Monday, January 23, 2012

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2012 Issue 14

Seaweed Biofuel Breakthrough Found…
Saudi Arabia. Nigeria. Venezuela. Canada? Is our neighbor to the north becoming a jingoistic petro-state?
6 Amazing Green Treetop Paradises for Sustainable Living
A Farmvillesque wetlands protection game that actually helps real-life wetlands
GREEN GUIDE TO PREFAB: The History of the Mobile Home and Its Influence on the Modern Prefab ~Inhabitat
South African Farmers See Threat From Fracking
The environmental arms race that could save the world.
Oklahoma senators want federal fracking study to meet strict scientific standards
It's Climate Change, Stupid - Huffington Post
Study: Man-made ocean acidity threatens marine life - USA Today Carbon emissions speed up ocean acidification - Khaleej Times
Fresh Arctic water could cool Europe - study - Independent Online
Sustainable Mobility Hits the Road
Reconciling cities with water scarcity
Risks to whooping cranes in Texas raise profile of Wisconsin program…
Urbanisation: The Smart Way to Play God with Earth's Limited Land
 US experts to help address climate change issue for Pacific nations - Philippine Star Online
Shrinking footprints
 Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus climate confusion center to close.
The Devastating Costs of the Amazon Gold Rush
Anaerobic composting: let the anaerobic microbes generate nutrient-rich fertilizer for you
Live updates from fishing boats could reduce waste
Additional Critical Habitat for Leatherback Sea Turtles Designated in U.S.
Marriott Selects Kimberly-Clark Prof for Sustainability Award
Smart Grid - Charlotte Observer: smartmeter could help consumers save money The smart thermostat battles. Didn't see this coming?
Ending fossil fuel subsidies will get us 1/2way to carbon cut targets, keep temp rise below 2°C So let's do it!
GOP isn’t giving up easy on Keystone XL pipeline project:
Thornton Tomasetti Acquires Green Consulting Firm
Joint editorial from Bill Mckibben and Bruneski on President Obama's Keystone XL decision:
Check out this “crowd-sourced online food guide” that tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from:
Blow the Whistle on Big Oil! Join us, 350 & hundreds of others TOMORROW (Jan 24) in DC & don't forget your stripes!
The Need of Building Sustainable Cities
Atlantic canyons and seamounts remain largely unscathed - right now.

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