Monday, October 31, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 118

The key to a sustainable world is transforming our thinking -
Gorgeous Lamps by Nir Meiri are Made from Grains of Desert Sand ~Inhabitat
A Riveting Glimpse of a Vanished Bird ~NYTimes Green Blog: Cornell Issues Film of Extinct Woodpecker
NASCAR Goes Green: A Job Well Done or a Lipstick on a Pig?…
8 great Tips and 3 Apps for buying Sustainable Seafood
For snow and lawn machines, gasoline remains king ~Reuters
Lighbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging: © Tien-Ho Hsu via Yanko Design Designer Tien-Ho Hsu has come up with...
Global warming: Middle East's vital wet winters are disappearing - The Christian Science Monitor
Who cares about the Late Cretaceous Epoch - Earthtimes
NZ oil spill beach cleanup continues
8 essential Tips and 3 Apps for finding Sustainable Seafood
Pittsburgh drinking water is radioactive, thanks to
Algae may soon become a common biofuel, especially for the military.
Batteries on a Wind Farm Help Control Power Output.
Kroger, Target, Sodexo Update Progress During Nat'l Seafood Month
After Solyndra Case, Ex-Businessman to Review Energy Loans
Sainsbury’s plans £1 billion sustainability plan 
Why Recycling in the US Is Not a Success #green
Great, we have three-eyed fish now:
In Village’s Fight Over Gas Drilling, Civility Is Fading
BWise is integrating Sustainability Into Daily Management 
Corn is a greedy crop, as farmers will tell you. - Michael Pollan
The Environmental Side of Occupy Wall Street
Apple Quietly Building North Carolina Solar Farm
Chemical regulation is suffering a systemic breakdown - and we have to fix it.
Lawmakers Seek Inquiry on Keystone XL Process
Smart Energy Daily is out! 
Green Car of the Year Finalists Announced for 2012
We HAVE to keep the ailing transportation infrastructure moving. Or else.
Global Food Crisis (Global Crisis Series)
Self-organizing networks key for LTE small cell mobile backhaul: Self-organizing networks (SON) is...
 Global warming skeptic now agrees temps slowly rising after two years of research - Lubbock Avalanche...
LGI offers concessions for Kabel BW acquisition
Gatwick chairman: aviation industry in 'dialogue of deaf' with green groups: business_green
Shipping leaders set course for greener future: business_green Industry's largest companies agreed
Sustainable & Responsible Investing Increased by 16 % in 2010
Why the Government Needs to Play a Role in Innovation
How to Attract Mainstream Investors to Green Companies
12 Inches of ‘Global Warming’ Hits New England - RedState
Can toxic pollutants escape from my body fat?
International Market for Solar to Top $150 Billion by 2015
California Attorney General Files Plastic Water Bottle Lawsuit
Vestas profit warning triggers shares slump: business_green Danish wind turbine manufacturer
Airlines step-up battle against EU carbon trading: business_green 26 nations expected to sign
Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter outlined his efforts to make Philadelphia the “number one green city” during his... Philadelphia’s Nutter: cities must institutionalize sustainability
U. to hit sustainability goals ahead of schedule - The Brown Daily Herald - Serving the community daily since 1891:…
Summit County's sustainability in education: Benefiting people & planet |
Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Sustainable?…
House Democrats Introduce Carbon Tax Bill
Air China and Boeing Conduct First Chinese Sustainable Biofuel Flight: Biofuel News
What Asia's Green-Building Boom Means for Green Jobs, The Role Government Should Play in Innovation, & More... -
SmartGrid Interoperability Standards Move
Integrated Energy 2011: business_green Delivering a better balance for the UK energy economy
Updated: Government confirms 50 per cent cut to solar incentives: business_green Greg Barker:
Why Energy Scarsity Makes Economic "Recovery" Impossible (Video)
Chrysler Touts Turnaround, Emissions, Diversity in Sustainability Report
98% of Smart Meters in N America to be Monitored by a Meter Data Management System by 2018
The Kind of Business Leadership We Need for Our Evolution
What is the federal government doing to go green?…
North Texas company builds recycling system for drillers' wastewater…
Why "Green Fatigue" May Be an Opportunity to Do Better

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