Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 134

LG Commits to Cut its Footprint by 50%, 3 Obvious Ways for Companies to Save Energy, & More... -
This fuel cell's a hybrid -- it'll run off a backup battery as well as natural gas.
Will Canada pull out of Kyoto before Christmas?: business_green Environment minister Peter Kent...
CEA Launches New Effort to Promote Smart Grid-Connected Products
On Our Radar: Global Climate Talks in Durban
Open Source and the SmartGrid
NHTSA Has Chevy Volt Under Microscope
Interview with David Leeds of GTM Research at TNEV 2011: David Leeds discusses the future adoption of EVs in a...
Grid Net Goes Cellular with SmartSynch: Grid Net, the startup founded on the idea of linking the smart grid vi...
Soraa raises $88M for energy saving lighting
Offshore wind subject of Baltimore town hall forum - MySanAntonio
2011 SDCExec Green Supply Chain Award Winner Announced
They know when the wind will blow. National Grid trials a system it claims can predict the wind:
SolarCity-led project to install solar on military base homes is a go - no loan guarantee needed
Can the Durban Climate Negotiations Succeed?
DOE and EPA Announce 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 133

The climate news is bad, but prospects for climate talks may be worse #green
Climate negotiations open, focus on emissions cuts - AP -
Most dire global warming forecasts unlikely, study finds - Washington Post
UPDATE: Areva German Wind Prospect Could Boost Renewables Effort - Smart Money
Where are the new Mandelas when the climate needs them?: business_green The Durban climate talk...
UK smartgrid test to double throughput of the existing grid using demand response:
Next Autoworks: The Curse of the Solyndra DOE Loan Guarantee…
PG&E’s Smart Meter Opt-Out: The Ins and Outs…
Reuters - Denmark aims for 50% of energy from wind by 2020 and 100 percent renewable energy in 2050 -
Solar in the Asia Pacific Region Booms: China's 2011 Installs May Surpass America's for the First Time: With Eu...
Asia Report: China Strikes Back: American solar companies have been openly fearful that a trade complaint filed...
London's new approach to fighting air pollution: glue traps
Why Bill Gates Says We Must Triple Our Clean Energy Innovation Funding
Number of African elephants has plummeted from over 10 mil in the early 1900s 2 probably less than about 700,000 today~
The Great Global Warming Fizzle - Wall Street Journal
Ancient Environment Drives Marine Diversity - Terra Daily
Mitt vs. Mitt, flip-flopping on climate change and much else
Bill Gates asks the U.S. government to triple energy R&D to $16 billion, a small fraction of what is spent on war
Looking Way Back at the Rate of Arctic Melting
OMSI cancels global warming presentation, saying panel was one-sided - Oregonian
New blog post: Cut Cash Outflow with Energy Efficient Practices
Walmart Chairman Rob Walton: The Worst of the One Percent? - Bay Area Indymedia
Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone deemed too hot for tourists - USA Today
The state of cleantech venture capital, part 2: The investors
Bike-powered movies on show in Hong Kong
Study: Climate skepticism leads directly to climate inaction 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 132

Durban's climate gamble
UN Climate Conference Set to Begin in South Africa - Voice of America
Why China Cannot Fight Pollution - Forbes - As the climate change summit in Durban, South Africa is a...
Perth Amboy may become a hub of wind turbine industry - Asbury Park Press
Global renewable energy investment surpasses fossil fuels
The world's most underused resource is also one of the most common:
The state of cleantech venture capital, part 1: The money
To Conservatives, Climate Change is Trojan Horse to Abolish Capitalism - AlterNet
EU Demand for Climate Pledge From Japan, Russia Raises Hurdle at UN Talks - Bloomberg
New Study Lowers Prediction of Carbon Dioxide Global Warming - Int'l Business Times
Rena oil spill: Fewer oiled birds now being found - Stuff
Climate set to worsen food crises
Clean Energy Stunner Renewable Power Tops Fossil Fuels for First ...
Where Is All Of That Coal Ash Going From the We Energies Bluff Collapse?
The excuses used for disbelief in global warming
UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project: business_green Canadian interests and oi...
UN climate change convention opens amid cynicism about progress - Xinhua News Agency
U.N. hopes countries will curb emissions -
Global warming afflicts Africa's poorest farmers - Scranton Times-Tribune
Panasonic to build $580 million solar cell factory
Researchers develop battery to link Renewable Energy to the Smart Grid
Forecast feeds fears of unsustainable population growth - UN: Farmers must produce 70% more food by 2050
U.S. Green Building Council Launches New LEED Apps
LED Lighting to Capture 52% of the Commercial Building Market by 2021
Rifts emerge as UN climate talks open - YAHOO!
Fukushima Dai-Ichi Plant Chief to Undergo Medical Treatment - Businessweek
Stiftung Mercator to Set Up Climate Change Research Institute - Bloomberg
International climate talks open, focus on emissions cuts, finding $100 billion for poor - Aberdeen
U.S. blocks key fund in climate agreement: report | Reuters
Natural-Gas Find Boosted Off Southeast Africa…
At Meeting on Climate Change, Urgent Issues but Low Expectations…
Can large-scale solar really fit in with a local economy and landscape? A Colorado community comes to grips.
Ofgem dishes out another £57m from low-carbon war chest: business_green SSE and Western Power D... 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 131

63: the number of synthetic chemical products found in the average American home, translating to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.
Supply Chains & Carbon: Australia Is Worlds Largest Coal Exporter, Japan It's Largest Customer
Charles A. Sammons Cancer Centre awarded LEED Gold: Reclaimed materials constitute 21% of
Global Green: Water Saving Strategies Amber Keenoy has 11 water saving strategies
'Emissions gap' overshadows warming target: UNEP - Global Energy Watch: 
HQE Exploitation vs Breeam In-Use vs Leed for Existing Building : Let's fight ! 
Green Building Comes of Age in South-East Asia 
Modern, Simple, & Green - Building, Living & Design : A Blog 
LEEDing the way Minto energy efficient homes 
British Airways to Fly on Biofuel from City Waste 
Green Remodel hits market in St. George Utah 
European Products for Building Tight Homes
CertainTeed EnerGen Thin-Film PV and Sustainable Insulation Featured...
GRIHA rating for new government buildings: Speaking during the inauguration of 'Green 
Betsy Herbert, Earth Matters: Say hey to graywater, while rainwater catchments ...:
Green Centers Go Biocoastal In Canada 
 How To Choose GreenBuilding Materials - 
What are earth sheltered homes, and why are they an example of green building
First US National GreenBuilding Code Approved for 2012 implementation! This is a bigger deal than it seems, folks. Dept of Energy Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals -
FMA awards highlight energy efficiency measures 
Nadine & Thawq have posted about their internships in the UAE on our blog!
EPA and GSA Team Up to Promote Green Federal Facilities in Boston & New England 
Green Building pioneer Edward Mazria on his mission to make all buildings carbon-neutral
Prefab Green Homes: Ten Sustainable Home Manufacturers to Consider
Is the solution to sprawl reimagining office parks?
Bill passage puts offshore drilling, 'fracking' one step closer - WRAL
New civil fine to be paid by Dominion over 700-800 fuel oil spill in 2010 - Examiner
America Recycles Day 2011 Video Competition Winners Announced
A How-To Guide to Slashing California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050
Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage: Feasibility, Permanence and Safety Issues Remain Unresolved
W2 Energy Completes Construction of WaterHelix Hydrokinetic Power Head
Glazer: ‘War on Christmas trees’ is really just a little green marketing push
ACE Appoints Green To Lead UK, Ireland Business - Quick Facts
'Green' project at Adams to include wind, solar energy 
Delicious: Green Marketing and Social Media for Promtoing Environmental Sustainability - ParkHowell. [Research]
Research - Green Marketing and Sustainability Research with LOHAS
The Art of Green Marketing for Sustainable Brands
As climate change gets worse, so will the cost of fixing it - medically speaking.
Louisiana Teens Kill 2 Whooping Cranes; Wild Flock Now Reduced to 4 Birds.
Sustainability - International Trade Centre and CSRwire Announce New Partnership: From a recent collaboration
Climate change: South Africa has much to lose - The Guardian
Research and Markets: Marine Geology & Geophysics. A Derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Science...
20% of US CO2 emissions are from cars. New mpg standards would reduce C02 18% by 2030. That's progress! 
Elephants Killed by Heat Wave in Zimbabwe
The Green Marketing Company: A Social Business Enterprise
Reducing meat and dairy consumption: easier said than done, or easier done than said?
Some water-saving showerheads even have a "pause button" to let you stop the water while soaping up or shampooing
TMMS will offer overseas science eco trip
Wind, solar, and ocean power manufacturers to require $17 billion through 2012
Climate change hits Africa's poor farmers - Winston-Salem Journal
Smokies research indicates bugs antsy about climate change - Asheville Citizen-Times
Saudi Arabia to become solar powerhouse
Sorghum capable of mitigating global warming impact: ICAR - MSN India
Wind Energy Today: Submarine Cable O&M: Cost Critical Strategies for Offshore Wind - YAHOO!
Climate change bridges gap between Aspen and Uganda - Aspen Times
Canada to argue 'ethical' oilsands at climate change talks - Calgary Herald
U.S. Motor Gasoline Use Declining - Renewable Energy - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Climate change deniers just want status quo - Arizona Daily Sun
OECD: World must act to cut CO2 emissions - Independent Online
The Green Marketing Company: Sustainability Equals Profitability
THE GREEN MARKETING COMPANY: Search Engine Optimization
Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage: Feasibility, Permanence and Safety Issues Remain Unresolved 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 130

More U.S. Companies Reporting Corporate Responsibility Activities 
MGM Earns EPA Award for Food Recycling
NY Solar Installers, will you be installing O'Reilly's system?
Grid Problems Boost Fuel Cell Market.
EPA Awards 45 Colleges Grants to Invent Sustainable Technologies
European power giants demand 2030 climate targets: business_green SSE, Eneco and Dong Energy
CLIMATEGATE 2.0: Over 5,000 Environmental Emails Leaked
Electric Vehicles Have Great Potential | Connected World magazine
The Dangers of Water Pollutants to Health and Environment
TeamAGS is off to a great start collecting food for the hungry this holiday. What is your company doing for
NRC-designed fuel cell system advances safe hydrogen use for applications on commercial aircraft: 2011/11/22, Ot...
Today in Green IT: A question of national security
Concentrated Solar Power Market to go through Ups and Downs
Obama gets another energy headache as agency delays drilling vote…
Even With Wi-Fi Interference, Meter Opt Out Not Popular: Maine’s Office of the Public Advocate, which sports a...
Concentrated Solar Power Market to go through Ups and Downs
The devastating health problems created by eating GMO foods:
Chevron to be Fined for Giving Brazil False Data About Oil Spill off the Coast of Rio de Janeiro  Brazil suspends Chevron's drilling rights -
Google scraps its renewable energy technology plan Why Google ditching its clean power research isn’t a big deal Media incorrectly report Google is abandoning renewables. In fact, the company is increasing clean energy investments. Thank you Google for a green victory
European Investment Bank to Fund World’s Largest Operational Offshore Wind Farm
NOAA Awards Grant to Save Endangered Sea Turtles
China set to surpass U.S. in solar installation
Are Australian Fish in Hot Water? - Int'l Business Times
Report: Public Awareness of Global Warming and Environmental Issues Drives Global Market for Biodegradation...
Arctic Sea Ice Is Shrinking at ‘Unprecedented’ Rate, Study Finds - Bloomberg
Climate change bad news for brews - Durango Herald
You’re a Natural - adamantly opposed to putting any unnecessary chemicals on your skin - read:
Commons vote to save solar incentives defeated: business_green Rebellion fails to materialise
Tibet vulnerable to climate change, says Karmapa - MSN India
Make 'Black Friday' a little more Green – Buy a Digital Gift: 
How San Francisco Became a Cycling City Against the Odds
Concentrated Solar Power Industry to go through Ups and Downs
Canada needs to revamp climate change plan, expert says - Calgary Herald
Major players find little consensus on combatting global warming - Monsters and Critics
 Itochu Buys Stake in U.S. Oil-and-Gas Producer Samson - Wall Street Journal
Is RenewableUK being cyber bullied?: business_green The Tank wonders who or what is behind the
Smoke, mirrors and the changing definition of "green taxes": business_green Alan Whitehead MP 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 129

China says economic woes no excuse for climate inaction - Reuters UK  China Outlines Cuts in Carbon Emissions…
Street Prophets Coffee Hour: Global Warming - DAILY KOS
Norway eyes Barents drive - Upstream Online
Brazil fine Chevron over oil spill - France 24 - AFP - Brazil slapped a $28 million fine on US energy giant...
Record levels of CO2 in the atmosphere between 2009 and 2010
Big companies slap on latest eco-label: WindMade
Concentrated Solar Power Industry to Experience Turbulent Times
China sets out demands for “tangible results” at Durban Summit: business_green As developed
GE touts hybrid gas, solar and wind power plant as answer to energy crisis: business_green
Green Your Thanksgiving: Sustainable Decorations: No need to buy new decor this year. How to make an eco-friendly...

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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 128

Chevron spills 416,400 litres of oil near Brazil  Chevron accepts responsibility for oil spill off Brazil's coast - Los Angeles Times
Scientists claim mystery behind mass death of corals unravelled - Economic
Solar Cinema shows climate change film - Independent Online
 Offshore Wind Industry - Growth Potential Hampered by Issues in Supply Chain and Financing Published -...
EPA Awards 45 Universities Grants to Design Sustainable Technologies
U.S. Cable Industry Launches New Energy Efficiency Initiative
Robert Redford: Stand together against the tar-sands scourge
Hidden costs and dangers of nuclear disaster - Orange County Register
Beware climate change risk from aircon, fridge gases: U.N. - Reuters UK
How Hamburg Became the European Green Capital
Climate change — a blessing in disguise! - Daily News and Analysis
PREVIEW: Can Durban rescue climate talks? - Monsters and Critics
Get rid of your gas
Global firms sign up for WindMade label
Latin America Climate, Energy and Environment News: 11/13 - 11/18/2011 

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 issue 127

Regulation running after to or against technologies?
Standards for the Sea: How Can We Develop an Offshore Grid?: The EU climate and energy package — known as the 2...
S-Day: U.S. Must Keep Its Eyes on the Clean Energy Prize, Despite Setbacks: Today, November 17th, all eyes in...
Davey Tree Announces Sites for 25,000 Trees for Reading Takes Root Program Honoring 25 Years of
LCRA rejects White Stallion contract…
Electric Vehicle Battery Market to Reach $14.6 Billion in Revenues by 2017
Facebook scores LEED gold for Oregon data center
Biomass Air Permit Delayed Again
European radiation safety agencies detect traces of iodine-131 in air, source of leak unknown
Pump up the energy storage
Fukushima 'not obstacle' to Japan business: PM - Channel NewsAsia
Climate change means statewide change -
Global warming 250 million years ago would have caused 'hell on Earth' - Daily Telegraph
I highly recommend watching this: Nate Lewis - Challenges for Global Energy
Top Green Gear for a Sustainable Skiing and Snowboarding Season ~Inhabitat
Thai floods could be costliest in decade: Allianz
Ai Weiwei’s Magnificent ‘Forever’ Installation Builds a Glimmering Cavern from 1,200 Bikes ~Inhabitat
Columbia Energy Center state's No. 1 mercury emitter - Portage Daily Register
 Zambia affected by climate change - minister - Times of Zambia
Climate change could reverse SA’s development gains -
Expensive wind power blows out in Australia - Daily Telegraph
Magazine Preview: The Fracturing of Pennsylvania
How does energy efficiency create jobs?
Time to Tackle What's Really in the Net
Green Blog: New York as Venice, Minus the Romance
To 'frack' or not? Public responds
Sorting through the confusion on “extreme weather events.” - Slate
Study targets sea-level rise; Flagler reserve key to research - Daytona Beach News-Journal
Dramatic climate change expected to be the norm, scientists predict - Press &
World toilet day was created to raise awareness of The Water Quality Crisis, Part Two…
As we usher out World Toilet Day,remember the 2.6 billion who face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation…
Global Green: The Water Quality Crisis, Part One…
What we’ve destroyed, we can heal. 10 Ways to Get Dirty and replenish the soil!
Apply scientific rigour to climate change aid decisions, UBC academics argue - Calgary Herald
Free Webinar Examines Competitive Dynamics Affecting EV Adoption and Technology Positioning…
Mongolian city to be cooled by giant ice cube solar and smart grid
Droughts inspired Edward Linacre to invent a low-tech system for harvesting water from the desert air…
New Report Explains Growth of Sustainable Hospital Food Service Programs
East Asian Children Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change Impacts
Polly Higgins: Stop the tar sands destruction ? outlaw this ecocide
Why are we still eating bluefin tuna?
Water and Sanitation as Human Rights
EPA Awards 45 Universities Grants to Invent Sustainable Technologies
Energy Harvesting on Portable Electronics to become a $235 Million market by 2015
Himalayan nations agree on climate adaptation plan - AP -
What will climate change mean for California? - Sacramento Bee
Water Management given lower priority than Climate Change on the Boardroom Agenda
Survey Shows European Consumers ready to Invest in Sustainability 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sustainability Journal - Vikram R Chari - Volume 2011 Issue 126

Opportunity Green Roundup: Perspectives from Heavy Hitters in CSR
Deforestation causes cooling in Northern U.S., Canada, study finds
Making the Case for the Value of Environmental Rules ~
The mainstream media is taking aim at renewable energy subsidies and it's no accident..: Liberal Democrats prepare to revolt over solar subsidies crackdown: business_green Extent of
COLUMN - World must keep focus on climate risk: Gerard Wynn - Reuters India
Obama administration moves to double auto fuel efficiency by 2025: business_green New
Coal exports are a bigger threat than the tar-sands pipeline
Sydney to help office owners finance green upgrades ~Reuters
Five Companies that Make Philanthropy Work, and Make Work Philanthropy
New mpg standards will cut CO2 pollution from new cars in half. This is the boldest step by US to halt climate change
Iowa Scientists Ask Candidates to Acknowledge Climate Change - Christian Post
New York state may soon suffer outsize effects from climate, says report – PhysOrg
 Climate change slowly melting China's glaciers (3) - People's Daily Online
Air source heat pumps blast open renewable heat fund: business_green DECC reveals winning
Building resilience: resource security and the role of the circular economy: business_green
The Green Building Tools Cities Can Use to Cut Water Pollution
How Genentech Used a Parking Lot to Fund its Employee Commuter Shuttle
Defense Science Board Warns of “Failure to Anticipate and Mitigate” Climate Change
Hybrid solar-wind power connects rural Navajos
Study: Meeting green transport targets may need £895m biofuels spend: business_green Government...
Siemens Makes a Big Play in the Natural Gas Markets, Perkins+Will Makes a Big Push for Transparency, & More... - 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 125

Lone Star State of Drought
Most popular post today: Is your stuff falling apart? Thank Walmart
Panasonic Designs Energy Efficient LED Bulb That Looks Like an Incandescent
Mongolian city to create “ice shield” in geoengineering trial
The association of auto dealers is one of the few to oppose stronger mpg standards. Not a good way to polish your rep:
CDP Report Shows Water Slowly Moving Up the Sustainability Agenda
CDP Water Disclosure Global Report 2011
Leading Scientists Predict Giant Orbiting Power Plants Could Power the Earth by 2041 –Inhabitat
Green Job Numbers in Australia Fall Again Due to Global Uncertainty
Square Feet: For Those Who Pedal to Work, a Room to Store Their Bikes
Not Investing In Clean Tech Will Increase Carbon and Cost Big Bucks
Looking to make lunch time a bit more sustainable?
2013 Ford Escape gets Focused design, EcoBoost power
Manoteca Reinvents Aged Wood Doors as Beautiful Desks ~Inhabitat
Apple Discusses Environmental Issues in China But Keeps Its Secrecy Hat on
Khosla, TPG, and CMEA-Funded Greenchem Firm Draths Sold to Amyris  VC investor Vinod Khosla has said on more…
 2 Views of Aerosols and Climate Change - New York Times
Government urged to abide by UN climate change pact - Gulf News
Banks: Substantial Growth in EU Offshore Wind Power Investments - 
Groesbeck, TX, is running out of water—& quick-fix seems not to be working… &…
Think Beyond the Car. "Sustainable Mobility Vehicle" isn't a car, it is a robot that takes you where you need to go.

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