Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 154

Chemicals & Toxins Found in Common Products
Trees Recycled Into Fish Habitats Across the Country
TransCanada gets help planning alternate pipeline route from Nebraska map:
Justice Department to Bring Charges Against BP Over 2010 Oil Spill, and More The World’s First Social Energy Marketplace. Using personal solar to charge your electronics.
2011 worst year in decades for endangered elephants as large ivory seizures grow: -CJ
During the drought, aging Houston water system wasted 18 billion gallons
How Green Building Can Bring New Orleans Back
Shareowners Press Chevron on Environmental Liabilities in Ecuador
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations ‘Great Opportunity’ for Integrators
Electronics can no longer go into landfills - Morris Daily Herald
Finding power in coffee waste
Top Posts of 2011 - Scientists develop film solar cell with amazing efficiency -
Model unlocks human impact on Africa's fire regimes
Chevy Carbon Stories: The San Juan National Forest – Replanting the forest
Good article in USAToday on the new efficiency and labeling standards for light bulbs starting January 1:
Fisker recalls 239 electric Karmas over battery defect
Idaho Power prepares for coal-plant shutdown - CBS News
Stress on the High Seas - Der Spiegel - The construction of offshore wind parks in the North Sea has h...
Brazil hands Chevron a third fine on oil spill - Reuters UK
Top Posts of 2011 - Coca-Cola to use 100 percent recyclable display racks
6 Natural Hangover Remedies to Cure What Ails Ya on New Year’s Day ~Inhabitat
Clean Air America Assists South Puget Sound Community College to Meet LEED Gold Certification...
TX attorney-general says that federal court has granted TX a stay for the EPA's cross-state pollution rule
Asian carp were imported with good intentions - but they're leaving a bad taste in the mouths of fishermen.
Travel Another India | Responsible Tourism in India - Chennai:
The California EPA will appeal a judges ruling that blocks low-carbon rules
Duke wins OK to shut down part of Indiana plant - Chicago Sun-Times
Leaf-Shaped Lotus Electric Vehicle Charger Doubles as a Solar-Powered LED Streetlight!
RelayRides ditches gas cards
The Year’s Most Overlooked Energy Stories
Our Weather On Steroids: The Mind-Boggling Climate Disasters Of 2011 

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 153

Top 10 clean energy stories of 2011
INTERVIEW: We Talk to Iwastology About Their Waste and Consumption Education Curriculum ~Inhabitat
Scientists Test Dead Seals in Alaska for Radiation From Fukushima, and More
10 Ways to Boost You Building's Energy Efficiency in 2012
3 startups that showcase the future of chips
Climate Science Reaches a Landmark That Chills Global Warming Alarmists - Forbes
Green IT 2012: Looking for bright spots amid the clouds
What can we learn from western Canada's embrace of fracking?
Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power Brings Clean Electricity To Off-The-Grid India
Dot Earth Blog: A Warm Update to a Chilly Arctic Ballad
Taiwanese seas threatened by overfishing - United Press International
Report: Feds Ready Felony Charges in BP Oil Spill - Slate
Germany's Solar Power Output Up 60% in 2011
Activ Solar Commissions Final Phase Of 100 MW Solar Plant In Ukraine: Vienna, Austria-based Activ Solar has comp...
Powin Energy Launches New Renewable Energy Storage Product Line: Powin Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Powin...
Market dynamics driving more companies, communities to try microgrids-
Top Posts of 2011 - 10 important Tips for eating
Can the 2012 Farm Bill protect the Ogallala Aquifer?
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was aiming for high marks in sustainability when it designed some elaborate green...
Debris Field The Size Of California From Japanese Tsunami Begins To Litter West Coast
Supply Threats Persist For Thin-Film Solar Materials Due To Competition: One year ago, a report from the U.S. De...
Top Posts of 2011 - McKinsey’s Rainforest Plan Targeted by Greenpeace -
Green Blog: California's Delta Ecosystem Is Healthier, For Now

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 152

Green business forum on climate change opens in Vietnam - Xinhua News Agency
SEACOR takes stake in European wind farm utility vessel operator - Marine Log
Packaged goods: Three innovations in shipping
2012: Terra incognita
Rain Garden at Marymount University · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader
10 Predictions for Cleantech and Sustainability in 2012
Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time
Top 25 Alternative Energy Moves of 2011
United States Postal Service's Sustainability Efforts are resulting in green
Float Your Wind Turbines To Save and Increase Production - CleanTechnica
Keeping our beaches safe from fecal contamination
Cruise Ship Lines Win 2011 "Dino of the Year" Anti-environmental Prize
Japanese gov't asks Fukushima to store contaminated waste, but region eyes nuke-free future - Xinhua News A...
Climate debate can’t ignore small farmers - Deccan Herald
Unusual weather shouldn't come as a surprise - Lafayette Journal and Courier
Smart Grid - Real-time demand regulation challenges traditional DR and energy storage…
Smartgrid 101: 5 clicks that could make a difference…
Wis. DNR Encourages E-cycling of Old Electronics - WSAW
Time runs out on Delaware offshore wind energy project
Tucked inside a corner of Tokyo - an urban forest -
McDonald’s Aims to Mainstream Sustainability
Smart Grid - IDC Energy Insights 2012 smartgrid predictions via Smart Grid News: More AMI networks to handle electric, water & gas;
Consumers making the switch…
Mitsui backs Tres Amigas’ super grid hub
Peru's Glaciers Melting, Decreasing Water Supply 20 Years Earlier Than Expected Says Mat Mcdermott
Bayer opens emissions-neutral offices in India
New advancements in ocean trash pickup - 5 Things You Can Do for Trash-Free Seas
City Pollution at danger levels in Scotland
10 Common Health Risks in the Home - Eco Friendly Homes
GLOBE-Net: Energy empowerment on the layaway plan sustainability business
Electric School Bus? Not So Far Fetched
Dantherm and Altergy excel in Fuel Cell UPS and Backup Power Market Assessment
McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King just stopped using "pink slime" in their burger meat.
LG to Unveil the World’s Largest OLED TV Screen at CES 2012 ~Inhabitat

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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 151

What to Do About Asian Carp? Great Lakes States Can’t Agree-
USDA Approves Monsanto’s Drought Tolerant Corn
 Harsh Political Reality Slows Climate Studies Despite Extreme Year - New York Times
A Long Awaited Victory for Children, Families and our Future
Vermont’s ‘energy secession’ goal: 90 percent renewables by 2050
Frito-Lay Sued for Labeling GMO Ingredients as All Natural - Frito-Lay is being sued for labeling its foods as all
NRDC - We're helping Canada's First Nations in their fight to STOP the Northern Gateway tarsands pipeline.
Solar Grid Parity 101: How the Cross-Over Occurs
Living Green and Saving Money – Our Grand parents did it why can’t we?
Shopping wisely is just one way of stopping tomorrow's food waste before it starts.
Our food system isn't working. There's enough food 2 feed everyone, & yet 1 out of every 6 people are starving.
New services make it easy to e-recycle - Arizona Daily Star
How climate change is making mountaineers' climbs harder: My Int'l Herald Tribune column (also ran in NYT Sports today)…
NASA: Climate Change May Flip 40% of Earth’s Major Ecosystems This Century - Think Progress
Critical List: Funding for climate research drops; USDA approves drought-resistant corn
Could we quit fossil fuels for good? | Energy
Report Condemns Japan’s Response to Nuclear Accident Fukushima Probe Puts Regulator, Cellphones on List of Failures - BusinessWeek
Green Business Trend: “Eco-Packaging” Takes Off. But be sure to do your homework.
Green infrastructure is an easy way of making cities function in coordination with the natural landscape.
It's time to fix the FDA, it needs to do more to protect our food, personal care products & medicine.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 150

2011: The Year in Sustainability
Can the 'Nice Consumer' Define the Style for Sustainable Fashion?
This Holiday, FDA Ignores Public Health and Wishes for Miracles to Solve Antibiotic Resistance
What's the Future for Alternative Fibers?
GigaOM’s top 10 green stories of 2011
The Rise of Megacities
GOP Pisses Off Light Bulb Industry
December 23 News: As Shell Gears Up For Arctic Drilling, It Has Another Massive Spill in Nigeria
Killing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline: the gift of hope for a clean energy future
The Week in Pictures: Naked Protesters, Canada v. Chiquita Bananas, and More
Environmentalists Should Learn from Gay Rights Activists
Make 2012 a year for fulfillment, learning & wonderful experiences. Become a sustainability leader
Comverge Chosen by Africa's Largest Electricity Provider to Manage Historic Intelligent Energy Management
"1% pollutes the world, 99% suffers." GFA Fellows on climate justice:
Fjord cools off new green data center in Norway.
SC Johnson Cuts GHG Emissions 26 Percent Worldwide
The full cost of nitrogen pollution exceeds the financial value of higher yields from fertilisation
'Secret' Environment Canada presentation warns of oilsands' impact on habitat
12,000 encircled that Whitehouse but the GOP may just have killed the tar sands Keystone XL pipeline:
Norquist Stance on Renewable Electricity Standards Gets Zapped 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 149

Bio-luminescent Bacteria Combat Pollution in Fragile Florida Ecosystem ~Inhabitat
Global Warming - Taking on the 8 Dogs of the Apocalypse - DAILY KOS
Chevron Used Secret Lab to Hide Dirty Soil Samples from Ecuador Court, Say Company Documents: In...
Germany Abandons Coal... Slowly
Obama admin pushes renewable energy on 2 coasts
Google getting close to $1B in clean energy projects Google ramps up investment in solar energy
Fixing suburbs with green streets that accommodate everyone
40% of state oil and gas drilling regulators have industry ties
German Energy Consumption Drops 4.8% in 2011, With Renewables Providing 20% of Energy
Today in Green IT: First Solar tired of subsidy “whack-a-mole”
U.S. Green Chamber is Empowering Businesses to Be Sustainable
Japan Says Decommissioning Damaged Reactors Could Take 40 Years
Unseasonably mild temperatures that affected crops, gas usage continue as winter is about to begin...
To Survive, Some Biofuels Companies Give Up on Biofuels
Court Upholds Europe's Plan to Charge Airlines for Carbon Emissions… International Airlines Have to Pay for Their Carbon Pollution, Court Rules
The Sustainability Supply Chain Marathon - Forbes
Texas Tops List of 10 States Worst-Ravaged By Natural Disasters in 2011
 Ask AMEE is a search engine for calculating the carbon footprints of different things.
The Chinese Town That Turns 20 Million Pounds of Your Discarded Christmas Lights into Slippers
Google Lists The Top Green Search Trends of 2011
How Green is your smartphone ? Updating facebook from your mobile uses 100times less energy than from your PC
Melting Permafrost in the Arctic is Some Truly Scary S%*t
Michael Young’s NOISEZERO O+ are the World’s First Headphones Made from Sustainable Materials
Input sought on offshore power line - Delaware Wave
Moving 'Beyond Renewables'? BP axes power business
Home to 5% world biodiversity, the disappearing Cerrado: 'Brazil's great untold environmental disaster' (audio)
First Solar Never So Cheap in Takeover Boon for Energy: Real M&A - BusinessWeek
Jo Confino speaks to Hannah Jones, vice president of sustainable business and innovation at Nike
Hill-top school no longer isolated thanks to solar
The Disease of the Nuclear Age: Is Cancer Epidemic in America?
Air-powered motorcycle has arrived
Solar Millennium Files For Bankruptcy As Solar Shakeout Continues
How McDonald's is Mainstreaming Sustainability, KKR's Green Portfolio Plan Pays Off, & More... -
Pushing Energy-efficient Retrofits Closer to the Tipping Point…
Energy efficiency law "unqualified success," groups says - Business - The Times-Tribune:
Financial Trends: Evaluating Investments in Advanced Biofuels Projects in the U.S.: The recent passage of
Architecture At Zero: Making The Ultimate Net-Zero-Energy Building
Trucking Trout to Their Native Streams ~NYTimes
Great leaders create value - both economic AND social -
Transocean Faces Possible Lawsuit After Brazil Oil Spill – Forbes Chevron, Transocean Face Criminal Indictments in Brazil After Oil Leaks - Bloomberg
Solar Garden To Give New Life to Old Landfill in Colorado
Fundamental Analysis
What Energy Efficient Light Bulb Regulations Mean: The Green Skeptic on
EU Study Shows Clean Energy Is Cost Effective
Soil Key to Making Agriculture Sustainable
Wind Makes Up 80% of Contracts in Brazil’s Latest Power Auction
Shyam Mehta's amazing forecasting talent revealed 2011: The Return of the Solar Shakeout…
Paint-on solar cells developed
Sharp-Tongued Attacks In Latest Disagreement Over Solar Trade Complaint: Against a backdrop of an alarming
Solar Trust Of America Predicts No Impact From Solar Millennium's Bankruptcy: Solar Trust of America, an integra...
Melting Glaciers Muck Up Earth’s Gravitational Field - Scientific American
Nigeria oil spill 'worst in decade' - Virgin Media Music
New York-Based Coalition Urges Leaders To Take Action On Offshore Wind Energy Development - North
 Hennepin plant on EPA list threatening forced shutdown - News Tribune
This Low-Impact Cabin is Accessed Through a Hidden Retractable Staircase! ~Inhabitat
 In the future, poop will solve all our problems.
Solar Millennium Deal To Sell U.S. Projects Not Dead.
Frugal Innovation
Water a hot topic in Hill Country despite recent rains…
Climate Sensitivity Higher Than We Thought, Researchers Find
Green Blog: On Our Radar: India's Growing Nuclear Sector

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 148

Shell spills 13,000 gallons while drilling near Deepwater Horizon site
Despite axing internal solar tech engineering Google still active in solar investing. Puts $94 M w/KKR into 4 projects Google, KKR In Deal To Buy California Solar Power Plants. Google Invests $94 Million in Solar Energy
Must watch: Congressional inaction threatens stable middle class wind jobs in America's heartland like this:
Breaking down California's Cap-and-Trade program aimed at cutting greenhouse gases across the economy
A Look Into Our Climate: Past To Present To Future
How Sustainability is Becoming the One True Corporate Religion |
EU's new CSR report offers realistic initiatives to promote sustainability | David Grayson
Keystone XL is a tar sands pipeline to export oil out of the United States
December 20 News: Shell Spills 13,000 Gallons of Drilling Fluids Near Deepwater Horizon Site
'How to Save Energy With Cloud Computing' (PC World) -  Not entirely convincing though.
Sony Develops a Battery That Runs on Paper
Hydropower Outlook 2012: Continued Large-scale Development in North America: The U.S. Energy Information Administration...
Australian government is 'overstating renewables costs'
4 Big Trends for the Future of Sustainable Tech
Shale's Bounty Goes Beyond Oil and Gas…
15 Quotes About Cities | Sustainable Cities Collective
Greening Streets: The First Step Towards Fixing Suburbs | Sustainable Cities Collective
Must read—40% of state oil & gas regulators have industry ties… / In AR, several top regulators own drilling companies – Example of conflict of interest.
The Ups and Downs of Social Media for Sustainability
On View: 'Cities and the Things That Matter' | Sustainable Cities Collective
There's a cost from extreme weather we're just beginning to understand: health
On Poor Quality: Corruption and Construction in China | Sustainable Cities Collective "As someone who works in the building industry in China, I am often asked why the quality of construction of Corruption hurts safety and building quality in China
GREEN TIP - Furnace & Heating - Do not heat unoccupied areas of your home
Studio Kalkwijk’s WakaWaka is a Super-Efficient Solar LED and Charger Developed for Rural Africa – Inhabitat
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Inefficient Lighting…
Critical List: Seattle bans plastic bags; at least 100 million trees died in Texas this year
Macy's and Earthworks recycle gift cards
Sustainability Efforts Ramp Up for 2012 International CES
Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says - Environmental News Network
Electric Vehicle Telematics Will Achieve $1.4 Billion by
Retrofits Surpass New Builds in LEED-Certified Green Buildings
Believe it or not, there's a lot of important work happening with human waste. SamiGrover recaps 2011 top ideas.
Green Blog: On Our Radar: Reports of Power Plant Protest in China
7 Best Greentech Media Stats of 2011: At Greentech Media reports on numbers all year
How local sustainability improvements can help solve global problems
NRDC's Green Gift Guide: Holiday Presents that Help Restore the Earth
Why do highway costs get so out of control?
Goodbye to another solar pioneer - $BP Solar to wind down, sell project portfolio
TX grid data through November shows that wind provided 8.4% of power YTD; was 11.7% in Nov.…
Grand Canyon National Park Looking to Ban the Sale of Plastic Bottles in 2012…
Medical Journal Article: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout
Help remove plastic from our oceans - 5 Things You Can Do for Trash-Free Seas
Renewables, Energy Storage & Data Analytics: The 3 Sisters of the Smart Grid
Electric car use becoming more mainstream
eRecyclingCorps Takes a Bite out of Phone E-Waste with New Funding
Jigar Shah’s Letter to Gordon Brinser of SolarWorld: On behalf of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy...
The Sustainability-Innovation Nexus
GM Meets EPA Challenge and Saves $50 Million at 30 North American Plants | Sustainable Plant:…
3 reasons why politics can't kill lighting efficiency progress
Smart Grid - Eléctrica de Guayaquil Completes Smart Metering Implementation in Latin America | SmartGrid Observer
Electric Vehicle Telematics Will Grow to $1.4 Billion by 2017
Smart Grid - Should we move the smartgrid to the cloud? | SmartGrid News:
Ameren Illinois Prepares for SmartGrid Implementation | SmartMeters:
Multi-year UK study finds LED bulbs made residents feel safer, more content. Energy and maintenance savings profound
Mobile e-waste processor snags $35 million in venture capital
The Royal Family goes hydroelectric
3 Must-Have Apps for a Sustainable 2012
Industry Coalition to Limit Toxic E-Waste Exports Adds New Members, Bi ... - MarketWatch (press release)
Schneider Acquires Viridity Software to Tackle Data Center Power: Data centers are big business, but so is
Faith on the Front Lines of Climate Protection
Chicago to Build Biggest Urban Park in the Lower 48 States
NRG and The Kraft Group will expand its use of Solar Power
Family Gets 75% of Its Food from the Dumpster. Eats Incredibly Well. (Video) 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 147

8 Ways to Sustain a Stock Exchange
NYTimes: As Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks
Raising the Gas Tax Makes (Dollars and) Sense
Green Christmas: Santa’s carbon footprint [INFOGRAPHIC]
Climate sensitivity - paleoclimate record points towards potential rapid climate change - Bay Area In...
Bill passage puts offshore drilling, 'fracking' one step closer - WRAL
Eroding taboos see lemurs end up on dinner tables
Going Bearish on Green Investing
As Durban deadline draws near, big carbon emitters should cut a deal
NRDC: The Republicans Are Totally Full Of Crap About The Canada Oil Pipeline
In the Dark: Incandescent Bulbs Spared by U.S. House in Victory for Tea Party Activists - Bloomberg
Two solar breakthroughs were announced this week. Here's what they're working on:
A Green Soda Bottle Race – NYTimes
Sens. Boxer, Sanders, Kerry & Whitehouse on why America must not back down on sustainable energy
Cities vs. Suburbs: Which are Thriving Now and What Will Climate Change Mean for Them?
What's a quantum dot and how does it boost solar power? Martin LaMonica explains.
Nuclear generation capacity drops in 2011
GOP's Rush to Judgment on Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Dooms the Project
Sustainable Brands Announces 2012 Call to Action
Give a Green Gift this holiday season!
Why Weak Standards for Dumping in Illinois Quarries Could Threaten Drinking Water:
 Global Warming - Creating the Conditions for a Cronkite Moment - DAILY KOS
Harnessing the sun’s energy for water and space heating
The 5 States With the Most Installed Wind and Solar Power Saw the Least Increase in Electricity Prices from 2005-2010
The Choice of a Savvy Customer Validates Smart Grid Investments - Utility Automation/Electric Light & Power:…
IT Industry Gets a D+ for Green Policy, Labor Practices
6 reasons why it’s time to say NO to Keystone XL pipeline: #2 kills more jobs than it creates Redford calls Keystone XL rider to tax-relief bill a disgrace, puts American fams at risk to score partisan pts
Holiday E – Waste – What is it? What do we do with it?
A Conversation With Jack Williams, Director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research -
UCLA Bringing a Fully Networked SmartGrid to Campus | Greentech
1000 Recycled Doors Transform the Facade of a 10-Story Building in Seoul
High Prices Will Lower Sales of Electric Vehicles in 2012 -
Composting Isn't As Easy As It Sounds
NRG and The Kraft Group will Triple use of Solar Power
IKEA Announces Solar Energy Project in Tempe, Arizona Store
STUMPTALK: Global warming: science or junk? - Crossville Chronicle
Oil Spill update from New Zealand - Bird Life International
Plastic-to-fuel startup Agilyx raises $25M 

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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 146

8 useful Tips for Sustainable Seafood
Zen & the art of urban transportation Great look at Chicago's transportation commissioner 
Microgrids Poised to Grow to Meet Campus-Scale Energy Demands
IDB funds support climate change - Jamaica Gleaner
Kenya: Youth Return From COP17 Aiming to Take Action on Climate
Canada releases rules for offshore oil, gas drilling in the Arctic Ocean - PennEnergy
Offshore Renewable Energy Progresses -
The Un-Canadian Way - - by Jeff Clements
SoloPower continues to amass funds for solar factory
How 3D Photovoltaics Could Revolutionise Solar Power
Infographic: Shaping Sustainable Cities in the Networked Society  thisbigcity
Finally: New air toxics rules for power plants
Boost for smartgrid as government outlines back-up power plans Could also be a boost of energy storage market.
India opposes Europe's aviation tax set for the New Year
Perpetual Motion comes to the Ocean, Solar power ain't dead yet, but neither is the Keystone XL  constantcontact
MetaVu Completes Independent Evaluation of Xcel Energy's SmartGridCity(TM): MetaVu, Inc., a
Proposed Illinois rules would allow construction waste to be stored in quarries, posing groundwater contamination risk.
Geotectura Breaks Ground on Israel’s First LEED Platinum Building
Three Ashoka Fellows Win Top Awards for Social Innovation: The Americas Business Council Foundation.
Himalayan Glaciers ‘Safe From Warming’ - Canada Free Press
The Responsible Business (book by Carol
Buffett buys 49% stake in NRG solar plant |
Smart Grid  - Naperville officals explain Smart Grid to residents - The Naperville Sun:
Reminder: Keystone XL isn't a job
Philadelphia awarded $10 million to relieve traffic congestion
Volkswagen Will Reveal a New Electric Concept Car at the Detroit Auto Show ~Inhabitat

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