Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 15

Real Time Farms tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from: bit.ly/yEvDXW
Underwater Legend Valerie Taylor Urges Protection of Coral Sea - Int'l Business Times ow.ly/1gT6Zo
Deep impact: The toll your protein takes on the Earth bit.ly/Aen4r8
Newt Gingrich is a Clean Energy Killer bit.ly/xn07AN When it comes to clean tech, almost no-one has done more to set back leadership than Newt Gingrich: bit.ly/xtWn4K
Ofgem speeds up £7bn plan to rewire low-carbon Scotland: business_green SSE and Scottish Power ... bit.ly/zED3b2
REpower to upgrade Blyth wind farm with UK's biggest turbine yet: business_green Giant 3.4M 104 ... bit.ly/x10hde
UK Greenlights first marine-energy park in the heart of Brunel-country dlvr.it/171W6w
Sadly, 14% of the wells using the ancient water of the Ogallala Aquifer are now contaminated: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…
Smart Grid - Smart Energy Daily is out! bit.ly/kbYR3u
Keystone activists to protest oil, Congress ties reut.rs/ws0IAJ
Smart Grid - Proximetry Breaks into Big Smart Grid Networking With Cisco, CSC: Proximetry is on a tear. On Monday, the San ... bit.ly/Aez6Z5
'Bicycle Pump' to turn wave power into clean energy. bit.ly/yPcL3T
Bill Burr describes Scotland's ambitious Kincluny Village project, which combines green development practices...fb.me/1i00yw9EU
How to Get Help Paying for Heating Oil bit.ly/ylrMRb  - NYTimes
 Will We Go Hungry in a Warmer World? - Time - Climate change might hit us in the most vital place of ...ow.ly/1gTHgf
Nigeria: Senate Committee Invites Chevron, Others Over Oil Spill -AllAfrica.com ow.ly/1gTHgy
World's tallest peaks most vulnerable to climate change - Deccan Herald ow.ly/1gTHgC
Global Registrations Top 1000 for The Security and Sustainability Forum's January 26th Free Public Health shar.es/fXm5Z
Report: White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP Spill Size bit.ly/xKtLHV
Solar feed-in tariff appeal judgement slated for tomorrow: business_green DECC refuses to rule ... bit.ly/yfzusc
From Starbucks to Barbucks: Hyperreal Gentrification in Your Neighborhood ow.ly/8EmHK
Opower hits 25 million home energy reports ow.ly/1gTL6E
IKEA Transforms Its Own Flat Pack Cardboard Packaging into Funky Furniture Art bit.ly/xKwLtx ~Inhabitat
CSR helps out orangutans shar.es/fX6Vk
Filipinos may pay for new ADB loan bit.ly/wUyUhX
Decline in solar output unlikely to offset global warming: study tw.physorg.com/246626517
Deforestation Could Wipe Out Sumatran Elephants -  bit.ly/ylwmUE
FERC Issues License for a 1MW Tidal Energy Project in NYC greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
EU launches attempt to deliver shipping emissions trading scheme: business_green Consultation ...bit.ly/yxQIo2
In his first campaign ad of 2012, Barack Obama touts clean energy & ethics, amid attacks from oil billionaires. bit.ly/z8Ou2G
Do I Really Need a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment? - The Science of Real Estate Article lnkd.in/sgA6Z3
Long-term sustainability is one of the critical challenges facing health information exchange (HIE) initiatives.ow.ly/8EtHz...
What Are Romney and Gingrich’s Plans for Energy in the US? greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Has Congestion Pricing Lost its Buzz? ow.ly/8EDs5
Carbon Neutrality by 2035 featured in Dec. 2011 edition of College Planning and Management magazine: tiny.cc/jd94o
Ten Years of Texas Electric Utility Deregulation greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Tapping weather data for better demand response bit.ly/xFJv6X
Climate Science Education: It's Important - Huffington Post ow.ly/1gTXqq
U.S. in 2035: Oil imports slashed, renewables rise smrt.io/yRK9r7
Is Europe is more naturally sustainable than America?  goo.gl/fb/FBE0w
How to Fix America's Soon to Be Waterless Cities.  bit.ly/w2aDfM
Heating with wood is making a comeback: bit.ly/x6zrFQ
Obama's State of the Union: A Big Chance to Stump for Clean Energy & Climate Action bit.ly/xBNhyb
NASA video shows visualization of global warming from 1880-2011. It's getting hot in here, and it's accelerating! ow.ly/8EOxM
When Sustainability mixes with Social Media - Social Media Sustainability Indexshar.es/fX4IZ
Nearly a Third of Companies Say Sustainability Is Contributing to Their Profits shar.es/fXCJ9
More companies are using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs to talk about sustainability than ever before.fb.me/1b1YyXr8N
Obama claiming credit for fossil-fuel gains angers industry | bloom.bg/ypudkA
Eco Friendly Kitchens Have Less Food Waste nblo.gs/t7AlP
Attendees referred to scientists who don't believe in climate change as "heroes." bit.ly/y9wQIs
Fukushima conference in Vancouver examines local and global concerns - Georgia Straight ow.ly/1gUabl
U.N. sustainable development summit shifts from climate change - Reuters India ow.ly/1gUabw
In GOP Debate, Santorum Dodges Floridian’s Concern About Offshore Drilling - Think Progress ow.ly/1gUabJ
Using Ocean Temperature Differences to Create Renewable Energy – NASDAQ ow.ly/1gUabR

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