Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 74

DatacenterDynamics | Australia introduces carbon tax
Humans will need three planets by 2050 green
Oil Spills and Meltdowns Highlight the Need for Energy Resilience
EnergyHub raises $14.5M to market energy management tools to consumers
WOW: U.S. Slashes Marcellus Shale Gas Estimate By 80% green
UCSC greener than most: Sierra Magazine ranks school in Top 10 for sustainability - San Jose Mercury News…
Renewables Leaders Asked: "What's The Best We Can Hope for in 12 Months?"
Solar Farms Abandoning Concentrating #\Solar Power for Photovoltaics (PV) Due to Falling Costs of PV
Koch-Fueled Offshore Wind Study Still Still Doesn’t Fly
For Dunkin’ Donuts, better sustainability is about the cup
5 Cities, 5 Congestion Solutions
IBM: Consumers in desperate need of energy education
New blog post - Try It, You’ll Like It: Quick Relief for Energy Management Ills:…
Brazil Builds $127 Billion "Offshore City" to Harvest Oil in the Deep Sea
New Website Offers Cell-Phone Recycling Options
Cars could run on recycled newspaper, scientists
To process a single barrel of beer (32 gallons), ~1,500 gallons of water are used.
Mann bites dog! Another blow to the climate skeptics
More power plant woes likely if Texas drought drags into winter green Texas power plant troubles go beyond heat and drought |
 Top Universities are Going Green in an Effort to Allow Students to Learn in a Sustainable Community
CARB Reaffirms Cap-and-Trade Plan; Coloradans Are Fed Up With Big Oil, Want More Renewables
How Shutting Down Nuclear Power Is Different Than Wind Power Intermittency
People are asking: How much does it cost to build different types of U.S. power plants?
Satellite measurements show we're heading for another year of below-average ice cover in  Arctic
GT Advanced Technologies Acquires Confluence Solar And Its Ingot-Growth Tech: GT Advanced Technologies Inc. has ...
New Rays Of Hope Emerge For PV Inverter Suppliers, But Price Pain Continues: PV inverter suppliers continued to ...
Interesting Technology: Increasing fuel efficiency with a smartphone
Quality vs Fluff: Building Blocks for GRI Report Assessments
Shower in cold water for your health and that of the Planet ~
Enabling Technologies for the SmartGrid: Bharatbook added a new report
Study: Climate Shifts Cause War green
Dramatic Mint Hotel Amsterdam Captures the Spirit of the City in an Energy Efficient Way
Integrating ethics into tourism: beyond codes of conduct: How in practice can the global hospitality industry ad...
Steve Jobs understood something about emotions that the #green movement too often ignores
"A Cooperative Economy: The Time is Now" by GFA Fellow Carmen Llanes -
Dot Earth Blog: What if Republicans Closed the E.P.A.? 

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