Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 34

Want to learn more about The Sustainability Consortium? Then you should take a look at this video! http://ow.ly/98yUf
Darden Restaurants Dedicates Solar Panel Installation at Corporate Headquarters: Darden Restaurants - http://bit.ly/yL32xC 
Firms urged to save water as South East drought declared: business_green Water utilities - http://bit.ly/yrjXgc
Environmental factors must be included in GDP, say scientists: business_green Governments warned... http://bit.ly/xpBgbp
According to the book Reinventing Fire we don't need oil or coal & can be free of all the headaches they cause by 2050. http://7gen.us/reinventing-fire
Intel Cranks Up The Efficiency, Develops Solar Powered Chip - http://bit.ly/zcwSyP
Over a third of U.S. counties may be at "extreme" or "high" risk of water shortages by 2050, from a swelling population http://j.mp/ztsMAB
30 cost free ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint: from the Go Green Guy!  http://goo.gl/oqUer
Why do you think the SMRS is vital to sustainability? http://ow.ly/9aYCX
How important is shelter to fish? This coral reef cam shows how fish hide and why it matters with a changing climate. http://bit.ly/AEHpJ7
Vikings Held Key to Dealing with Climate Change - Softpedia http://ow.ly/1hvX8Z
Ocean acidification turns climate change winners into losers: research - PhysOrg http://ow.ly/1hvX97
The short-term pollutant plan is a long-term green win. http://ow.ly/1GIw9p 
Why Electric Cars Are Not the Answer (But They Sure Can Help) green http://bit.ly/xRrI8g
A Poison Pucker – The top 15 Lipsticks with the Highest Lead Content -  http://gogreenamericatv.com/a-poison-pucker-the-top-15-lipsticks-with-the-highest-lead-content/
Good read from MotherJones - The Inside Story on Climate Scientists Under Siege http://ow.ly/9b0Bl
National Defense and President Obama’s 2013 Clean Energy Budget http://bit.ly/walpsk
Dow Chemical's Olympic PR push dogged by Bhopal http://reut.rs/yhTY3A
EcoSpeed App Directs Your Driving, Cuts Fuel Use by 30% - http://bit.ly/wKQjkK
From Confrontation to Collaboration http://bit.ly/A6bloo
Green Tips - Use nontoxic pesticides ow.ly/8Kksk 
Find out more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on  product sustainabilityhttp://ow.ly/98z8K
Unsafe levels of lead still found in California youths - http://j.mp/yw2HAa 
World’s Worst Elected Official Makes the Case for Sprawl http://bit.ly/yOhawP
"Organic" means not full of chemicals; or does it? Arsenic In Baby Formula Related to Organic Sweetener - http://bit.ly/zWEM9q
Many products claim to be green or friendly to the environment, but what makes a product truly eco friendly? http://bit.ly/heHTmA
Rick Santorum: Global warming is politics, not science - Boston Herald http://ow.ly/1hw9cU
EU Ministers Mull Climate Aid From Airlines, Ships, Draft Shows - Bloomberg http://ow.ly/1hw9cP
Sea level rise underestimated say B.C. scientists – CBC http://ow.ly/1hw9dd
New Green Business Model for Sustainable Finance http://bit.ly/wgHi0w
MonoSol Creates Innovative Dissolvable Packaging To Combat Waste http://is.gd/7r90Go
Trina Solar Gets $100-Million Loan for High-Efficiency “Honey” Solar Cell Launch http://dlvr.it/1DRlG6
Is There a Leaner Way to Footprint? http://grn.bz/xj5DsG
The VA Department's Veterans Canteen Service Attacks Food Waste http://grn.bz/zAxMFf
The Benefits of Building Efficiency Go Far Beyond Energy Costs http://grn.bz/zv6RML
Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline But Leaves Door Open for Tar Sands http://trib.al/5fB1jY
IBM and Tulip Telecom Building Giant 900,000 Sq Ft Sustainable Data Center http://ow.ly/98HLd 
Wave and tidal power 'need boost' to maintain UK leadership http://bbc.in/vZljMQ
Is a spiritual revolution the transition path to a sustainable society?Guardian interviews Thich Nhat Hanh http://vimeo.com/37096244
Indirect Carbon Emissions and Why They Matter http://bit.ly/yX7tcV
Transforming a derelict buildings into vertical gardens by Kaid_at_NRDC http://goo.gl/fb/ZlJON
Should Cities Embrace ‘Sandwich Board Urbanism’? by crwolfelaw http://goo.gl/fb/PF73j
How Much Your Car Really Costs You and The Quality of Your Living http://goo.gl/fb/h4DRW
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Campaign Against Citizens United http://ow.ly/1hxtNv
25 million pounds of plastic beads make their way through New Orleans every Mardi Gras. What happens to them next? http://bit.ly/AkWLcH
 It makes a difference what you say about Climate Change. - Examiner http://ow.ly/1hxuMt
GleickGate: Climate change activism takes a big step backward - Houston Chronicle http://ow.ly/1hxuMy
Cape Wind’s Nstar Deal May Spur Financing of U.S. Offshore Farm - Businessweek http://ow.ly/1hxuMX
Companies are reaping the benefits of climatechange strategies, says Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) -  http://ow.ly/9bL2m 
Dutch Earnest Studio’s Multifunctional Furniture is More Than the Sum of Its Parts -  http://bit.ly/ymHhba - Inhabitat
The Universal Transformer as EV Fast Charger: Solid state transformers, devices that “digitize” the grid’s alt... http://bit.ly/yfFKjB
Eco-religion is getting to the young, ignorance is winning - bit.ly/wWRQLu
Environmentalists threaten suit over ballast rule on.wsj.com/x66PDK
Discover more about a common, global platform for companies to measure and report on product sustainability. ow.ly/98z8K
Green Blog: The Quest for 'Hydricity' bit.ly/ztQ5vO
Apple Tips Plans For Solar, Biogas Systems at NC Data Farm: Last year Apple commissioned its new 500,000 acre d... bit.ly/xBHmxC
Farming the burbs: bit.ly/x8UhfD Is it the best of both worlds?
Media hoopla over new report saying coal worse than oilsands misses the point. Both are unsustainable forms of energy. ow.ly/1GNJ6p
Famous faces help boost animal rights in China huff.to/AquetU
32,000 Year-Old Flower Has Rebloomed - bit.ly/ACQFrz
Tenna, Switzerland Unveils World’s First Solar Wing-Powered Ski Lift bit.ly/yqYRzz ~Inhabitat
Hey Mr. Green, aren't electric cars only as clean as the fuel that generates their electricity? goo.gl/0TLrr
Eliminating styrofoam cups in the enterprise. How CA made it happen despite some bumps in the road - ow.ly/9cN8k
Climate change increased likelihood of Russian 2010 heatwave (via Guardianeco) bit.ly/zjAgAx
Renewables Are a Reality: How We Can Ditch Fossil Fuels Without Any Help From Congress | Environment | AlterNet  bit.ly/zsgSdD
Creative Recycling Latest NASCAR Green Sponsor : Creative Recycling, a Tampa, Fl.-based company has joined... bit.ly/zObFpG
A Quick Take On What Obama's Budget Means For Clean Energy trib.al/TS7b4r
Edible food packaging. Yeah, man. bit.ly/zQ6p81
Top Three Reasons Cheap Natural Gas Won’t Kill Renewable Energy bit.ly/yQWpgK
Prove climate change doesn’t exist and get this guy's most favorite gun: bit.ly/z33LS1 He's not kidding. 

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