 bit.ly/zwmOfQ - NYTimes
Most of Deepwater Horizon Spill's Oil Never Reached the Surface bit.ly/yo4QIk
Why More Oil & Gas Development Mean We Need More Vigilance from the Industry bit.ly/x29RnV
Funny video: Fox can't decide if Keystone XL would create a bajillion or a gazillion jobs bit.ly/wHtBOt
Kyocera Now Offering 315 W Photovoltaic Modules In U.S. Market: Kyocera Solar Inc. has launched its highest-outp... bit.ly/zQGZhE
German Environment Minister Plans To Implement Monthly FIT Cuts: Following a recent jump in PV installations in ... bit.ly/zFZGJ9
Real Goods Solar and Alteris Renewables to merge bit.ly/wUCa8k
Ecological Connectivity as Climate Warms - New York Times ow.ly/1gPzR3
French Corn Farmers Plant Earlier, Lift Yields as Climate Warms - Bloomberg ow.ly/1gPzR8
Basking in the sun: The case for solar heat bit.ly/xdQfjA
Corruption and Sustainability: Like Oil & Water Do Not Mix ow.ly/1gPz2E
Sprint Announces Deals to Support Smart Utilities: Sprint said Itron, Lanner Electronics and two other companies... bit.ly/we4vCU
Clean Energy Connections announces its first event of 2012! CleanNRGx conta.cc/y4kWRj
Wind Turbines and Health Hazards nyti.ms/xtdbc1
"Across Texas, breweries and brewpubs are popping up like missile silos in the 1960s" — mysanantonio.com/life/article/T…
Smart Grid - Introducing the power router for the grid dlvr.it/16Gs2z
Say no to GMO's! gogreenamericatv.com/are-
A Double-Duty Solar Solution: How to Build a #Solar Water Heater ow.ly/8zZLd
Smart Grid - Varentec raises $7.7 million from VKhosla for "power routers" for the smart grid. bit.ly/xl8Wwc
Smart Grid: Smart grid venture funding plunges: bit.ly/yVBbyO
Texas A&M-Kingsville to reinstate gas engineering program in August caller.com/news/2012/jan/…
Waste Management First In Ottawa - Natural Gas Waste Collection Vehicles sustainability business goo.gl/Dhy99
Houston Chron editorial: Perhaps now he's done running for prez, Perry can stop casting TX state govt as enemy of feds chron.com/opinion/editor…
Smart Grid - Green Button live on 3 major CA utility websites. Customers can download energy data. Benefits: bit.ly/ywWbBr
From Durban to Rio: Taking action on clean energy & global warming at the Earth Summit 2012 in Rio bit.ly/zPv5wO
Obama Proposal Could Weaken Key Climate (& sea life) Agency trib.al/lsPon9
EV startup Coda jumps into energy storage biz smrt.io/vZt8TG
Natural gas price free-fall can't be good for North Texas star-telegram.com/2012/01/19/367…
Are CFO's turning greener? Surprising resilience in corporate sustainability efforts seems to indicate so - ow.ly/8B1xf
New Tool Reveals Country's Most Polluted Places: How Close Do You Live? | Environment | AlterNet bit.ly/yVgRla
Carmaker Fisker lowers 2012 sales view again reut.rs/woJnsW
Fossil fuels are sub-prime assets, Bank of England governor warned ow.ly/8zZSy

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 12

Raw foods contain enzymes and other nutrients that are destroyed by heat.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pThSVmWmxM&feature=autoplay&list=UUxCQkMWnf2FKDqUsTjIdL2A&lf=plcp&playnext=1
Wind Turbines and Health Hazards http://bit.ly/w69OYy ~NYTimes
Great charts show explosion of oil & gas production under Obama. http://goo.gl/l6Q8e
On Our Radar: Ailing Rice Coral in Hawaii http://bit.ly/AAk5qF~NYTimes
Election battle looms as Obama rejects Keystone pipeline: business_green Ruling leaves door open... bit.ly/zZNh1j
Danville Gets Sustainable: The Buzz on Monte Vista High School's Sustainable Garden - Danville, CA Patch danville.patch.com/articles/danvi…
The "Pain" of Sustainability - Forbes onforb.es/w57Bi1
Eco-tourism to get foreign partnership: PUDUCHERRY: The French government is offering technical collaboration... bit.ly/An5o5A
Wind power passes six-gigawatt threshold - Energias Renovables ow.ly/1gO3wK
BP seen agreeing $20-25 bln oil spill settlement - The Guardian ow.ly/1gO3wN
La Niña Caught Peaking Again - Softpedia - It is caused by shifts in sea surface temperatures in e... ow.ly/1gO3wS
How better data tools can help business meet green goals | Energy bit.ly/y3Gtj7
Great Tips how to Green your Lighting shar.es/Wwr4n
Pedal Pod Does More Than Just Store Your Bike bit.ly/xXbaKk
Barcelona to build first carbon-neutral indoor ski slope in 2015. Petzdelux asks if it's genius or greenwashing? bit.ly/xsRQ0U
Factbox: Keystone XL dominates energy, environment agenda | Reuters $CL_F ow.ly/8yMRb
Kaiser Gets Green Infusion with Safer IV Equipment bit.ly/Ak3rGI
Biggest output of U.S. oil and gas industry is dirty water: bit.ly/xO453o
SeventhGen was an early leader in acquiring USDA certified biobased ecolabel for sustainable products. Read more: ow.ly/8rB41
Great Lakes Buoy Knows Offshore Wind Data - EarthTechling (blog) ow.ly/1gO8BB
Climate change invites alien invaders – Is Canada ready? - EurekAlert ow.ly/1gO8Bc
Radiation, rusty metal seen in tsunami-hit reactor - WHEC TV-10 ow.ly/1gO8B0
Japan suffers biggest decline in tourism since 1950 - Daily Telegraph ow.ly/1gO8B6
All the environmental news you've wanted to know about China, this week: bit.ly/wmAnn4
Sustainable consumption gets buy-in grn.bz/yB74ra
Could better CSR help combat fake malaria drugs risk in Africa tshikululu.org.za/fake-malaria-d…
"Game-Changing" Transmission Link Would Deliver Texas Wind Power To The Southeast forbes.com/sites/justinge…
Calculating the Carbon Value of a Swamp bit.ly/xW3q73 ~NYTimes
World's cheapest tablet will sell in the U.S., asserts its maker smrt.io/yeYOqt – A worthy effort.
World champions run on Pines WheatGrass: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…
Animals That Blocked Keystone XL Pipeline Path (With Pictures) bit.ly/xp6HLO
Can New York make trash into energy? What do you think? soc.li/As85oWG
Apple 'reinvents' textbook; e-texts already making inroads smrt.io/xibMV3
Could recycling help curb unemployment? bit.ly/w9CdZi
Smart Grid - Varentec Gets $7.7M for the Digital Smart Grid: Varentec, a startup working on giving utilities digital control... bit.ly/x8glJX
"Marine parks are a testament to the innovation and collective spirit" - early signs of hope for marine conservation ow.ly/8zkbe
Tropos Networks Launches Embedded Smart Grid Communications Program at DistribuTECH 2012 - bit.ly/yQhCEf
If wishes were biofuels, we'd all be energy-independent | Energy bit.ly/xIFIPy
The Economics of Sustainable Cities su.pr/1sHmVi
Sprint pushes its wireless network for smart grid dlvr.it/164NhY
Mark Lynas » In defence of nuclear power bit.ly/wz61oo
Green Multifamily Homes a Trend to Watch in 2012: bit.ly/wuOkLw
Climate change could trip up China’s growth - BusinessWorld Online ow.ly/1gOjgi Chinese Climate Change Report Says Environmental Future Grim - Tree Hugger ow.ly/1gOjgn
NYC Gets $3.4 Million to Make It Easier to Install Solarsolar1.org/2012/01/19/nyc…
There is “No Evidence” that Wind Turbine Syndrome Exists, Concludes Expert Panel bit.ly/w0nCU8
Brilliant ASU students know what PHX needs! Ride & Bike - Improving Public Transportation youtu.be/_-clFBK3SAY
Hot states using more heat in homes than cold states. ow.ly/1Ekrig
Midwest Organic and Sustainability Conference - registration open: bit.ly/W5azN
Another changing of the guard for solar startup Nanosolar ow.ly/1gOqzS
Tradeoff Between Environment and Economy is "Nonsense" Says GE Executive ow.ly/1gOqSt
BP Predicts Small Future Role for Renewables: Energy production by renewable sources will roughly q... bit.ly/xA7uAN
Dairy firms to do own fallout checks - Japan Times - a group of 19 major firms including Meiji Co., Megmilk... ow.ly/1gOrHS
Agriculture and Climate Change, Revisited - New York Times ow.ly/1gOrI3
Overcoming The Cold Realities Of The Offshore Wind Power Market - North American Windpower ow.ly/1gOrI8
TX 2011 cotton crop worst since at least 1989, but still "better than we expected" gosanangelo.com/news/2012/jan/…
Preparing Cities for Seniors soc.li/0u0PMFM
A win for environmentalism: D.C. leads the nation in green buildings. bit.ly/wrP5iu
Deforestation, climate change threaten the ecological resilience of the Amazon rainforest news.mongabay.com/2012/0119-natu…
How Can We Feed the Planet Without Destroying the Planet? #green bit.ly/AvU8iq
Warren Buffett's long quest to build a geothermal plant, chronicled - onforb.es/wGhcmO
Scripps researcher showcases the restoration of marine park in Baja - La Jolla ow.ly/1gOvyI
Utah blended nuclear waste decision now up for public comment sltrib.com/sltrib/news/53…
This year, resolve to lower your company's energy burn (and save big $$) with automated PC Power Management - bit.ly/xVFYCm
Take a virtual tour of this LEED Gold building that showcases sustainable technologies. bit.ly/y1QJWD
Arctic Methane Outgassing On The East Siberian Shelf: A Primer Plus an Interview with Dr. Natalia Shakhova bit.ly/yqW4Ue
Torresol Energy Launches Twin Concentrating Solar Thermal Plants in Spain bit.ly/wefexd
Japanese Nuclear Reactors Could Operate Beyond 40-Year Cap nytimes.com/2012/01/19/wor…

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