Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 113

California adopts nation’s first state cap-and-trade program
On Recycling, N.Y.C. Goes From Leader to Laggard
EPA chief Lisa P. Jackson delivers a righteous slap upside the head of the GOP in a L.A. Times
China Denounces Demand for High Tariffs on Solar Panels
On Our Radar: Massachusetts Leads Efficiency Rankings
'Too dirty to fail'? -- House Republicans' assault on our environmental laws must be stopped.
Independent Study Shows the Earth Is Getting Warmer ~Inhabitat
When it comes to making computing greener, we're not even using the tools we have
U.S. approves first post-spill drilling plan for BP ~Reuters
New Generation Inverters to Drive Down Cost of Solar Power.
INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Speaks with Revenge of the Electric Car’s Director Chris Paine
E-waste idea: Turn an iMac into an aquarium
UN close to ban on West's toxic waste exports,Deal is struck to stop poor nations becoming global dump
Study finds reserved forests shrinking; birds under severe threat: Commercial development projects, biotic press...
The Insider’s Guide to Life: On Writing Good
You might have a climate crisis if... 

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