Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 38

TransCanada to spend US$500 million on Mexico natural gas pipeline extension…
New science links antibiotic-resistant staph and the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms:
$6.5 million to go to alternative energy by Native American groups!daADt2l
Global Warming Ice Cubes Feature Melting Penguins and Polar Bears ~Inhabitat
Ridge Avenue closed after oil spill - Philadelphia Daily News
The Blender Girl’s Top 5 Reasons To Say NO to Bottled Water -
"A meaningful response to global warming would be a fatal blow to free markets and capitalism."
"Don't close the gate on endangered species protection "
Climate Feedbacks - Seattle Post Intelligencer
Gulf of Mexico oil spill: timeline - Daily Telegraph
7 reports of nuclear fuel rod pieces being ejected from Fukushima reactors and/or spent fuel pools
Understanding the Dangers & Symptoms of Lead Poisoning
Fox News and a small-island dictator are on the same page w/ climate change; the message is not what you might think
30 cost free ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint: from the Go Green Guy!
Are McDonald’s Golden Arches Losing Their Luster?
Gulf oil spill trial delayed for settlement talks - Boston Globe
Mt. Everest Getting More Dangerous to Climb: Sherpa -
The Latest Buzz on Bees 
World’s Largest EV Bus & Taxi Fleet Gets 1,500 Vehicles Larger
Nice article on ways to "nudge" people to do small things to better the planet. Small stuff, but effective.
Heartland Institute’s Climate Skeptics vs Children: Bet on the Kids
New Waterworld, bigger than Earth Smaller than Uranus. NASA says planet is like nothing seen before.
Alaska is about to get fracked up
TransCanada to build part of Keystone XL as stand-alone project, re-apply for permit.
LA Times op-ed: The greening of faith…
Amyris shores up company with $84M
MonsantoCo's RoundUp is even worse than we thought. New study shows it damages DNA, even after dilution:
Tell the FDA to end the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in live 

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