Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 118

The key to a sustainable world is transforming our thinking -
Gorgeous Lamps by Nir Meiri are Made from Grains of Desert Sand ~Inhabitat
A Riveting Glimpse of a Vanished Bird ~NYTimes Green Blog: Cornell Issues Film of Extinct Woodpecker
NASCAR Goes Green: A Job Well Done or a Lipstick on a Pig?…
8 great Tips and 3 Apps for buying Sustainable Seafood
For snow and lawn machines, gasoline remains king ~Reuters
Lighbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging: © Tien-Ho Hsu via Yanko Design Designer Tien-Ho Hsu has come up with...
Global warming: Middle East's vital wet winters are disappearing - The Christian Science Monitor
Who cares about the Late Cretaceous Epoch - Earthtimes
NZ oil spill beach cleanup continues
8 essential Tips and 3 Apps for finding Sustainable Seafood
Pittsburgh drinking water is radioactive, thanks to
Algae may soon become a common biofuel, especially for the military.
Batteries on a Wind Farm Help Control Power Output.
Kroger, Target, Sodexo Update Progress During Nat'l Seafood Month
After Solyndra Case, Ex-Businessman to Review Energy Loans
Sainsbury’s plans £1 billion sustainability plan 
Why Recycling in the US Is Not a Success #green
Great, we have three-eyed fish now:
In Village’s Fight Over Gas Drilling, Civility Is Fading
BWise is integrating Sustainability Into Daily Management 
Corn is a greedy crop, as farmers will tell you. - Michael Pollan
The Environmental Side of Occupy Wall Street
Apple Quietly Building North Carolina Solar Farm
Chemical regulation is suffering a systemic breakdown - and we have to fix it.
Lawmakers Seek Inquiry on Keystone XL Process
Smart Energy Daily is out! 
Green Car of the Year Finalists Announced for 2012
We HAVE to keep the ailing transportation infrastructure moving. Or else.
Global Food Crisis (Global Crisis Series)
Self-organizing networks key for LTE small cell mobile backhaul: Self-organizing networks (SON) is...
 Global warming skeptic now agrees temps slowly rising after two years of research - Lubbock Avalanche...
LGI offers concessions for Kabel BW acquisition
Gatwick chairman: aviation industry in 'dialogue of deaf' with green groups: business_green
Shipping leaders set course for greener future: business_green Industry's largest companies agreed
Sustainable & Responsible Investing Increased by 16 % in 2010
Why the Government Needs to Play a Role in Innovation
How to Attract Mainstream Investors to Green Companies
12 Inches of ‘Global Warming’ Hits New England - RedState
Can toxic pollutants escape from my body fat?
International Market for Solar to Top $150 Billion by 2015
California Attorney General Files Plastic Water Bottle Lawsuit
Vestas profit warning triggers shares slump: business_green Danish wind turbine manufacturer
Airlines step-up battle against EU carbon trading: business_green 26 nations expected to sign
Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter outlined his efforts to make Philadelphia the “number one green city” during his... Philadelphia’s Nutter: cities must institutionalize sustainability
U. to hit sustainability goals ahead of schedule - The Brown Daily Herald - Serving the community daily since 1891:…
Summit County's sustainability in education: Benefiting people & planet |
Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Sustainable?…
House Democrats Introduce Carbon Tax Bill
Air China and Boeing Conduct First Chinese Sustainable Biofuel Flight: Biofuel News
What Asia's Green-Building Boom Means for Green Jobs, The Role Government Should Play in Innovation, & More... -
SmartGrid Interoperability Standards Move
Integrated Energy 2011: business_green Delivering a better balance for the UK energy economy
Updated: Government confirms 50 per cent cut to solar incentives: business_green Greg Barker:
Why Energy Scarsity Makes Economic "Recovery" Impossible (Video)
Chrysler Touts Turnaround, Emissions, Diversity in Sustainability Report
98% of Smart Meters in N America to be Monitored by a Meter Data Management System by 2018
The Kind of Business Leadership We Need for Our Evolution
What is the federal government doing to go green?…
North Texas company builds recycling system for drillers' wastewater…
Why "Green Fatigue" May Be an Opportunity to Do Better

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 117

People and the Planet: The World at 7 Billion
Raw video or second largest dam removal in US history, Condit Dam in Washington's South Cascades.
Tepco to ask for $12 billion to help with compensation: sources ~Reuters
China to curtail its "world disaster" CO2 levels
Solar and wave power solution: Fill the ocean with balls
Solyndra probe to hear from Energy's Chu on November 17 ~Reuters
Analysis: Promising biodiesel crop needs time to prove itself ~Reuters
Marlins pitching first retractable-roof Silver LEED sports stadium
Future of feed-in tariff to be announced next week
Democrats ask for investigation into Keystone
EPA says to comment soon on Keystone XL pipeline ~Reuters
Green Blog: Fossil Fuels as the Whale Oil of the Future
Fukushima released 'twice as much' radioactive material than first thought
Medicine's next big thing: Medic Mobile
Amazon Drought: Heat Stress Linked To Mass Tree Die Off In 2005 & 2010
How to bring sunlight into a dark room
What utilities really think about solar
GE Unit Invests with Germany's KGAL in 50-MW Spanish Concentrated Solar Power ...
NOAA Bombshell: Human-Caused Climate Change Already a Major Factor in More Frequent Mediterranean Droughts
Making the Most of Seasonal Fall Apple
The Curious Disconnect Between SmartGrid and Energy Storage
Ever wondered about soot? You should. The guys in the suits aren't.
Researchers have found that Santiago's pollution has contaminated nearby glaciers - accelerating melting.
Map Reveals Stark Divide in Who Caused Climate Change and Who's Being Hit - Common Dreams
Countries must plan for climate refugees: report - Reuters India
Global warming target to stay below two degrees requires more action this decade: Study – Newstrack
Offshore Wind Power Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020 - PR Inside
FEMA assistance still available for flood vicitms -
BestBuy named in the top 25 Greenest US Companies 2011 (Newsweek)
Ecotourism in Malaysian Borneo: The popularity of ecotourism in Malaysian Borneo has grown rapidly due...
Scientists Investigating if Link Exists Between Dolphin Deaths, BP Oil Spill - The Ledger
Obama administration announces desert 'solar energy zones'…
Eskom secures yet more development finance for wind, solar projects
Free-range organic egg production yields ±98% lower chance of Salmonella infection, says nutrition_facts endfactoryfarming
Comprehensive Ocean Planning is Beneficial
Food vs Biofuels with Limited Land
Solar Project Solutions’ 20 MW Atwell Island Solar Farm: This week, Quanta Services announced that it has been...
Air China and Boeing Conduct First Chinese Sustainable Biofuel Flight: Sustainability News
House Airline Bill is Bad for Business, Bad for Jobs and Bad for the Climate
Solar shambles leaves industry in the dark: business_green The government's chronic mishandling...
Occupy Wall Street: Good for the Environment? - OnEarthMag
Sustainable & Responsible Investing Jumped 16 Percent in 2010
Retrofit Project Pits Behavior Change Against Technology, Wins Award for Doing It
Leasing Options Bringing Solar Awareness to the Masses
Video: Siemens Enters Geothermal Market
Obama Administration Fast Track for Transmission Projects Does Little for Western Geothermal Interests
Energy storage: Why the future relies on regulations, not cost reductions…
Energy storage for renewables: Do we really need it?…
Japan: Fukushima radiation 'two times higher' than estimates - GlobalPost
California Finalized Details of Its Cap-and-Trade Program
Solar Power UK - Future of UK Solar PV
Best Buy to Automate Energy Management
What utilities really think about solar
October 28 News: China Solar-Dumping Lawsuit Moves to EU; BP Gets Its First Post-Disaster Gulf Drilling Permit

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 116

Feeding 9B people by 2050 with rapidly worsening climate may well be the greatest challenge human race has ever faced.
Coke changes can, offers millions to protect polar bears -
Congressman expands probe of energy loan program ~Reuters
Canadian rancher is on a hunger strike crusading for the right to sell raw milk
When old is new again! 10 Tips for Going Green with Vintage Fashions…
Amber Keenoy - Global Green: The Water Quality Crisis, Part Two…
Is your home Green? What is a Green Home?…
Romney Energy Plan Doesn’t Give a Mitt About Foreign Oil, Clean Cars, Jobs.
Green Blog: A Coast Guard Challenge: Arctic Drilling
Military Sees Green
Green-Roofed Jeju Natural Heritage Center is Carved from South Korea’s Volcanic Landscape ~Inhabitat
Renewable Energy Credits Explained
Water Woes Hit Gap, Kraft, Nestle, MillerCoors: Companies including Gap, Kraft and MillerCoors are ...
Video: Alex Bogusky and Others on the Access Economy
11 Ways to Unlock $150B in Energy Efficiency Financing
California company offers sustainable packaging for meat, fish
New blog post: Great Things About Solar Power and it's Drawbacks
Kuwait sets ambitious 10 per cent renewables goal: business_green Government hopes solar and
Installed Wind Power Volume in North America to Double by 2017
New EU rules seek to avoid repeat of BP oil spill ~Reuters
What a special legislative session in Nebraska means for TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline
Too Many MBA Students Graduate Without Right Sustainability Skills
High-Tech Hydroponic Farm Transforms Abandoned Bowling Alley
Global News: China Says Following U.S. Emissions Path Would Be “Disaster for the World” — Uhh, Too Late, Guys?
Extremely rare Siberian tiger spotted in northern China, found dead 5 days later
What’s the Use of Having a Smart Grid Connected to Dumb Buildings?: Some bad news for the demand response and ...
Solar in Tennessee: 3.37 MW in Q3: Total installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity in Tennessee increased 44 percent...
The Reality of a Successful US Wind Industry in 2011: The U.S. wind industry’s third quarter report shows the ...
Companies Report Increased 2010 Contributions, But Show Divergent Paths Since The Economic
Child Labor on U.S. Farms Widespread, Says New Film
Richard Heinberg on Reaching The End of Growth (Podcast)
The latest breakthrough in the evolution of demand response…
Disruption ahead: Cleantech Group names its top 3 smart energy startups…

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 115

When will those energy upgrades pay for themselves?
iPod creators unveil Nest, the smartest (and prettiest) thermostat yet
Making Corporate Social Responsibility Work: Starbucks Australia's Charlie Baker -
voltwerk Notes Inverter Unit Certification: Germany-based voltwerk electronics GmbH says its 200 kW, 300 kW and ...
The Case for CSR: The CEO Perspective
North America to Become the Biggest Market for Carbon Management Software in 2 years 
China Takes Loss to Get Ahead in Desalination Industry
ChrisHuhne just said "behind the headlines, you find that support for renewable energy is strong" spot on- 88% back solar, 82% wind. "Faultfinders and curmudgeons" - Huhne's RenewableUK speech in full: business_green Every year,...
Phoenix mayoral candidates square off in sustainability debate
GE's Eco-Innovation Platform
Restaurant serving up sustainable seafood |
Municipal Waste is Not Renewable Fuel
Farming with a smaller footprint: Why it matters
Making Sustainability Everyone's Job
Infographic: The Sky is Green
KEMA Opens Lab to Help Smart Grid Components Work Well Together
Raytheon Named Among "Top Green-IT Organizations": /PRNewswire/ - Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) h...
Winning over the finance department – making the financial case for green initiatives: business_green
Sustainability, marzipan and carbon neutral bras: business_green Trewin Restorick argues
African Clean Tech Association Launches To Help Create Green Jobs
Dow to Sell Solar Powered Rooftop Shingles in Limited Markets
Solar Jobs Report Shows 6.8% Growth over 2010: The Solar Foundation released its National Jobs Census last week...
Kuwait Sets Up Biggest Renewable Energy Effort in Gulf with $112 Billion Push, 10% Target for 2020
Austin, Texas, Joins US’s Top Ten Renewable Energy Buyers 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2011 Issue 114

Without environmental sustainability, economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved. - Phil Harding
Texas Taps ARRA for Longview Cleanup
Covanta ditches plan for £400m waste-to-energy plant: business_green Only two Welsh
Small Manufacturers are Hot on Sustainability, But Trouble Looms
Hawaii PUC approves contract for 5 MW solar farm in Kalaeloa
EU crackdown on oil firms will not extend to overseas operations: business_green New rules set
Are U.S. solar module manufacturers being selfish? The industry weighs in
It’s time to stop blaming renewable energy: business_green Nicolas Molho, head of energy policy...
SPI: Utility Executives Speak Up on Solar's Future
Enecsys showcases solar PV micro inverters and monitoring systems at the Solar Power UK Conference and Exhibition
Chrysler Sustainability Report : Campbell's Adds Solar Power
Oil Speculators Move to Ghana
There's a new kind of oil cleanup technology in town… and it's being spurred on by the competition.
100,237 & Growing: The Solar Industry's Job Prospects Are Sunny (FastCompany) 
Ingram Micro Achieves Industry-Leading Position in Newsweek's Green Rankings, Commits to Cutting ...
Community Choice Aggregation: What’s Not to Like?
Training for NEEMO, NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations
EU 2050 GHG Targets to have a Large Impact Region’s Energy Industry
Basic Solar Panel Installation
10 things you should know about electric car maker Fisker
UK onshore wind farm consent rates crash to all-time low: business_green RenewableUK urges
Tighten controls on toxic oil & gas pollution
Smart Grid Firms Get Best Practices for Customer Engagement, The Not-So-Hidden Benefits of Submetering, & More... -
Video Interview: Connecting Food with Health
China pours money into smart grid technology
Detroit 3 Automakers Partner with U-M Solar Car Team to Create Cars of the Future
Investing in Transportation to Escape the Energy Trap
Trends in Housing and Demographics to Feed Growth of Electric Vehicles
9 Tips for Bringing Sustainability to Your Supply Chain
Plantable: All-In-One Table & Trellis Hybrid Lets You Grow, Harvest and Eat
M&S goes with the flow with Thames' first hydroelectric turbine: business_green Marks and Spencer...
Smartgrid technologies go through the paces in new KEMA lab…
Ethanol’s need for corn is larger than feed usage 
We need new, more powerful international regulations on the polar bear trade.
BWise is trying to inject Green practices Into Daily Management
Critical List: Climate change officially caused an extreme weather event; climate denier smack down
The exurbs: The natural habitat of the telecommuter?
78% of Americans want the EPA to hold polluters accountable for what they release. The GOP isn't listening.
Carbon-eating paint could clean air and strengthen buildings:
WashPost: “The Scientific Finding that Settles the Climate-Change Debate” and “Confirms” the Hockey Stick Graph
Water use rising faster than world population - Reuters
Allergan named in the top 25 Greenest US Companies 2011 (Newsweek)  

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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 114

Crop scientists now fret about heat not just ~Reuters
Nissan says to launch plug-in hybrid in 2015 ~Reuters
Craig Venter: Algae fuel that can replace oil will not come from nature
Economists: Every $1 of electricity from coal does $2 in damage to U.S.
Survey finds public support for geoengineering research
The Rankings are out - The 25 Greenest Global Organizations 2011 (Newsweek)
Why the Defense Department is Way Ahead of Congress on Clean Energy by Earthgarage
New Technology Could Double Solar Cell Efficiency
FedEx Packs Green Roof the Size of Three Football Fields into O’Hare International Airport
Report: Draft plan for global Green Climate Fund handed to UN: business_green Reuters reports
Energy inefficiency costing UK small businesses £7.7bn a year: business_green E.ON survey
Solar: A Dynamic, Growing potential for India
A low-tech solution to a high-tech LED problem
SolarEdge raises $37M for electronics to optimize solar panel output when there's shading
Climate study, funded in part by conservative group, confirms global warming
Two fisheries have collapsed unnoticed, study says:
Planets Under a Red Sun
EU 2050 GHG Targets to have a Large Impact Region’s Energy Industry
How much longer can our planet sustain this type of negligence?
Aflac Named to 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America List: /PRNewswire/ - Aflac, the
Sen. Harry Reid wrote to Sec. Clinton voicing his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.
More Humpback Whales in the North Pacific Than Previously Thought
The Plastic Bag Blind Spot
Solar VC: SolarEdge Closes a $37M Round for Panel Electronics: SolarEdge Technologies, one of the leaders in ...
Lloyds TSB jumping on the Sustainability Bandwagon
You know who likes and supports the EPA? Americans.
Climate change is real, study says 

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 113

California adopts nation’s first state cap-and-trade program
On Recycling, N.Y.C. Goes From Leader to Laggard
EPA chief Lisa P. Jackson delivers a righteous slap upside the head of the GOP in a L.A. Times
China Denounces Demand for High Tariffs on Solar Panels
On Our Radar: Massachusetts Leads Efficiency Rankings
'Too dirty to fail'? -- House Republicans' assault on our environmental laws must be stopped.
Independent Study Shows the Earth Is Getting Warmer ~Inhabitat
When it comes to making computing greener, we're not even using the tools we have
U.S. approves first post-spill drilling plan for BP ~Reuters
New Generation Inverters to Drive Down Cost of Solar Power.
INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Speaks with Revenge of the Electric Car’s Director Chris Paine
E-waste idea: Turn an iMac into an aquarium
UN close to ban on West's toxic waste exports,Deal is struck to stop poor nations becoming global dump
Study finds reserved forests shrinking; birds under severe threat: Commercial development projects, biotic press...
The Insider’s Guide to Life: On Writing Good
You might have a climate crisis if... 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 112

US solar manufacturers resort to law in effort to stop Chinese imports killing off domestic manufacturing:
Campbell's, GE, HP, Nike Rank Among Top for Green-Minded Firms
Marine and offshore wind big winners in renewables subsidy review: business_green Greg Barker t...
Can organic feed the world? 30-year study compared an organic vs a conventional agricultural practice >
IBM Expands Smart Grid Work with EV Charging App, EcoGrid Partnership
UK scraps Longannet carbon project funding – Reuters
Sugar or Glass? When Gastronomy Meets Glass, Positive Ideas Crystallise. (Photos) green
U.S. rivers and streams saturated with carbon
Worldwide Smart Meter Revenue to Surpass US$12 Billion in 2016, ZigBee the Early Technology Leader
ASMC: Manufacturers Jump on Board with Sustainability: The importance of sustainability to manufacturing.
Marine and offshore wind big winners in renewables subsidy review: business_green Greg Barker t...
Climate change could trap hundreds of millions in disaster areas, report claims: business_green ...
Dining Services officials launch new sustainability initiative - News - The Diamondback - University of Maryland:
ASMC: Manufacturers Jump on Board with Sustainability · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader:
The Ratings are out - The 25 Greenest Global Companies 2011 (Newsweek)
Green Chemistry Featured in Sustainable Life Media's November "Issues in Focus": "Green Chemistry...
Renewables policy overhaul promises “clean, green, secure energy”: business_green Major changes...
Steven Chu Compares Climate Disinformation Campaign to Tobacco Industry?s Efforts | ThinkProgress
Crony island: an anatomy of Keystone XL corruption
Bloom Energy clinches lucrative fuel cell deal
Sony Ericsson bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to Xperia handsets
One for One Makes Consumers Feel Like Philanthropists
Using machines once used for potato chip bags, Sakti3 plans solid state batteries w/ double energy density 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 111

Mexico is releasing 5 endangered Mexican gray wolves in the Sierra San Luis
X-Ray Umbrella Keeps You Dry as a Bone – Inhabitat
What Have We Become? Connected Film Dissects Our Dependence on Digital Connection
Consumption and Waste – Potential Solutions…
The Blender Girl’s Top 45 Natural Green Uses For Vinegar…
WRI’s Review of Climate Science 2009-2010: “As a Whole, the Literature Paints a Bleak Picture”
Global Green: Innovative and Sustainable Designs…
This Guy Loves his Electric Car!…
Climate change is one of the reason kids don’t go outside anymore
EPA says will not expand dust rule to farms ~Reuters
Is a centralized climate solution still possible?
Solar panels under power lines could be a major electricity source
Permaculture at Occupy Wall Street Protests
Only 4% of consumers would be satisfied with today's EVs
Why the food movement should occupy Wall Street
Solar Industry to Make Pleas to Save Federal Subsidy Program as It Slips Away
Panasonic touts recycling, takes on WEEE and improves sustainability
Stricken oil ship is New Zealand's "most significant environmental maritime disaster"…
Brock International is the 1st Synthetic Turf Company to receive Cradle to Cradle Certified
Microsoft to Require Vendors to Submit Sustainability Reports
More Bad News About Texas Drought: End Not in Sight… / 
We recommend the Rainforest Alliance's site:
Green Your Halloween: DIY Makeup: Don't be afraid to mix your own zombie face paint.
October 18th News: Doctors Warn Climate Change is “Greatest Threat to Public Health”
New Zealand oil disaster kills over 1200 birds to date with hundreds of others in rescue centers
Warming Revives Dream of Sea Route in Russian Arctic…
The chemical industry has effectively prevented the EPA from achieving its mission to protect public health.
Is the company behind GMO salmon the next Solyndra?
Robert Redford Calls on Obama to Stop Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline in NY Times Video
The Clean Water Act is 39 – and needs your help more than ever — Green For All…
Biofuels growth stifled by EU policy delays: BP – Reuters 

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