Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 152

Green business forum on climate change opens in Vietnam - Xinhua News Agency
SEACOR takes stake in European wind farm utility vessel operator - Marine Log
Packaged goods: Three innovations in shipping
2012: Terra incognita
Rain Garden at Marymount University · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader
10 Predictions for Cleantech and Sustainability in 2012
Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time
Top 25 Alternative Energy Moves of 2011
United States Postal Service's Sustainability Efforts are resulting in green
Float Your Wind Turbines To Save and Increase Production - CleanTechnica
Keeping our beaches safe from fecal contamination
Cruise Ship Lines Win 2011 "Dino of the Year" Anti-environmental Prize
Japanese gov't asks Fukushima to store contaminated waste, but region eyes nuke-free future - Xinhua News A...
Climate debate can’t ignore small farmers - Deccan Herald
Unusual weather shouldn't come as a surprise - Lafayette Journal and Courier
Smart Grid - Real-time demand regulation challenges traditional DR and energy storage…
Smartgrid 101: 5 clicks that could make a difference…
Wis. DNR Encourages E-cycling of Old Electronics - WSAW
Time runs out on Delaware offshore wind energy project
Tucked inside a corner of Tokyo - an urban forest -
McDonald’s Aims to Mainstream Sustainability
Smart Grid - IDC Energy Insights 2012 smartgrid predictions via Smart Grid News: More AMI networks to handle electric, water & gas;
Consumers making the switch…
Mitsui backs Tres Amigas’ super grid hub
Peru's Glaciers Melting, Decreasing Water Supply 20 Years Earlier Than Expected Says Mat Mcdermott
Bayer opens emissions-neutral offices in India
New advancements in ocean trash pickup - 5 Things You Can Do for Trash-Free Seas
City Pollution at danger levels in Scotland
10 Common Health Risks in the Home - Eco Friendly Homes
GLOBE-Net: Energy empowerment on the layaway plan sustainability business
Electric School Bus? Not So Far Fetched
Dantherm and Altergy excel in Fuel Cell UPS and Backup Power Market Assessment
McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King just stopped using "pink slime" in their burger meat.
LG to Unveil the World’s Largest OLED TV Screen at CES 2012 ~Inhabitat

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