Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 116

Feeding 9B people by 2050 with rapidly worsening climate may well be the greatest challenge human race has ever faced.
Coke changes can, offers millions to protect polar bears -
Congressman expands probe of energy loan program ~Reuters
Canadian rancher is on a hunger strike crusading for the right to sell raw milk
When old is new again! 10 Tips for Going Green with Vintage Fashions…
Amber Keenoy - Global Green: The Water Quality Crisis, Part Two…
Is your home Green? What is a Green Home?…
Romney Energy Plan Doesn’t Give a Mitt About Foreign Oil, Clean Cars, Jobs.
Green Blog: A Coast Guard Challenge: Arctic Drilling
Military Sees Green
Green-Roofed Jeju Natural Heritage Center is Carved from South Korea’s Volcanic Landscape ~Inhabitat
Renewable Energy Credits Explained
Water Woes Hit Gap, Kraft, Nestle, MillerCoors: Companies including Gap, Kraft and MillerCoors are ...
Video: Alex Bogusky and Others on the Access Economy
11 Ways to Unlock $150B in Energy Efficiency Financing
California company offers sustainable packaging for meat, fish
New blog post: Great Things About Solar Power and it's Drawbacks
Kuwait sets ambitious 10 per cent renewables goal: business_green Government hopes solar and
Installed Wind Power Volume in North America to Double by 2017
New EU rules seek to avoid repeat of BP oil spill ~Reuters
What a special legislative session in Nebraska means for TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline
Too Many MBA Students Graduate Without Right Sustainability Skills
High-Tech Hydroponic Farm Transforms Abandoned Bowling Alley
Global News: China Says Following U.S. Emissions Path Would Be “Disaster for the World” — Uhh, Too Late, Guys?
Extremely rare Siberian tiger spotted in northern China, found dead 5 days later
What’s the Use of Having a Smart Grid Connected to Dumb Buildings?: Some bad news for the demand response and ...
Solar in Tennessee: 3.37 MW in Q3: Total installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity in Tennessee increased 44 percent...
The Reality of a Successful US Wind Industry in 2011: The U.S. wind industry’s third quarter report shows the ...
Companies Report Increased 2010 Contributions, But Show Divergent Paths Since The Economic
Child Labor on U.S. Farms Widespread, Says New Film
Richard Heinberg on Reaching The End of Growth (Podcast)
The latest breakthrough in the evolution of demand response…
Disruption ahead: Cleantech Group names its top 3 smart energy startups…

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