Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 76

First Takes: Tar Sands Pipelines Gets Approval, EV Batteries Get a New Life, & More
Enviro-Solutions Weekly Q & A- As a building service contractor, what opportunities does Green cleaning offer to me:
Does Burning Garbage to Produce Electricity Make Sense? green
Dispersants Used on BP Spill Contain Chemicals Associated with Cancer: New Report
Green Blog: Wading Into New York City's Future
Sewage-powered hydrogen fueling station opens in CA
The Presidential Candidates' Assault on Science (Video)
Dot Earth Blog: Irene: Surge, Wind and Rain, Rain, Rain
Poop-fueled batteries could clean water while generating energy:
"Estabrook tells a story of pesticides, fungicides, environmental abuse & human slavery: the Florida tomato industry. "
SmartGrid Information Clearinghouse Interactive Map for different systems, infrastructure in the United States
New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide green
What is a Conscious Leader?
Preserving four percent of the ocean could protect most marine mammal species, study finds
Will Irene Raise Gas Prices Across the Country? -
Forrester Research: We've officially moved into our new, green-certified corporate HQ at 60 Acorn Park Drive, Cambridge, MA
Buying Local Plums Proves to be Difficult in England
Solar power is here to stay, look who is getting in the game:
Fox Host Tells Huntsman There's "A Lot Of Corruption Surrounding" Climate Change Science green
Agriculture’s Missing Ingredient: Efficiency: Here’s a stomach-curdling thought: by 2050, the global...
Survey Reveals What Influences Consumers' SmartGrid Views -
Radioactive Sludge Collects in Japan's Sewage Treatment Plants green
Lack of Info Keeps Britons in the Dark About Renewables' Benefits
Wind cheaper than gas? How Did Wind Beat the Price of Natural Gas in Brazil?
Kraft Foods Foundation and Non-Profit KaBOOM! Celebrate Second Year of National Partnership:   sustainability
Surprised? U.S. Solar Was Net Global Exporter by $1.9B in 2010, as per GTM Research and SEIA
Networking from the heart to uplift ourselves, each other & ultimately the world!
60-watt LED bulb to break $15 mark, Lighting Science says
Cool Products! Solar LED Rechargeable Flashlights and Other Outdoor Products 
Algonquin Collage has new program on the Adaptive Reuse of Building -
Richard Branson, Ted Turner launch OceanElders
Impatient for the SmartGrid, Microgrids seek to unlock a new business model
Take a look at our best Green Book Lists 
Corpus Christi paper: Coastal wind produces more than expected under summer electricity crunch
Is Dockside Green, in Vancouver, B.C., the world's greenest neighborhood? Dockside Green just tied for highest LEED building score - with itself. 
Would You Pay for Solar on Someone Else's Land? Community Solar Gardens on the Rise
Renewables Investment Breaks Records
Carl Sagan puts the environment in a cosmic perspective. green
A Problem For SmartMeter: People Don't Understand Electricity -
Update: 1 GW of Utility-Scale Storage From Rubenius: Late last year, I managed to get the first U.S. interview...
Shell-Inspired Fairground Building at Rossi Sud Complex Harnesses Energy From the Earth ~Inhabitat
LEED Homes Sell Faster & for More Money 

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