Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 111

Mexico is releasing 5 endangered Mexican gray wolves in the Sierra San Luis Mountains.bit.ly/nhN4Wz
X-Ray Umbrella Keeps You Dry as a Bone bit.ly/ovZdFn – Inhabitat
What Have We Become? Connected Film Dissects Our Dependence on Digital Connection bit.ly/pwikdE
Consumption and Waste – Potential Solutions gogreenamericatv.com/consumption-an…
The Blender Girl’s Top 45 Natural Green Uses For Vinegar gogreenamericatv.com/the-blender-gi…
WRI’s Review of Climate Science 2009-2010: “As a Whole, the Literature Paints a Bleak Picture” bit.ly/paOBOl
Global Green: Innovative and Sustainable Designs gogreenamericatv.com/global-green-i…
This Guy Loves his Electric Car! gogreenamericatv.com/this-guy-loves…
Climate change is one of the reason kids don’t go outside anymore bit.ly/ru8Q0L
EPA says will not expand dust rule to farms bit.ly/oe7yyF ~Reuters
Is a centralized climate solution still possible? bit.ly/q303Er
Solar panels under power lines could be a major electricity source bit.ly/qSwuMt
Permaculture at Occupy Wall Street Protests bit.ly/o03LdA
Only 4% of consumers would be satisfied with today's EVs smrt.io/q8tmur
Why the food movement should occupy Wall Street bit.ly/pTkBcX
Solar Industry to Make Pleas to Save Federal Subsidy Program as It Slips Away bit.ly/r6pKdp
Panasonic touts recycling, takes on WEEE and improves sustainability shar.es/HLKYr
Stricken oil ship is New Zealand's "most significant environmental maritime disaster" latimes.com/news/nationwor…
Brock International is the 1st Synthetic Turf Company to receive Cradle to Cradle Certified shar.es/bpeIa
Microsoft to Require Vendors to Submit Sustainability Reports bit.ly/qDnQNd
More Bad News About Texas Drought: End Not in Sight texastribune.org/texas-environm… / 
We recommend the Rainforest Alliance's site: rainforest-alliance.org
Green Your Halloween: DIY Makeup: Don't be afraid to mix your own zombie face paint. bit.ly/o5sPHC
October 18th News: Doctors Warn Climate Change is “Greatest Threat to Public Health” bit.ly/nanAHW
New Zealand oil disaster kills over 1200 birds to date with hundreds of others in rescue centers bit.ly/pDMIzY
Warming Revives Dream of Sea Route in Russian Arctic nytimes.com/2011/10/18/bus…
The chemical industry has effectively prevented the EPA from achieving its mission to protect public health. bit.ly/puLqSj
Is the company behind GMO salmon the next Solyndra? bit.ly/rsntbr
Robert Redford Calls on Obama to Stop Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline in NY Times Video ow.ly/1fcoPV
The Clean Water Act is 39 – and needs your help more than ever — Green For All greenforall.org/blog/the-clean…
Biofuels growth stifled by EU policy delays: BP bit.ly/rhfWfA – Reuters 

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