Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 36

NRDC Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Agent Orange Ingredient from Weed and Feed Products
Chinese EV Market Gains Traction with Continued Government Support: The Chinese EV market is now transitioning ...
President's Budget Maintains "Green" Commitment but Has Several Unanticipated Surprises: On January 25, 2011, t...
New Report: Philanthropy Must Fund the Grassroots to Win on Environment and Climate - YAHOO!
Climate change scientist duped sceptic thinktank into handing over confidential files showing 'how it...
Coal miner Exxaro to submit five renewable energy bids - Engineering News
Centrica May Mothball More Gas Plants as Capacity Trims Profits - Bloomberg
The Green Brewhaha: Drink Up, You’re Making Sustainable Shaving Cream
Harmful Herbicide: EPA's Unreasonable Delay Protecting People from 2,4-D
Can carnivorous farmed fish go vegetarian?
Dryden Becomes New York's Test Town on Fracking ~NYTimes
The Dawn Of Even Stronger Superweeds
Rachelcernansky looks into a new report on why Walmart can't fix our food system
Smart Grid - Hitachi & Silver Spring link up over smart grid
Many thought turning crop waste into fuel was a pipe dream: Turns out it's booming.
Pollution is “Against God’s Will” According to Catholic Church Leaders in the UK ~Inhabitat
Renowned climate scientist comes under fire
DuPont is focusing on solar power - and raking in billions as a result.
“This dangerous pesticide is lurking all over the place, from ball fields and golf courses, to front lawns and farms."
Actress Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace activists climb oil-drilling ship in New Zealand protest 

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