Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 148

Shell spills 13,000 gallons while drilling near Deepwater Horizon site bit.ly/vf70k4
Despite axing internal solar tech engineering Google still active in solar investing. Puts $94 M w/KKR into 4 projects cnet.co/tQiqbm Google, KKR In Deal To Buy California Solar Power Plants. onforb.es/sZwFn7 Google Invests $94 Million in Solar Energy ow.ly/85lK7
Must watch: Congressional inaction threatens stable middle class wind jobs in America's heartland like this: bit.ly/tmrkzu
Breaking down California's Cap-and-Trade program aimed at cutting greenhouse gases across the economy bit.ly/vcMOQ8
A Look Into Our Climate: Past To Present To Future ht.ly/84LW2
How Sustainability is Becoming the One True Corporate Religion | GreenBiz.comgrn.bz/vERetd
EU's new CSR report offers realistic initiatives to promote sustainability | David Grayson gu.com/p/347qt/tw
Keystone XL is a tar sands pipeline to export oil out of the United States bit.ly/vt3ddv
December 20 News: Shell Spills 13,000 Gallons of Drilling Fluids Near Deepwater Horizon Site bit.ly/vyfll6
'How to Save Energy With Cloud Computing' bit.ly/n3reS9 (PC World) -  Not entirely convincing though.
Sony Develops a Battery That Runs on Paper ow.ly/1ghklb
Hydropower Outlook 2012: Continued Large-scale Development in North America: The U.S. Energy Information Administration... bit.ly/rFosSw
Australian government is 'overstating renewables costs' bit.ly/udlB14
4 Big Trends for the Future of Sustainable Tech dlvr.it/11NM90
Shale's Bounty Goes Beyond Oil and Gas online.wsj.com/article/SB1000…
15 Quotes About Cities | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/XX1lsOVL
Greening Streets: The First Step Towards Fixing Suburbs | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/XTVpO96C
Must read—40% of state oil & gas regulators have industry ties eenews.net/public/Greenwi… / In AR, several top regulators own drilling companies – Example of conflict of interest.
The Ups and Downs of Social Media for Sustainability bit.ly/sLWIiH
On View: 'Cities and the Things That Matter' | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/18VDyY4qr
There's a cost from extreme weather we're just beginning to understand: health care.bit.ly/upEFxY
On Poor Quality: Corruption and Construction in China | Sustainable Cities Collective fb.me/AzedzSdf "As someone who works in the building industry in China, I am often asked why the quality of construction of most...fb.me/K6v6zu3j Corruption hurts safety and building quality in China su.pr/7f6Yj3
GREEN TIP - Furnace & Heating - Do not heat unoccupied areas of your home -ow.ly/7u7xy
Studio Kalkwijk’s WakaWaka is a Super-Efficient Solar LED and Charger Developed for Rural Africa bit.ly/tELl7D – Inhabitat
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Inefficient Lighting motherjones.com/blue-marble/20…
Critical List: Seattle bans plastic bags; at least 100 million trees died in Texas this year bit.ly/rCLTLW
Macy's and Earthworks recycle gift cards bit.ly/u5d2zb
Sustainability Efforts Ramp Up for 2012 International CES bit.ly/sKaYa3
Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says - Environmental News Network ow.ly/1ghoF1
Electric Vehicle Telematics Will Achieve $1.4 Billion by 2017shar.es/W0Amz
Retrofits Surpass New Builds in LEED-Certified Green Buildings bit.ly/tzpIc3
Believe it or not, there's a lot of important work happening with human waste. SamiGrover recaps 2011 top ideas. bit.ly/rvMtLc
Green Blog: On Our Radar: Reports of Power Plant Protest in China bit.ly/tVE1Hg
7 Best Greentech Media Stats of 2011: At Greentech Media reports on numbers all year bit.ly/vNtadI
How local sustainability improvements can help solve global problems -su.pr/2JCR4u
NRDC's Green Gift Guide: Holiday Presents that Help Restore the Earth bit.ly/vvkATO
Why do highway costs get so out of control? su.pr/72ks4I
Goodbye to another solar pioneer - $BP Solar to wind down, sell project portfolio bloom.bg/rKYW8a
TX grid data through November shows that wind provided 8.4% of power YTD; was 11.7% in Nov.  ercot.com/content/news/p…
Grand Canyon National Park Looking to Ban the Sale of Plastic Bottles in 2012 inhabitat.com/grand-canyon-n…
Medical Journal Article: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout bit.ly/sKOm3B
Help remove plastic from our oceans - 5 Things You Can Do for Trash-Free Seas bit.ly/qfXe4b
Renewables, Energy Storage & Data Analytics: The 3 Sisters of the Smart Grid soc.li/SVMnUPM
Electric car use becoming more mainstream shar.es/WaNGx
eRecyclingCorps Takes a Bite out of Phone E-Waste with New Funding bit.ly/vLgmw9
Jigar Shah’s Letter to Gordon Brinser of SolarWorld: On behalf of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy... bit.ly/vg5ExO
The Sustainability-Innovation Nexus soc.li/ouDRkKk
GM Meets EPA Challenge and Saves $50 Million at 30 North American Plants | Sustainable Plant: sustainableplant.com/2011/12/gm-mee…
3 reasons why politics can't kill lighting efficiency progress zd.net/sAdETR
Smart Grid - Eléctrica de Guayaquil Completes Smart Metering Implementation in Latin America | SmartGrid Observer bit.ly/sPr1Yf
Electric Vehicle Telematics Will Grow to $1.4 Billion by 2017 shar.es/W0Amz
Smart Grid - Should we move the smartgrid to the cloud? | SmartGrid News: bit.ly/tiMaSS
Ameren Illinois Prepares for SmartGrid Implementation | SmartMeters: bit.ly/sWKCh2
Multi-year UK study finds LED bulbs made residents feel safer, more content. Energy and maintenance savings profound -ow.ly/85yDQ
Mobile e-waste processor snags $35 million in venture capital smrt.io/rC9gW7
The Royal Family goes hydroelectric bit.ly/sjP4QO
3 Must-Have Apps for a Sustainable 2012 bit.ly/sMYe26
Industry Coalition to Limit Toxic E-Waste Exports Adds New Members, Bi ... - MarketWatch (press release) bit.ly/ucNSP6
Schneider Acquires Viridity Software to Tackle Data Center Power: Data centers are big business, but so is the...bit.ly/s4aJDY
Faith on the Front Lines of Climate Protection bit.ly/rr3oYc
Chicago to Build Biggest Urban Park in the Lower 48 States bit.ly/tFBmWu
NRG and The Kraft Group will expand its use of Solar Power shar.es/WaMaq
Family Gets 75% of Its Food from the Dumpster. Eats Incredibly Well. (Video) ow.ly/85No5 

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