Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 19

7 Trends That Will Shape Sustainable Consumption in 2012
Resource for Environmental law -
10 Ways Big Data Is Remaking Energy 'Big Data' Creates Big Opportunities
First Drinks is adding Central European Distribution Corporation’s (CEDC) vodka brands Green Mark and Żubrόwka
Spotlight on Rio+20: What’s Happened Since 1992?
Oil spill brings attention to delicate coast - Northwest Herald
Debt crisis forces Spain to halt green energy subsidy scheme: business_green Spanish government...
BP shuts down Shetland oil leak: business_green Oil giant confirms leak has been stopped, as US... .
Protection of 'river pigs', rarer than pandas, is gaining traction
"Material" ESG Issues Trigger Extensive SEC Requirements and Liabilities for Corporate Management.
With Billions Living Close to the Shore, Protecting Our Oceans Isn’t Just a Conservation Issue
The 6 Biggest Trends in Sustainability Reporting
Conservative Media Recklessly Distort Chevy Volt Safety
Study finds pollution from North America is responsible for a 1.2 million ton annual loss of wheat in Europe.
Daily Mail Slammed for Ignoring Scientific Truth We’re Still Warming and Human Emissions Will Dwarf Any Solar Changes
Tesco Considers Dropping Carbon Footprinting Labels from
Our daily roundup has landed. Today, solar is a loser and Europe is better than the States. Sorry.
10 lessons from the world’s great biking cities
Activists Crack China’s Wall of Denial About Air Pollution…
Smart Grid - NM lawmakers consider tax changes for grid project…
How Do You Drive Sustainability Progress Among Your Diverse And Often Complex Supply Chain? Don’...
This is an interesting piece about oilworker clashes in Kazahkstan…
Utilities team up for a water-energy two-fer:…
Big Breaking News: China-US Solar Trade Claim…
Keystone XL bill gets 44 U.S. senators on board
The heat trapped by global warming equals 1 million Hiroshima bombs a day
A Flawed Global Warming Analysis in the Wall Street Journal
For those of you interested in sustainability and food-- a red river, an investigation, and a meat processing plant.
In West Texas, an interesting tie between a freshwater district and Fort Stockton Holdings…
Enhancing Southwest Airlines into a Greener Fleet | green@work today
Hawaii Research Center Walks The Green Talk - EarthTechling (blog)
Wind energy needs union workers - Baltimore Sun
Global Warming Activists Seek to Purge Unfriendly TV Weathermen - FOX News
Climate change may shrink wheat crops -
Commerce Dept sides w/SolarWorld in trade dispute against China Report: tariffs would cost jobs
Dot Earth Blog: 50-Year Burst of Tropical Eruptions Spawned Enduring ‘Little Ice Age’
Income From Building Energy Management Systems to Achieve $6 Billion by 2020
Two hundred square feet? SO last year. This house is so tiny it fits in your pocket:
Nest Thermostats: Making Home Energy Use Smarter & Sexier
Water being trucked to Central Texas town of Spicewood Beach after wells run dry… 

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