Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 issue 77

Joe Biden: ‘If We Don’t Develop Renewable Energy, We Will Make the Biggest Mistake in This Nation’s History’ bit.ly/qkiHyr
Green energy program too successful to keep up with demand? green bit.ly/navhBl
EarthSayers.tv, voices of sustainability and have you watched Annie Leonard's Citizens United presentation? A must see.  cot.ag/opQJxa
Witnessing Summer Starvation Among Polar Bears green http://bit.ly/odANPu
Who says U.S. has a solar trade deficit with China? New report by GTM applies systems-thinking approach http://bit.ly/niuBPX 
Today the Department of Energy announced new energy-efficiency standards for refrigeratorshttp://bit.ly/oghplm  New Energy Efficient Refrigerators (2014 models will use 25% less energy) http://ow.ly/6gapY
Green Jobs Reality Check: Clean Energy Still Means More and Better Jobs for American Workers http://bit.ly/pBkGEE
Airy Workspace in India Employs Smart Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption  http://bit.ly/r1lJqL -Inhabitat
GM and LG to Develop Electric Vehicles as Partners - Goal: slashing the cost and time it takes to create electric ca...http://ow.ly/1esueX
Pre-Disaster Bottled Water Blitz Wastes Money & Ignores a Real Risk  green  http://bit.ly/q9IHu8
Well done, California Air Resources Board. http://bit.ly/r2ALDi
Volume-based tiered pricing for residential electricity consumers in China imminent  http://bit.ly/q0vzNF (in Chinese) 
California Styrofoam Ban: State Aims To Be The First To Ban Foam Containers  http://ow.ly/6faAl
Fox News: Climate Science Has "A Lot of Corruption Surrounding it" (Video)  http://ow.ly/1eswDJ
DuPont gets OK for insecticide trait combo http://bit.ly/pI4QNb~Reuters
What Are Municipal Utilities Planning When it Comes to the Smart Grid? http://j.mp/pcRM3W
Yes, solar installations can survive Hurricane Irene, too! http://bit.ly/nrE647
American solar exports increased 83 percent in 2010: http://bit.ly/q197h8
"The statement would anticipate limited adverse environmental impacts during the construction & operation of keystonex ."http://bit.ly/& . Greens blast new Alberta oil sands lands policy http://bit.ly/ro9TQ6 - Reuters
Everything you’ve heard about the tar sands and energy security is wrong:  http://bit.ly/opMjnd
Researchers build a tougher, lighter wind turbine blade http://tw.physorg.com/233920110
You Green Your Home - We'll Plant a Tree! Find out more. http://bit.ly/o7gfUT 
Reid Preview: “We Need to Build on Our Clean Energy Achievements, Not Surrender Leadership to Other Countries.” http://bit.ly/mSGiNJ
Picturesque Green-Roofed Aquapark Rises Out of the Swiss Alps http://bit.ly/pL5JRb - Inhabitat
Ten Steps to Designing an Interoperable SmartMeter Environment http://bit.ly/ne1Gl2
New Energy Efficient Refrigerators (2014 models will use 25% less energy) http://ow.ly/6gapq
 The “world’s first” hybrid solar, geothermal plant to land in Nevada http://bit.ly/pm5toR
How to create sustainable open data projects with purpose http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/08/how-to-create-sustainable-open.html
Not SEO, SGEO: SmartGrid Engine Optimization http://bit.ly/neh1Km
Busting myths about China’s one-child policy http://bit.ly/ngC12B
What happens when you have too much windenergy - and how can the smartgrid help? http://ow.ly/6gKTj
Thanks to the work of BeyondCoal and local leaders, DC area’s dirtiest coal plant slated to close: http://bit.ly/nf7vDh
Neste Oil given recognition as being a Sustainability Leader http://goo.gl/ZXTBA 
New survey: 53-83% of utilities “should start now and work quickly to implement SmartGrid technology" bit.ly/qOmakw
IBM Survey results - while only 43% of people with minimal knowledge view smart grid technologies in a positive light, survey found that 61% of people who are familiar with energy technology and pricing have a favorable view of smart metering. Survey of over 10,000 people in 15 countries revealed that 30% of people surveyed don't know what the term "dollar per kwh" means.
Solar OLED Tiles Transform Skyscrapers Into Zero-Energy Displays bit.ly/qsdZT3 – Inhabitat
IV CleanTech just closed a deal in 5 days on EchoSign e-Signature solution  echosign.com/ref/IIPLH55LXN…
Community solar, crosswalk button hi-jinks, what Steve Jobs did right for green plus more  su.pr/2i3WRG
Updated URL for Smart Meter article from Fast Company fastcompany.com/1776357/a-prob…

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