Friday, December 23, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 150

2011: The Year in Sustainability
Can the 'Nice Consumer' Define the Style for Sustainable Fashion?
This Holiday, FDA Ignores Public Health and Wishes for Miracles to Solve Antibiotic Resistance
What's the Future for Alternative Fibers?
GigaOM’s top 10 green stories of 2011
The Rise of Megacities
GOP Pisses Off Light Bulb Industry
December 23 News: As Shell Gears Up For Arctic Drilling, It Has Another Massive Spill in Nigeria
Killing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline: the gift of hope for a clean energy future
The Week in Pictures: Naked Protesters, Canada v. Chiquita Bananas, and More
Environmentalists Should Learn from Gay Rights Activists
Make 2012 a year for fulfillment, learning & wonderful experiences. Become a sustainability leader
Comverge Chosen by Africa's Largest Electricity Provider to Manage Historic Intelligent Energy Management
"1% pollutes the world, 99% suffers." GFA Fellows on climate justice:
Fjord cools off new green data center in Norway.
SC Johnson Cuts GHG Emissions 26 Percent Worldwide
The full cost of nitrogen pollution exceeds the financial value of higher yields from fertilisation
'Secret' Environment Canada presentation warns of oilsands' impact on habitat
12,000 encircled that Whitehouse but the GOP may just have killed the tar sands Keystone XL pipeline:
Norquist Stance on Renewable Electricity Standards Gets Zapped 

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