Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 30

Regulating any practice that may have an adverse effect on the environment - the EPA  http://bit.ly/rixVBJ
IDC's Top 10: 2012 Utility Industry Predictions - FierceEnergy: http://bit.ly/yuxJER
World’s most environmentally outspoken president forced to resign at gunpoint- http://bit.ly/yOmQ9t
Bridgelux raises $25M to replace your old lightbulbs with LEDs http://bit.ly/xcWHtJ
Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Patents http://ow.ly/1hnlhL
India’s Bharathi Antarctic Research Station is Made From 134 Prefab Containers  http://bit.ly/vZVYWj ~Inhabitat
Climate change denier: environmentalism is a religion - DAILY KOS http://ow.ly/1hnm7C
DPD promises to deliver "carbon neutral" packages: business_green Logistics firm says emissions - http://bit.ly/xawgK0
UK rail service introduces 'carbon free' trains http://smrt.io/wsQGCW
Smart lightbulbs could help lost shoppers http://bit.ly/y3RACW 
Why the 21st century will see migration back to the Rust Belt http://bit.ly/zM8DHm   - The coming water crisis.
Do You Recycle? The Go Green Guy – 19 items you may not know that you can recycle! http://gogreenamericatv.com/do-you-recycle
2012 Toyota Prius C So Popular In Japan, Toyota Ups Production - http://hgm.me/wVyNQE
What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day - WorldWatchInst http://bit.ly/wpiuQ3
Climate Change May Bring '100-Year Storms' Every 3 Years http://bit.ly/yesxS8 
Greener (Brown) Toilet Paper and the Elusive Green Consumer http://bit.ly/yVCvfv
Even Fox News likes this anti-factory-farm ad fxn.ws/Acf5SZ
70% of Americans oppose federal subsidies for fossil fuels. 68% Dems; 80% Indies; 67% Rs. is.gd/Z69es1
Bill McKibben on Climate Change, the Keystone Pipeline and the no KXL campaign bit.ly/yymLXG
Energy Efficiency: Utility Programs Getting More “Boots on the Ground” for Business Customers shar.es/fPWjq
Hershey Makes Big Announcements bit.ly/ADjTO6
3 Ways to Get Ahead of Climate Change, Without Ditching Oil (Yet): ow.ly/945re
U.K. has world's largest offshore wind farm but S.C. has its start. - Examiner ow.ly/1hnO1w 

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