Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 117

People and the Planet: The World at 7 Billion
Raw video or second largest dam removal in US history, Condit Dam in Washington's South Cascades.
Tepco to ask for $12 billion to help with compensation: sources ~Reuters
China to curtail its "world disaster" CO2 levels
Solar and wave power solution: Fill the ocean with balls
Solyndra probe to hear from Energy's Chu on November 17 ~Reuters
Analysis: Promising biodiesel crop needs time to prove itself ~Reuters
Marlins pitching first retractable-roof Silver LEED sports stadium
Future of feed-in tariff to be announced next week
Democrats ask for investigation into Keystone
EPA says to comment soon on Keystone XL pipeline ~Reuters
Green Blog: Fossil Fuels as the Whale Oil of the Future
Fukushima released 'twice as much' radioactive material than first thought
Medicine's next big thing: Medic Mobile
Amazon Drought: Heat Stress Linked To Mass Tree Die Off In 2005 & 2010
How to bring sunlight into a dark room
What utilities really think about solar
GE Unit Invests with Germany's KGAL in 50-MW Spanish Concentrated Solar Power ...
NOAA Bombshell: Human-Caused Climate Change Already a Major Factor in More Frequent Mediterranean Droughts
Making the Most of Seasonal Fall Apple
The Curious Disconnect Between SmartGrid and Energy Storage
Ever wondered about soot? You should. The guys in the suits aren't.
Researchers have found that Santiago's pollution has contaminated nearby glaciers - accelerating melting.
Map Reveals Stark Divide in Who Caused Climate Change and Who's Being Hit - Common Dreams
Countries must plan for climate refugees: report - Reuters India
Global warming target to stay below two degrees requires more action this decade: Study – Newstrack
Offshore Wind Power Market Analysis and Forecast to 2020 - PR Inside
FEMA assistance still available for flood vicitms -
BestBuy named in the top 25 Greenest US Companies 2011 (Newsweek)
Ecotourism in Malaysian Borneo: The popularity of ecotourism in Malaysian Borneo has grown rapidly due...
Scientists Investigating if Link Exists Between Dolphin Deaths, BP Oil Spill - The Ledger
Obama administration announces desert 'solar energy zones'…
Eskom secures yet more development finance for wind, solar projects
Free-range organic egg production yields ±98% lower chance of Salmonella infection, says nutrition_facts endfactoryfarming
Comprehensive Ocean Planning is Beneficial
Food vs Biofuels with Limited Land
Solar Project Solutions’ 20 MW Atwell Island Solar Farm: This week, Quanta Services announced that it has been...
Air China and Boeing Conduct First Chinese Sustainable Biofuel Flight: Sustainability News
House Airline Bill is Bad for Business, Bad for Jobs and Bad for the Climate
Solar shambles leaves industry in the dark: business_green The government's chronic mishandling...
Occupy Wall Street: Good for the Environment? - OnEarthMag
Sustainable & Responsible Investing Jumped 16 Percent in 2010
Retrofit Project Pits Behavior Change Against Technology, Wins Award for Doing It
Leasing Options Bringing Solar Awareness to the Masses
Video: Siemens Enters Geothermal Market
Obama Administration Fast Track for Transmission Projects Does Little for Western Geothermal Interests
Energy storage: Why the future relies on regulations, not cost reductions…
Energy storage for renewables: Do we really need it?…
Japan: Fukushima radiation 'two times higher' than estimates - GlobalPost
California Finalized Details of Its Cap-and-Trade Program
Solar Power UK - Future of UK Solar PV
Best Buy to Automate Energy Management
What utilities really think about solar
October 28 News: China Solar-Dumping Lawsuit Moves to EU; BP Gets Its First Post-Disaster Gulf Drilling Permit

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