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The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 78

Biden, Chu: We’re at a cross roads for clean energy Critical List: Biden stumps for clean energy; the magical green properties of concrete
Why Won't Clean Tech Community Stand Up Against Keystone Pipeline?
Shining Light on Obama's Tar Sands Pipeline Decision green
The cleanenergy consensus being built makes the CEV forecast by Western Grid 2050 an easily imaginable destination.
Teaching kids to love nature and buy less stuff:
SunEdison Free solar event, Wed Sept 14 6:30pm: "The Consumerization of Energy", Craig Lawrence, VP Products,
Evolution of Solar Technology (Infographic)
Energy Secretary Steven Chu: ‘It Saddens Me’ That Political Leaders Don’t Understand Climate Science
US breaks ground on first industrial-scale carbon capture project green
In 1978, there was an oil slick surrounding the Statue of Liberty. This is why we have - and need - an EPA.
Mayor seeks to give more attention to sustainability:
GridWeek has "the best speakers and forward-looking content" -
The first energy-efficiency standards for fridges were established in 1976, and we've come a long way since: 
Hurricane Irene highlights need for smarter grid…
Don't miss out on GridWeek "...bring[ing] together an extraordinary range of perspectives" this year in D.C.
A Smart Grid Would Have Prevented Hundreds of Thousands From Losing Power
Check out: Sourcing The Code: Opening Up Smart Grid In Idaho
Smart Grid: How Do Intelligent Substations Fit into a Smart Grid? - Control Design: Smart Grid:
"All key SmartGrid stakeholders in one location" - where will you be?
Oracle announces Oracle Utilities Network Mgmt System 1.1 in advance of Gridweek. Extends support for renew…
Why the military's smart grid battle plan could ignite a victory for all of us…
The next metering trend? Landis+Gyr, Elster partner on hardware interoperability…
Comverge's Sandy Simon to discuss lessons learned from XcelEnergy's SmartGridCity at the SmartGridRShow on Aug 31
Green Infrastructure for Detroit? Let's copy Philly:
Bill Nye Battles Fox News on Climate. Again. (Video) - You've got to give Bill Nye an enormous amount of credit: He ...
New Carbon Nanotube Wind Turbine Blade is Lighter, Stronger, More Efficient.
Vodafone preps Greek merger with Wind Hellas Vodafone is in talks with Wind Hellas to merge operations in Greece as a
Budget cuts trigger early end to solar energy credits green
Fancy Batteries in Electric Cars Pose Recycling Challenges
Why the Next Steve Jobs Will be in Energy, Not Computers
Shades of Green Podcast Interview with Green Chamber VP Alexia Marcous
More campuses invest in off-the-grid power options
Choose Liquidation Over Cremation & Save the Environment Even In Death
IBM and University of Texas at Austin Develop a Flood Prediction System
Keystone Pipeline Infographic 'Built To Spill'
Daryl Hanna: Why I Joined the Tar Sands
How tar-sands proponents get away without talking about climate change:
According to the Japanese government, radiation levels around Fukushima have exceeded Chernobyl safety standards.
Alejandro Durán Turns Mexican Ocean Trash Into Powerful Environmental Sculptures
This fueling station uses dirty toilet water to power cars:
Close coal: D.C.-area coal-fired power plant to close: Shutting Down America’s Dirtiest Coal Plants Will Not Affect Our Power Supply ~Inhabitat
Outages from major storms could be shorter and faster to fix with smarter grid tech.
This is an interesting strategy; mapping is increasingly a great tool to start improving cities....
I can think of *lots* of cities that could be on this list! Where would congestion pricing be bad? It seems like a...
Can we design cities in such a way to accommodate our growing populations?
Wildlife desperate for water in drought-wracked Texas…
China Remains Atop Quarterly Renewable Energy Index: Ongoing debt worries from the United States to Europe, and...
Is your neighborhood 'coming up'? Kaid does a great post highlighting emerging neighborhoods across the US and...
Exxon-Rosneft deal to drill in Arctic. At college the two ugliest people would always date each other
Mexico's Pemex wants deep water tech in Repsol deal -Reuters
U.S. invests over $175 million for vehicle efficiency project
Ford unveils Evos concept; intelligent hybrid car built for the cloud Ford's Evos concept is the cloud-connected hybrid EV of our future (video)
AP: Federal officials "readying plans to evacuate a small number of endangered species" as TX drought continues…
These beautiful photos of polar bears illustrate how difficult it can be to find food without pack ice
Active August wildfire season pushes AZ past 1 million acres burned, worst fire season on record.
Nestle wants you to be scared of organic food:
If you missed it last night, watch Bill McKibben own this debate on the Keystone XL pipeline NoKXL
Wind power breakthrough: Carbon nanotubes make strongest, lightest blades ever:
Cel-Fi extends battery life - and much more…
Learn how holistic management and livestock can help save the planet!
A Ramapo River Spill is Being Addressed - NYTimes
Climate Corps 2011: Getting a Green Team Up and Running at CA
According to the DOE more than 5 million smart meters have been installed nationwide. Most in 8 states: Fla, TX, CA, ID, Arizona, OK, MI, NV
65,443 Megawatt Texas System Peak: Texas is more than a month into a brutal heatwave that is straining the electric grid...
Panda poop could revolutionize biofuels
Silverstone revs up electric car charging network
British Airways first to back domestic emission reduction scheme
Breaking out of the Muesli Belt
In battle between fuel and food, food is losing worse than ever:
Wind tech startup Danotek raises $15M
Over the next 25 years, Philly will cover 1/3 of its paved areas with acres of trees, vegetation & permeable surfaces.
Why Backyard Tomatoes Taste So Terrific
Exxon replaces BP in Arctic deal |
Among electric car manufacturers, extended range hybrids gain steam
Gibson Guitar Co. Investigated Again On Legality Of Rainforest Wood Imports
The Human Cost of Energy - Fossil fuels exact the biggest toll in terms of lives lost green
To conserve water, Australia builds first utility-scale solar plant
Volvo and Siemens in electric car tie-up
NAV CANADA Seeks To Reduce Emissions Of International Flights
Study Finds No Link Between Vaccinations and Autism or Type 1 Diabetes
Renewable energy skills get £6.5m boost
Strategies to make your home green and save you money.
Corporate Social Responsibility won't save the Planet @TheNaturalStep
U.N. climate boss says Durban talks can deliver ~Reuters
Cars and the City: A Look at the Future of the
How Much Marcellus Shale Gas Is There, Really?
How garage & basement apartments help people, neighborhoods & the environment:
Hotel Giants Unite to Develop Carbon Footprint Standards
British Gas to leverage Vodafone's 2G GPRS network for it's EnergySmart smart meter deployment.
Enterprises Embrace Smarter Carbon Management With SAP and the Carbon Disclosure Project
Nanopillars on Surface of Thin-Film Silicon Could Lead to Better Solar Cells
Incredible number: 58 Billion paper coffee cups tossed/year…
PV Module Manufacturer Solyndra Shuts Down Factory, Declares Bankruptcy: Solyndra LLC, a Fremont, Calif.-based m... Will Solyndra, or Part of It, Get Bought?: Solyndra closed its doors today. The question now is whether it
Thin-film solar panels: A flexible way to use the sun's rays green
Bedrock nitrogen may help forests buffer climate change, study finds
Teachers, principals in India, Mexico, S Africa get training in sustainability funded by Germany (Times of India)
What's stopping innovation in response to climate change? Watch Prof Max Bazerman walk through the barriers to action.
Australia's First Utility-Scale Solar PV Project Under Way in Western Australia Energy Central:
Things are looking up for Biofuel
Laser Power Systems is Developing Cars Fueled by Nuclear Power – Inhabitat
To Repair or Replace? That is the Question. - Follow the 50% rule and these four other rules for determining when it...
Siamese Crocodile - Raised in captivity, these critically endangered crocodiles will be released to the 

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