Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 75

Japan passes law to boost clean power generation
Sustainability at EarthSayers: Interview by 3bl Media at Ceres Conference 2011. Video of Amy Roberts Outdoor Industry,
Handbook for a Sustainable Future  Katerva – Sustainability – Innovation
U.S. edges closer to decision on Canada oil pipeline NYT - U.S. to Allow Canadian Pipeline  State Department just released a report saying the Keystone XL pipeline would have "minimal" enviro effects
Gallup: Americans less likely to view climate change as threat | ZDNet
Is that Green? What about Green Purchasing?…
Why Obama’s electric vehicle goal will be hard to reach
LG and GM team up to build next generation of electric cars
DECC release monthly update to energy statistics,
Downtown Austin's vision for a sustainable future: Austin, Texas is considering a new master plan that would he...
El Niño appearances tied to civil conflicts in tropical countries:
How Blue Shield, Sabre Holdings & SunPower Use Gaming for Good
Mobile Unlocks the Future of Local
In New Mexico, feds expect less water for endangered species…
Brownback: Conserve Ogallala Aquifer…
In Sonoma Calif, Water Use by Vineyards Is Challenged…
Climate change may make future droughts worse: TexasTribune / NYT…
The Cost of Getting from Here to There and Back Again
Global Warming’s Heavy Cost
Brazilian Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Natural Gas
IEEE ’surprising’ smart grid findings won’t surprise rural readers
Interesting article involving the positioning of ASHRAE 189.1 versus LEED
"Some big barriers ahead" - Green quotes of the week
Recent Surge in Green M&A Deals
Japan Approves National Feed-in Tariff: Japan positioned itself as the next large growth market for renewable energy...
Solar Panels Act As Sails for Shipping Vessels
There's talk of green tech/clean tech 2.0:"
Alarming independent news on natural health, nutrition and more--FDA is at it again:
What energy efficiency rebate programs does ConsumersEnergy offer their customers?
Radioactive Sludge Collects in Japan's Sewage Treatment Plants
Cleaning Up Brand Names' Supply Chains
Engineered Conductive Materials Debuts New Adhesive For Back-Contact Modules: Engineered Conductive Materials LL...
Schletter Supplying Mounting Systems For 150 MW Project: Schletter has been selected by Zachry Industrial to supply...
The Fight is on to Stop Coal's Expansion Into Illinois - Sierra Club activists test water near a coal mine in Montgo...
Sustainability, the CFO’s Job: Three Key Issues
Survey Reveals What Influences Consumers' Smart-Grid Views: Sixty-one percent of people with a strong...
Wind Turbines Might Not Stand Up to Hurricane Irene
How Listia's Online Trading Is Helping to Reduce Landfill Waste
Energy Efficient Silverland Middle School Comes With its Own Outdoor Movie Screen

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