Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 35

BBC News - EU to vote on oil sands pollution -
New Hiut Jeans are Getting a Welsh Town Back to Work -
Study suggests 60% of UK office-based employees will be ‘regularly’ working from home in next ten years
Critical List: Court upholds local fracking ban; New York could ban shark fin sales
Smart Grid: 4 cities that get it - and 3 utilities with smarts:
Wind Energy News (Humungous Crossroads Wind Farm Complete; 70-MW Wind Farm Planned for Northern Chile; Steel Winds...
Cheap Natural Gas Won't Kill Renewable Energy growth (3 Reasons Why)
How Universal turned a sustainability icon into cash
Giant Spiky Sculpture To Clean Air for New York Gallery
Startup Develops Floating Solar Farm
Crazy talk: Rick Santorum out-denies the climate deniers and spins eco-conspiracy theories -
Selerant Joins TSC
How U.S. Pro Sports Teams Rank on Environmental Disclosure How do teams in the NFL, MLB, NB
How Autodesk cut its data center energy use by 62%
Engage employees with sustainability via this nifty app.…
Something we all should know - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Green Column: Trade Battles Buffet E.U.'s Green Efforts
The World According to Monsanto « Caitlin Reviews?
Monsanto poisons French farmer -
Stearns accidentally exposes GOP energy agenda, by drgrist
Making Solar Power Competitive with Coal
Confronting the biodiversity crisis ~… 

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