Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 78

Biden, Chu: We’re at a cross roads for clean energy Critical List: Biden stumps for clean energy; the magical green properties of concrete
Why Won't Clean Tech Community Stand Up Against Keystone Pipeline?
Shining Light on Obama's Tar Sands Pipeline Decision green
The cleanenergy consensus being built makes the CEV forecast by Western Grid 2050 an easily imaginable destination.
Teaching kids to love nature and buy less stuff:
SunEdison Free solar event, Wed Sept 14 6:30pm: "The Consumerization of Energy", Craig Lawrence, VP Products,
Evolution of Solar Technology (Infographic)
Energy Secretary Steven Chu: ‘It Saddens Me’ That Political Leaders Don’t Understand Climate Science
US breaks ground on first industrial-scale carbon capture project green
In 1978, there was an oil slick surrounding the Statue of Liberty. This is why we have - and need - an EPA.
Mayor seeks to give more attention to sustainability:
GridWeek has "the best speakers and forward-looking content" -
The first energy-efficiency standards for fridges were established in 1976, and we've come a long way since: 
Hurricane Irene highlights need for smarter grid…
Don't miss out on GridWeek "...bring[ing] together an extraordinary range of perspectives" this year in D.C.
A Smart Grid Would Have Prevented Hundreds of Thousands From Losing Power
Check out: Sourcing The Code: Opening Up Smart Grid In Idaho
Smart Grid: How Do Intelligent Substations Fit into a Smart Grid? - Control Design: Smart Grid:
"All key SmartGrid stakeholders in one location" - where will you be?
Oracle announces Oracle Utilities Network Mgmt System 1.1 in advance of Gridweek. Extends support for renew…
Why the military's smart grid battle plan could ignite a victory for all of us…
The next metering trend? Landis+Gyr, Elster partner on hardware interoperability…
Comverge's Sandy Simon to discuss lessons learned from XcelEnergy's SmartGridCity at the SmartGridRShow on Aug 31
Green Infrastructure for Detroit? Let's copy Philly:
Bill Nye Battles Fox News on Climate. Again. (Video) - You've got to give Bill Nye an enormous amount of credit: He ...
New Carbon Nanotube Wind Turbine Blade is Lighter, Stronger, More Efficient.
Vodafone preps Greek merger with Wind Hellas Vodafone is in talks with Wind Hellas to merge operations in Greece as a
Budget cuts trigger early end to solar energy credits green
Fancy Batteries in Electric Cars Pose Recycling Challenges
Why the Next Steve Jobs Will be in Energy, Not Computers
Shades of Green Podcast Interview with Green Chamber VP Alexia Marcous
More campuses invest in off-the-grid power options
Choose Liquidation Over Cremation & Save the Environment Even In Death
IBM and University of Texas at Austin Develop a Flood Prediction System
Keystone Pipeline Infographic 'Built To Spill'
Daryl Hanna: Why I Joined the Tar Sands
How tar-sands proponents get away without talking about climate change:
According to the Japanese government, radiation levels around Fukushima have exceeded Chernobyl safety standards.
Alejandro Durán Turns Mexican Ocean Trash Into Powerful Environmental Sculptures
This fueling station uses dirty toilet water to power cars:
Close coal: D.C.-area coal-fired power plant to close: Shutting Down America’s Dirtiest Coal Plants Will Not Affect Our Power Supply ~Inhabitat
Outages from major storms could be shorter and faster to fix with smarter grid tech.
This is an interesting strategy; mapping is increasingly a great tool to start improving cities....
I can think of *lots* of cities that could be on this list! Where would congestion pricing be bad? It seems like a...
Can we design cities in such a way to accommodate our growing populations?
Wildlife desperate for water in drought-wracked Texas…
China Remains Atop Quarterly Renewable Energy Index: Ongoing debt worries from the United States to Europe, and...
Is your neighborhood 'coming up'? Kaid does a great post highlighting emerging neighborhoods across the US and...
Exxon-Rosneft deal to drill in Arctic. At college the two ugliest people would always date each other
Mexico's Pemex wants deep water tech in Repsol deal -Reuters
U.S. invests over $175 million for vehicle efficiency project
Ford unveils Evos concept; intelligent hybrid car built for the cloud Ford's Evos concept is the cloud-connected hybrid EV of our future (video)
AP: Federal officials "readying plans to evacuate a small number of endangered species" as TX drought continues…
These beautiful photos of polar bears illustrate how difficult it can be to find food without pack ice
Active August wildfire season pushes AZ past 1 million acres burned, worst fire season on record.
Nestle wants you to be scared of organic food:
If you missed it last night, watch Bill McKibben own this debate on the Keystone XL pipeline NoKXL
Wind power breakthrough: Carbon nanotubes make strongest, lightest blades ever:
Cel-Fi extends battery life - and much more…
Learn how holistic management and livestock can help save the planet!
A Ramapo River Spill is Being Addressed - NYTimes
Climate Corps 2011: Getting a Green Team Up and Running at CA
According to the DOE more than 5 million smart meters have been installed nationwide. Most in 8 states: Fla, TX, CA, ID, Arizona, OK, MI, NV
65,443 Megawatt Texas System Peak: Texas is more than a month into a brutal heatwave that is straining the electric grid...
Panda poop could revolutionize biofuels
Silverstone revs up electric car charging network
British Airways first to back domestic emission reduction scheme
Breaking out of the Muesli Belt
In battle between fuel and food, food is losing worse than ever:
Wind tech startup Danotek raises $15M
Over the next 25 years, Philly will cover 1/3 of its paved areas with acres of trees, vegetation & permeable surfaces.
Why Backyard Tomatoes Taste So Terrific
Exxon replaces BP in Arctic deal |
Among electric car manufacturers, extended range hybrids gain steam
Gibson Guitar Co. Investigated Again On Legality Of Rainforest Wood Imports
The Human Cost of Energy - Fossil fuels exact the biggest toll in terms of lives lost green
To conserve water, Australia builds first utility-scale solar plant
Volvo and Siemens in electric car tie-up
NAV CANADA Seeks To Reduce Emissions Of International Flights
Study Finds No Link Between Vaccinations and Autism or Type 1 Diabetes
Renewable energy skills get £6.5m boost
Strategies to make your home green and save you money.
Corporate Social Responsibility won't save the Planet @TheNaturalStep
U.N. climate boss says Durban talks can deliver ~Reuters
Cars and the City: A Look at the Future of the
How Much Marcellus Shale Gas Is There, Really?
How garage & basement apartments help people, neighborhoods & the environment:
Hotel Giants Unite to Develop Carbon Footprint Standards
British Gas to leverage Vodafone's 2G GPRS network for it's EnergySmart smart meter deployment.
Enterprises Embrace Smarter Carbon Management With SAP and the Carbon Disclosure Project
Nanopillars on Surface of Thin-Film Silicon Could Lead to Better Solar Cells
Incredible number: 58 Billion paper coffee cups tossed/year…
PV Module Manufacturer Solyndra Shuts Down Factory, Declares Bankruptcy: Solyndra LLC, a Fremont, Calif.-based m... Will Solyndra, or Part of It, Get Bought?: Solyndra closed its doors today. The question now is whether it
Thin-film solar panels: A flexible way to use the sun's rays green
Bedrock nitrogen may help forests buffer climate change, study finds
Teachers, principals in India, Mexico, S Africa get training in sustainability funded by Germany (Times of India)
What's stopping innovation in response to climate change? Watch Prof Max Bazerman walk through the barriers to action.
Australia's First Utility-Scale Solar PV Project Under Way in Western Australia Energy Central:
Things are looking up for Biofuel
Laser Power Systems is Developing Cars Fueled by Nuclear Power – Inhabitat
To Repair or Replace? That is the Question. - Follow the 50% rule and these four other rules for determining when it...
Siamese Crocodile - Raised in captivity, these critically endangered crocodiles will be released to the 

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 issue 77

Joe Biden: ‘If We Don’t Develop Renewable Energy, We Will Make the Biggest Mistake in This Nation’s History’
Green energy program too successful to keep up with demand? green, voices of sustainability and have you watched Annie Leonard's Citizens United presentation? A must see.
Witnessing Summer Starvation Among Polar Bears green
Who says U.S. has a solar trade deficit with China? New report by GTM applies systems-thinking approach 
Today the Department of Energy announced new energy-efficiency standards for refrigerators  New Energy Efficient Refrigerators (2014 models will use 25% less energy)
Green Jobs Reality Check: Clean Energy Still Means More and Better Jobs for American Workers
Airy Workspace in India Employs Smart Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption -Inhabitat
GM and LG to Develop Electric Vehicles as Partners - Goal: slashing the cost and time it takes to create electric ca...
Pre-Disaster Bottled Water Blitz Wastes Money & Ignores a Real Risk  green
Well done, California Air Resources Board.
Volume-based tiered pricing for residential electricity consumers in China imminent (in Chinese) 
California Styrofoam Ban: State Aims To Be The First To Ban Foam Containers
Fox News: Climate Science Has "A Lot of Corruption Surrounding it" (Video)
DuPont gets OK for insecticide trait combo
What Are Municipal Utilities Planning When it Comes to the Smart Grid?
Yes, solar installations can survive Hurricane Irene, too!
American solar exports increased 83 percent in 2010:
"The statement would anticipate limited adverse environmental impacts during the construction & operation of keystonex ." . Greens blast new Alberta oil sands lands policy - Reuters
Everything you’ve heard about the tar sands and energy security is wrong:
Researchers build a tougher, lighter wind turbine blade
You Green Your Home - We'll Plant a Tree! Find out more. 
Reid Preview: “We Need to Build on Our Clean Energy Achievements, Not Surrender Leadership to Other Countries.”
Picturesque Green-Roofed Aquapark Rises Out of the Swiss Alps - Inhabitat
Ten Steps to Designing an Interoperable SmartMeter Environment
New Energy Efficient Refrigerators (2014 models will use 25% less energy)
 The “world’s first” hybrid solar, geothermal plant to land in Nevada
How to create sustainable open data projects with purpose
Not SEO, SGEO: SmartGrid Engine Optimization
Busting myths about China’s one-child policy
What happens when you have too much windenergy - and how can the smartgrid help?
Thanks to the work of BeyondCoal and local leaders, DC area’s dirtiest coal plant slated to close:
Neste Oil given recognition as being a Sustainability Leader 
New survey: 53-83% of utilities “should start now and work quickly to implement SmartGrid technology"
IBM Survey results - while only 43% of people with minimal knowledge view smart grid technologies in a positive light, survey found that 61% of people who are familiar with energy technology and pricing have a favorable view of smart metering. Survey of over 10,000 people in 15 countries revealed that 30% of people surveyed don't know what the term "dollar per kwh" means.
Solar OLED Tiles Transform Skyscrapers Into Zero-Energy Displays – Inhabitat
IV CleanTech just closed a deal in 5 days on EchoSign e-Signature solution…
Community solar, crosswalk button hi-jinks, what Steve Jobs did right for green plus more
Updated URL for Smart Meter article from Fast Company…

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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 76

First Takes: Tar Sands Pipelines Gets Approval, EV Batteries Get a New Life, & More
Enviro-Solutions Weekly Q & A- As a building service contractor, what opportunities does Green cleaning offer to me:
Does Burning Garbage to Produce Electricity Make Sense? green
Dispersants Used on BP Spill Contain Chemicals Associated with Cancer: New Report
Green Blog: Wading Into New York City's Future
Sewage-powered hydrogen fueling station opens in CA
The Presidential Candidates' Assault on Science (Video)
Dot Earth Blog: Irene: Surge, Wind and Rain, Rain, Rain
Poop-fueled batteries could clean water while generating energy:
"Estabrook tells a story of pesticides, fungicides, environmental abuse & human slavery: the Florida tomato industry. "
SmartGrid Information Clearinghouse Interactive Map for different systems, infrastructure in the United States
New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide green
What is a Conscious Leader?
Preserving four percent of the ocean could protect most marine mammal species, study finds
Will Irene Raise Gas Prices Across the Country? -
Forrester Research: We've officially moved into our new, green-certified corporate HQ at 60 Acorn Park Drive, Cambridge, MA
Buying Local Plums Proves to be Difficult in England
Solar power is here to stay, look who is getting in the game:
Fox Host Tells Huntsman There's "A Lot Of Corruption Surrounding" Climate Change Science green
Agriculture’s Missing Ingredient: Efficiency: Here’s a stomach-curdling thought: by 2050, the global...
Survey Reveals What Influences Consumers' SmartGrid Views -
Radioactive Sludge Collects in Japan's Sewage Treatment Plants green
Lack of Info Keeps Britons in the Dark About Renewables' Benefits
Wind cheaper than gas? How Did Wind Beat the Price of Natural Gas in Brazil?
Kraft Foods Foundation and Non-Profit KaBOOM! Celebrate Second Year of National Partnership:   sustainability
Surprised? U.S. Solar Was Net Global Exporter by $1.9B in 2010, as per GTM Research and SEIA
Networking from the heart to uplift ourselves, each other & ultimately the world!
60-watt LED bulb to break $15 mark, Lighting Science says
Cool Products! Solar LED Rechargeable Flashlights and Other Outdoor Products 
Algonquin Collage has new program on the Adaptive Reuse of Building -
Richard Branson, Ted Turner launch OceanElders
Impatient for the SmartGrid, Microgrids seek to unlock a new business model
Take a look at our best Green Book Lists 
Corpus Christi paper: Coastal wind produces more than expected under summer electricity crunch
Is Dockside Green, in Vancouver, B.C., the world's greenest neighborhood? Dockside Green just tied for highest LEED building score - with itself. 
Would You Pay for Solar on Someone Else's Land? Community Solar Gardens on the Rise
Renewables Investment Breaks Records
Carl Sagan puts the environment in a cosmic perspective. green
A Problem For SmartMeter: People Don't Understand Electricity -
Update: 1 GW of Utility-Scale Storage From Rubenius: Late last year, I managed to get the first U.S. interview...
Shell-Inspired Fairground Building at Rossi Sud Complex Harnesses Energy From the Earth ~Inhabitat
LEED Homes Sell Faster & for More Money 

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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 75

Japan passes law to boost clean power generation
Sustainability at EarthSayers: Interview by 3bl Media at Ceres Conference 2011. Video of Amy Roberts Outdoor Industry,
Handbook for a Sustainable Future  Katerva – Sustainability – Innovation
U.S. edges closer to decision on Canada oil pipeline NYT - U.S. to Allow Canadian Pipeline  State Department just released a report saying the Keystone XL pipeline would have "minimal" enviro effects
Gallup: Americans less likely to view climate change as threat | ZDNet
Is that Green? What about Green Purchasing?…
Why Obama’s electric vehicle goal will be hard to reach
LG and GM team up to build next generation of electric cars
DECC release monthly update to energy statistics,
Downtown Austin's vision for a sustainable future: Austin, Texas is considering a new master plan that would he...
El Niño appearances tied to civil conflicts in tropical countries:
How Blue Shield, Sabre Holdings & SunPower Use Gaming for Good
Mobile Unlocks the Future of Local
In New Mexico, feds expect less water for endangered species…
Brownback: Conserve Ogallala Aquifer…
In Sonoma Calif, Water Use by Vineyards Is Challenged…
Climate change may make future droughts worse: TexasTribune / NYT…
The Cost of Getting from Here to There and Back Again
Global Warming’s Heavy Cost
Brazilian Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Natural Gas
IEEE ’surprising’ smart grid findings won’t surprise rural readers
Interesting article involving the positioning of ASHRAE 189.1 versus LEED
"Some big barriers ahead" - Green quotes of the week
Recent Surge in Green M&A Deals
Japan Approves National Feed-in Tariff: Japan positioned itself as the next large growth market for renewable energy...
Solar Panels Act As Sails for Shipping Vessels
There's talk of green tech/clean tech 2.0:"
Alarming independent news on natural health, nutrition and more--FDA is at it again:
What energy efficiency rebate programs does ConsumersEnergy offer their customers?
Radioactive Sludge Collects in Japan's Sewage Treatment Plants
Cleaning Up Brand Names' Supply Chains
Engineered Conductive Materials Debuts New Adhesive For Back-Contact Modules: Engineered Conductive Materials LL...
Schletter Supplying Mounting Systems For 150 MW Project: Schletter has been selected by Zachry Industrial to supply...
The Fight is on to Stop Coal's Expansion Into Illinois - Sierra Club activists test water near a coal mine in Montgo...
Sustainability, the CFO’s Job: Three Key Issues
Survey Reveals What Influences Consumers' Smart-Grid Views: Sixty-one percent of people with a strong...
Wind Turbines Might Not Stand Up to Hurricane Irene
How Listia's Online Trading Is Helping to Reduce Landfill Waste
Energy Efficient Silverland Middle School Comes With its Own Outdoor Movie Screen

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 74

DatacenterDynamics | Australia introduces carbon tax
Humans will need three planets by 2050 green
Oil Spills and Meltdowns Highlight the Need for Energy Resilience
EnergyHub raises $14.5M to market energy management tools to consumers
WOW: U.S. Slashes Marcellus Shale Gas Estimate By 80% green
UCSC greener than most: Sierra Magazine ranks school in Top 10 for sustainability - San Jose Mercury News…
Renewables Leaders Asked: "What's The Best We Can Hope for in 12 Months?"
Solar Farms Abandoning Concentrating #\Solar Power for Photovoltaics (PV) Due to Falling Costs of PV
Koch-Fueled Offshore Wind Study Still Still Doesn’t Fly
For Dunkin’ Donuts, better sustainability is about the cup
5 Cities, 5 Congestion Solutions
IBM: Consumers in desperate need of energy education
New blog post - Try It, You’ll Like It: Quick Relief for Energy Management Ills:…
Brazil Builds $127 Billion "Offshore City" to Harvest Oil in the Deep Sea
New Website Offers Cell-Phone Recycling Options
Cars could run on recycled newspaper, scientists
To process a single barrel of beer (32 gallons), ~1,500 gallons of water are used.
Mann bites dog! Another blow to the climate skeptics
More power plant woes likely if Texas drought drags into winter green Texas power plant troubles go beyond heat and drought |
 Top Universities are Going Green in an Effort to Allow Students to Learn in a Sustainable Community
CARB Reaffirms Cap-and-Trade Plan; Coloradans Are Fed Up With Big Oil, Want More Renewables
How Shutting Down Nuclear Power Is Different Than Wind Power Intermittency
People are asking: How much does it cost to build different types of U.S. power plants?
Satellite measurements show we're heading for another year of below-average ice cover in  Arctic
GT Advanced Technologies Acquires Confluence Solar And Its Ingot-Growth Tech: GT Advanced Technologies Inc. has ...
New Rays Of Hope Emerge For PV Inverter Suppliers, But Price Pain Continues: PV inverter suppliers continued to ...
Interesting Technology: Increasing fuel efficiency with a smartphone
Quality vs Fluff: Building Blocks for GRI Report Assessments
Shower in cold water for your health and that of the Planet ~
Enabling Technologies for the SmartGrid: Bharatbook added a new report
Study: Climate Shifts Cause War green
Dramatic Mint Hotel Amsterdam Captures the Spirit of the City in an Energy Efficient Way
Integrating ethics into tourism: beyond codes of conduct: How in practice can the global hospitality industry ad...
Steve Jobs understood something about emotions that the #green movement too often ignores
"A Cooperative Economy: The Time is Now" by GFA Fellow Carmen Llanes -
Dot Earth Blog: What if Republicans Closed the E.P.A.? 

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