Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 55

BMW lays down its cards in electric car market BMW Unveils Details on its Breakthrough iSeries Concept Vehicles ~Inhabitat
Video: Rare earth-free electric motor = affordable electric cars
What the USDA Doesn't Want You to Know About Antibiotics & Factory Farms green
 Henderson companies blazing green trail with 'net-zero' goal
"How Is Offshore Wind Like the U.S. Economy?"
Americans Will Want Electric Cars When Gas Hits $5 Per Gallon (Or Maybe $4.50. No, Wait, Make That $7)
DECC: Electricity Market Reforms to add three per cent to large energy consumers' bills
A 54.5 MPG Standard To Hit in 2025: Here are Ten Ways to Improve Mileage: The White House and the major automakers. Technologies that will get automakers to 54.5 mpg Obama unveils sharp increase in fuel economy standards for cars and trucks by 2025 White House Unveils New 2025 Fuel Economy Standards - Photo credit: Maia via Flickr/CC BY-SA It's official; cars so...
Automakers will mainly lean on improved engines and small batteries (ie microhybrids) to meet new CAFE standards
Solar Trends From Around the World: Regional markets were, as usual, one of the bigger topics at Intersolar ea...
Climate Corps 2011: Taking the Temperature of Hospitals' HVAC
This is NOT a headline from Bush years: U.S. Vilifies EU's Carbon-Trading Scheme for Airlines green
EPA Proposes Air Pollution Standards for Oil and Gas Production
Cell phones don’t increase risk of child cancer say scientists: The European Parliamentary Assembly (EPA) has b...
The plastics industry will do anything to keep you using plastic bags
What's spoiling Yosemite's beauty for everyone? All those damn trees:
Slow Stirrings Among Conservatives on Adaptation -- Just Don't Mention Climate Change
BMW DesignworksUSA To Upgrade San Francisco’s BART Trains
Harvesting Green Marketing Tips from the Farmers Market
Eric Corey Freed on Organic Architecture and How to Engage an Audience | GroAction
Trash-to-fuel company Enerkem raises an extra $30M
CB Richard Ellis Introduces Industry’s First Concise Guide to Energy Performance Regulations
General Motors drops $7.5M in rooftop solar maker Sunlogics GM Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Solar Energy
Arts the "canary in the policy mine" for community vitality -
Design Futures Council report offers tips for successful sustainable design projects
Smart grid's daunting logistics tamed (somewhat) by smart cities concept - FierceTelecom:
Shell Profits Double as Tar Sands and Liquefied Natural Gas Move Forward Shell in Nigeria: Oil, Gas, Development & Corporate Social Responsibility
6 Free Green Things to Do This Summer in NYC!
NYC Biking is Up 14 Percent From 2010; Overall Support Rises
Alaska researcher who documented the demise of polar bears in the Arctic placed on administrative leave:
Bloom Energy to power data center with biogas
EarthDay EveryDay from, voices of sustainability, Julia Butterfly Hill, on Being Yourself.
Montana's $85m carbon capture pilot gets go-ahead
Planners approve nuclear power station preparatory work
Japanese fisheries agency committee reconsider whaling |
Apple 'greener' than Samsung and Nokia? Depends on the report! Interesting!
Sustainability update: UPS squeezes out more fuel consumption
Clean energy standards are an affordable way to cut emissions
Three Indian Cities Join The Climate Group’s Global LED Project: Reportedly, Thane, Kolkata and Haldia, the three...
Balancing climate pragmatism with moral clarity:
Free CloudApps & Webinar: Getting Employee Support for the Green Agenda -
What happens when planning is thwarted by civil unrest?
Can the California Energy Commission Clean Up Its Small Wind Rebate Program?: Greentech Media's recent investigations...
Check out the new Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Blog!
Amazing San Francisco Victorian Renovation Marries the Old With Sustainable Modern
New photovoltaic generator runs on heat instead of sunlight:
A breakdown of gas costs per city [Infographic]
U.S. nuclear fund for waste, not deficit: panel  Reuters
Jamaica Bay: Wilderness on the Edge environment
Did you know: During rural electrification, utilities made ranchers dismantle electric windmills before connecting them to central power?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 54

Solar EV chargers make the dream of zero emissions reality
"Economic prosperity, social well-being and environmental health are inseparable." Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management.
Social and environmental risks are now one of seven business risk categories and are formally embedded into...
Hidden In The Budget: The End Of Almost Every Major Environmental Regulation
Fighting Coal Exports in Washington - Trainloads of coal from Powder River Basin travel to Washington's coast for ex...
Sea level rise less from Greenland, more from Antarctica, than expected during last interglacial
California electric-car rebate program resumes SFGate
How can the U.S. embrace smart cities?
Is the Canadian Government Muzzling a Scientist Over a West Coast Salmon Collapse Study?  green
Serious Energy Lashes Back at Scientific Conservation: Serious Energy firmly denied that it has acquired any t...
GM Invests $7.5 Million in Solar Parking Garage Maker Sunlogics: General Motors Ventures has invested $7.5 mil...
British kids build greenhouse out of plastic bottles
Fuel economy deal pushes average to 54.5 MPG
From hybrid cars to hybrid production trailers
First Takes: LA Green Jobs Surge, Silicon Valley's Top Green Consultants, & More:
Third of Offshore Oil & Gas Inspectors Disqualified For Potential Conflicts of Interest
Amsterdam Airport uses technology to create a sense of nature
Green Product Review: Go green with this windowsill herb gardon that's organic and biodegradable.
The number of UK homes in fuel poverty is rising rapidly – and increasing fuel prices mean more are coming.
Pricking The Carbon Finance Bubble by Hazel Henderson
Mountaintop Removal Linked to 60,000 Additional Cancer Cases green
Scholastic Sets New Goal For FSC Certified Paper Procurement
US airlines to play no part in "ill-advised and illegal" emissions trading scheme U.S. and Europe Battle Over Airline Carbon Fees welcome to CO2 as trade issue.
2012 Olympic Stamps Issued to Celebrate Games green
Gamesa posts 29 per cent half year growth
Why China’s winning the cleantech contest:
Cloud computing 'can save millions of tons of CO2'. you think so? savingCO2emissions
German Wind-Turbine Demand Rises as Merkel Plans Nuclear Exit
Sony Meets Air Quality Targets, Cuts Emissions 31% - Image: Ian Muttoo via flickr Electronics giant Sony announced ...
DuPont Acquires Silicon Valley Solar Startup Innovalight, via the greenwombat:
East Lancashire team pulls 14 tonnes of rubbish from canal / via Lancashire Telegraph
African Farmers Challenge ADM for US Food Aid – Bloomberg
The Guardian - Plastic bag use on the rise after years of decline | Plastic bags are the genital warts of litter -- they're widespread and nearly impossible to get rid of.
The Guardian - Renewable slammers! Tequila gives new biofuel crops a shot
Green businesses get chance to spotlight products | Hickory Daily Record:
Mohawk Industries Releases Second Annual Sustainability Report via PRNewswire
Interface Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results via PRNewswire
CloudApps CFO: Sustainability Reporting Balance
Southland Conference looking for sustainability - Beaumont Enterprise
Transition Mountain West programs fight for financial sustainability
From nose-to-tail to stem-to-root, tasty ways to reduce food waste now green
Utterly nauseated by the range of images being exploited by new 'Ethical Oil' tar sands PR campaign
The 18-year-old who wants citizens to test water safety
Japan plans first-ever seafloor drilling of 'fire ice'
UN Just launched: Guide to the right to defend humanrights. Free download:
My TED talk on why I believe we can end hunger in our lifetime was just posted on-line - Josette Sheeran

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 53

Electric cars: The documentary
Arctic Sea ice minimum on pace to break record set in 07 green
What a population of 7 billion people means for the planet
‘Data Furnace’ Servers Could Heat Offices – On Purpose
Modern Home Fuses Traditional Thai Architecture With Green Building
California offset frustration continues
Is Cloud Computing a more sustainable solution? This article suggests so
Selling Solar Lamps Door To Door Powers Africa's Female Entrepreneurs | Fast Company
Toyota Tops Global Green Brands Ranking Toyota, 3M, Siemens top green brands in survey
CB Richard Ellis Introduces Industry’s First Guide to Energy Performance Regulations
Green Product Review: Lunch can be more eco friendly when you pack it when you use these green, reusable sandwich bags.
The FOMO Generation? Is 'Fear Of Missing Out' Destroying Happiness
Beware a Turf Battle between Energy and Sustainability | Sustainable Plant:
Small Commercial: Untapped Energy Efficiency: When members of the Consolidated Edison Green Team hit the street...
Tervis Tumblers Are Functional and Reusable For Summertime Fun 
How to grow the economy and feed the world green
Forum For The Future - Sustainable business models, longer-term thinking, carbon champions and more in our July Update
Fire at pharmaceutical plant releases toxins into Edmonton's atmosphere green
Study Finds Smart Meter Benefits Will Exceed Costs
USDA to support biofuels project in Kansas. Opinions, r/environment? green
Bill Gates invests in new toilet! A technology, for new ways to process human waste without links to water,...
RE: Natural gas pipeline NJ & NYC, builder Spectra Energy's track record- cited by feds for 17 probable violations
Kit Kat Factory Achieves Zero Waste Milestone
Turns out it's possible to get big coal mine owners to give up and quit. green
Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Incoming? House Passes Bill Mandating Decision Within 4 Months
Suntech Solar Modules Meet Ontario Local-Content Requirements: Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. says it is now of...
First Solar PV Modules Attain IEC Certification For Coastal Environments: First Solar Inc. says its cadmium-tell...
In Taipei for the launch of the world's tallest LEED-EBOM Platinum Bldg. Present: retrofit experts and press from 4 continents. Global expert consensus from Taipei: global property markets have bottomed, but timing of uptick uncertain. Energy-efficiency rules!)
How frequently do you travel? Calculate the impact your carbon footprint has:
How do you design a bike that will make people give up cars?
Smart grid trial in Texas shows real time energy dashboards prompt people to turn lights off. I wonder for how long
BusinessGreen Leaders Award 2011: What the future holds for ENWORKS
Average American eats a salad at mealtime only 36x a year
United States eco-activist jailed for two years. green Bill McKibben: Tim DeChristopher Is Going to Jail, Now It's Our Turn Tim DeChristopher's Trial Wasn't About Fraud - It Was About Preserving Power
McDonald’s Announces Healthier Changes To Happy Meals
Key Asian Pacific Markets Primed for PV Growth: The global photovoltaic market has been fueled in large part fr...
EarthDay EveryDay with, new special collection honoring Julia Butterfly Hill, activist, give a listen.
Ice crisis: How disappearing glaciers devastate communities
Rough road ahead for surface trans infrastructure #ASCEeconstudy
Chances are that the ingredients in your cosmetics are neither green nor eco friendly. Learn more (at your own risk!)
What are the biggest challenges of working in #sustainability? @VirginActiveUK energy manager Mark answers
Tesla Partnering With Toyota To Provide Powertrain System for the RAV4
Sony Cuts GHGs 31% Since 2000: Sony has achieved a 31 percent reduction in global CO2 emissions acr...
Oil Industry Veterans Fight Peak Oil & Climate Change in Houston
Ray Lane: Kleiner is not moving away from greentech --
Today's eco term: Food Miles. Is this “really” an environmental concern, or just talk?
A Human Right to Water – Can it Make a Difference? – State of the Planet
Texans take a shine to in-home energy displays
Health, friends, family + job satisfaction - 34k in ONS survey: UK considers factors for national well-being index
Mid-point of EPA’s National Building Competition & still in the game! See the rankings & John Corbett video ESNBC
Precious Waters: Storing Water for a Dry Day Leads to Suits environment
Building Owners Get Help Staying Ahead of New Green Laws
Sunset, northern Canadian boreal forest. green
Eco-friendly Paperstone Kitchen: It's made from recycled, eco-friendly paper and it's what has been used to create...
Don’t dam Atlantic fisheries to extinction
Demand Response Helped in Heat Wave, But Not to the Full Capacity: When triple digit temperatures pushed across...
Green groups slam White House delay to smog rules
Ford, GM offer peek at latest in EV battery research
It's time to get smart about mobility
Water Wednesday: Smarter home irrigation technologies
SkyPump harnesses wind, solar energy to refuel electric cars (video)
26,250-feet solar power supertower to rise over Arizona
Woodland Trust urges businesses to back new Woodland Code
Think healthy, eat healthy: Scientists show link between attention, self-control
The Green Sheikh is ECOFFEE’s worldwide Goodwill Ambassador:
Kleiner Perkins partner: loan guarantees could be next government cut
Binghamton University intends to gain from rain. Largest rainwater harvesting project ever in upstate New York. green 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 52

Suzuki’s Electric “Every” Van Launches in Japan for Real-World Testing
Republicans step up assault on US environmental regulations
Mind-Reading Prius Bike Can Shift Gears with Just a Thought!
Solar Tower in Arizona to power 150,000 homes for 80 years |
Tennessee solar farm will power plant, serve R&D needs
Ever wonder what happens to all the technology we discard for being "unusable"?
A Heat Wave Without Blackouts
Ever wonder what oil executives do with all the money they make from wrecking the planet?
E-Cube: A DIY solar home from Belgium
San Francisco Takes Bold Step and Moves to Opt-In Yellow Pages Program
Be a thermostat rather than a thermometer. A thermostat shapes the climate of opinion; a thermometer just reflects it.
'Climate change is not a religion. Climate change is science'
Proctor and Gamble Sets Incredible Sustainability Goals
Why You Shouldn't Have a Sustainability Strategy
Tree Hugging Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Health green
Hans Nilsson on energy efficiency 'Inertia in big business' - It is important to account for behavioural factors
Can cities heal through 'urban acupuncture'?
Arrived Taipei for tallest LEED Bldg launch. Free luggage carts at airport: YES! USA take note... Taipei 101 is magnificent. Lighted at night. Dominates Taipei's skyline.
RWE abandons 'world's largest' wave energy project
Installers claim victory in solar planning battle
Twice the height of the Empire State - EnviroMission plans massive solar tower for Arizona
UK Proposes National Planning Policy Framework
Exposing ALEC: Why are Corporations Writing State Laws? green
The new Starbucks Sesame Noodle Bistro box gets thumbs up both for being healthy & for being totally vegan. Yes!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 51

The UN may need a climate change peacekeeping force as conflicts due to climate change increase globally.
Bob Willard and The Sales of Sustainability, video and notes on GroAction 's website
Is this the greenest college campus ever? -
What is a sustainability goal?
Reviewing last week's solar energy news
How Much Does Your State Support Green Business?
Green: House Opens Debate on E.P.A. Funding Bill
How to Become a Farmer, and Why Drought Can Be Good
Living green!? – Yahoo! Answers | Go Green Living Tips
Today's Eco Term: E-Scrap. It's one of the most important eco terms you'll ever need to understand.
NASA, researchers: Antarctic ice loss at least 10 gigatons a year for last decade
Ranking the ‘resilience’ of hundreds of U.S. cities:
Why aren't we moving ahead to avert climate conflict? green
In Mexico, forests fall prey to crime mafias green
How does your corporate sustainability plan compare with leaders of the pack?
From Wetsuits to Wax: 9 High-Tech Products for Sustainable Surfing (Slideshow)
Cheap Plastic Made from Sugarcane
New blog post: Recognizing and Understanding the Advantages of Renewable Energy
90% of Companies Don't Do Sustainability Reports in the USA
Sustainability and the importance of the CFO | Eco-Business
The secret to balancing the sustainability tripod | Process & Control Engineering
How Chicago Can Make an Even Bigger Impact with Building Retrofits
The Green Monday Energy Efficiency White Paper
Wood recyclers drop fees as biomass booms
How the CDP is Pushing Supply Chain Carbon Reporting Forward
Renewable Energy May Get a Boost from New Electric Grid Rules
Sustainability Reports : a big opportunity in USA! Such a good idea to create a platform to help companies!
Germany Passes More Aggressive Renewable Energy Law: Despite widespread rumors in North America that Germany...
“Smart” Sunglasses Use LCD Technology to Block Out the Sun’s Glare ~Inhabitat
 Which cities are hit hardest by rising gas prices?
A new approach to bluefin tuna
10 action times for your sustainability strategy, ala 'Green to Gold Playbook'
Improving batteries' energy storage
 You'll love this interview with Bob Willard, ISSP award winner. leadershipdynamics
Austin mayor pushing to ban plastic bags at local stores
What’s the legal status of a country that gets swallowed by the ocean?
Today's Eco Term: Direct & Diffuse Solar Radiation. Understand why not all solar power is equal.
3 noteworthy solar installations
Important to make sure that phasing out nuclear doesn't mean falling into gas dependency (Germany's case here) 
Very informative flowchart for greenhouse emissions (includes sector, end use and gas type).  green
Chuck Wolfe says, "'No net loss' is the essence of sustainability."
Assuring Sustainable Third Places in the City 
142 electric vehicle charging stations head to Massachusetts, Nantucket and MV not included
Is China a Champion or an Enemy of Climate-Change Policies? Evidence from Copenhagen  green Last year, China invested $34 billion in ?clean technologies? compared to the U.S. at $18 billion, report says. green
Some Renewable Heat payments to start soon
Changing environmental governance in a changing world green
Statement from the American Wind Energy Association on the revised draft of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wind ...
Going Green in New York: One Co-op x2019;s Story environment
House Subsidies Supporters Receive Over $1.2 Million from Big Oil in First Six Months of 2011  green
Watch Rajendra S. Sisodia on Conscious Capitalism & learn what I mean by becoming a brave leader.
Humanity's Biggest Impact May Be The Extinction Of Predators
The Great NYC Heating Oil Changeover (Is Not Why You’re Sweating)
Another reason we need the smart grid: record heat
Exxon & Koch Industries Literally Paid to Write Anti-Climate Laws green
Believe it or not, you can be eco friendly even when you search the web. Here's how!
Waste more... then pay more green
Inside the Military's Green Energy Mission
Rare earths: why China is cutting exports crucial to Western technologies - Telegraph  green
Today's eco term: BREEAM Certification. What's it mean, and why do you care?
How Can Your Company Manage Carbon Regulations and Continue to Grow?
How a team of cyclists beat a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach. green
Raw Sewage is Flowing into NYC’s Hudson River Due to Treatment Plant Fire
Want gross's the states for ya! green
I Deliver a Better World - A Global Citizenship Update:
Building San Antonio: Sustainability and the bottom line - San Antonio Express-News
Eco-advocate seeks savings | The News-Press |
Walgreens Builds 800 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at U.S. Stores green
Heat alerts issued for over 1/2 of U.S. as a blanket of hot air & humidity smothers country  green
Largest commercial aircraft deal in history goes green:
130 Members of Congress Vote To Ban Efficient Light Bulbs On Capitol Hill green
Has warming put 'Dirty Dozen' pollutants back in the saddle?
Environmental & Energy Executive Moves: Recyclebank, Serious Energy, SunPower, PHH: Serious Energy:...
Chevy Cruze Going Diesel In 2013 green
Small Tree's ST-FCoE: Ethernet's ubiquity leads to implementation of cost-effective workflow technology
Universal health care and the medium chill - drgrist reports -

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