Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 149

Bio-luminescent Bacteria Combat Pollution in Fragile Florida Ecosystem ~Inhabitat
Global Warming - Taking on the 8 Dogs of the Apocalypse - DAILY KOS
Chevron Used Secret Lab to Hide Dirty Soil Samples from Ecuador Court, Say Company Documents: In...
Germany Abandons Coal... Slowly
Obama admin pushes renewable energy on 2 coasts
Google getting close to $1B in clean energy projects Google ramps up investment in solar energy
Fixing suburbs with green streets that accommodate everyone
40% of state oil and gas drilling regulators have industry ties
German Energy Consumption Drops 4.8% in 2011, With Renewables Providing 20% of Energy
Today in Green IT: First Solar tired of subsidy “whack-a-mole”
U.S. Green Chamber is Empowering Businesses to Be Sustainable
Japan Says Decommissioning Damaged Reactors Could Take 40 Years
Unseasonably mild temperatures that affected crops, gas usage continue as winter is about to begin...
To Survive, Some Biofuels Companies Give Up on Biofuels
Court Upholds Europe's Plan to Charge Airlines for Carbon Emissions… International Airlines Have to Pay for Their Carbon Pollution, Court Rules
The Sustainability Supply Chain Marathon - Forbes
Texas Tops List of 10 States Worst-Ravaged By Natural Disasters in 2011
 Ask AMEE is a search engine for calculating the carbon footprints of different things.
The Chinese Town That Turns 20 Million Pounds of Your Discarded Christmas Lights into Slippers
Google Lists The Top Green Search Trends of 2011
How Green is your smartphone ? Updating facebook from your mobile uses 100times less energy than from your PC
Melting Permafrost in the Arctic is Some Truly Scary S%*t
Michael Young’s NOISEZERO O+ are the World’s First Headphones Made from Sustainable Materials
Input sought on offshore power line - Delaware Wave
Moving 'Beyond Renewables'? BP axes power business
Home to 5% world biodiversity, the disappearing Cerrado: 'Brazil's great untold environmental disaster' (audio)
First Solar Never So Cheap in Takeover Boon for Energy: Real M&A - BusinessWeek
Jo Confino speaks to Hannah Jones, vice president of sustainable business and innovation at Nike
Hill-top school no longer isolated thanks to solar
The Disease of the Nuclear Age: Is Cancer Epidemic in America?
Air-powered motorcycle has arrived
Solar Millennium Files For Bankruptcy As Solar Shakeout Continues
How McDonald's is Mainstreaming Sustainability, KKR's Green Portfolio Plan Pays Off, & More... -
Pushing Energy-efficient Retrofits Closer to the Tipping Point…
Energy efficiency law "unqualified success," groups says - Business - The Times-Tribune:
Financial Trends: Evaluating Investments in Advanced Biofuels Projects in the U.S.: The recent passage of
Architecture At Zero: Making The Ultimate Net-Zero-Energy Building
Trucking Trout to Their Native Streams ~NYTimes
Great leaders create value - both economic AND social -
Transocean Faces Possible Lawsuit After Brazil Oil Spill – Forbes Chevron, Transocean Face Criminal Indictments in Brazil After Oil Leaks - Bloomberg
Solar Garden To Give New Life to Old Landfill in Colorado
Fundamental Analysis
What Energy Efficient Light Bulb Regulations Mean: The Green Skeptic on
EU Study Shows Clean Energy Is Cost Effective
Soil Key to Making Agriculture Sustainable
Wind Makes Up 80% of Contracts in Brazil’s Latest Power Auction
Shyam Mehta's amazing forecasting talent revealed 2011: The Return of the Solar Shakeout…
Paint-on solar cells developed
Sharp-Tongued Attacks In Latest Disagreement Over Solar Trade Complaint: Against a backdrop of an alarming
Solar Trust Of America Predicts No Impact From Solar Millennium's Bankruptcy: Solar Trust of America, an integra...
Melting Glaciers Muck Up Earth’s Gravitational Field - Scientific American
Nigeria oil spill 'worst in decade' - Virgin Media Music
New York-Based Coalition Urges Leaders To Take Action On Offshore Wind Energy Development - North
 Hennepin plant on EPA list threatening forced shutdown - News Tribune
This Low-Impact Cabin is Accessed Through a Hidden Retractable Staircase! ~Inhabitat
 In the future, poop will solve all our problems.
Solar Millennium Deal To Sell U.S. Projects Not Dead.
Frugal Innovation
Water a hot topic in Hill Country despite recent rains…
Climate Sensitivity Higher Than We Thought, Researchers Find
Green Blog: On Our Radar: India's Growing Nuclear Sector

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