Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 36

Top Twenty Greenest US and Canadian Cities:
Air Products' Latest GRI G3 Sustainability Report Now Available -
Co-Design a manual for Social Change, that will be freely available for all
Weighty Battle Over Plastic Foam | The Press-Enterprise |
With the $4 trillion we spent on war, we could have provided 280 million people with 100% renewable energy
Original green campaign by Infineon in partnership with Panasonic! Solar and Sheeps ;)
Sustainability initiatives turning Green to Gold in the Midwest:
Did you know that there's a way to be eco friendly and give to charity all at the same time? Givmo is the answer.
California congressman tackles toxic trade in new bill | LA Times | 
What if you chose your cab by who's greenest? Steps in that direction:
How frequently do you travel? Calculate the impact your carbon footprint has:
Newest GTM Research report on Solar PV BOS costs and what it means for the solar industry as a whole. Will this...
Global IT outsourcing for the legal sector: The legal sector is experiencing a period of rapid change, bringing ...
Dead Penguins Washing Ashore With Disturbing Regularity #green
New California Law Expands Tax Exemptions For Solar Projects: Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., has signed into law A....
The new "30 Years War" #green
Better imaging means fewer animals, improved data?
Wayfinding Maps for Urban Navigators
How to give EVs unlimited range: Denmark's plan for a nationwide electric battery-switching infrastructure would...
American Association for Advancement of Science Slams Harassment and Attacks Aimed at Climate Scientists green
Big Coal faces a powerful new enemy in its quest to build new plants: you.
Decoupling economic growth from negative environmental impacts: the Coca-Cola case -
New research shows #climate change could shorten the lifespans of many men
New research shows #climate change could have biological impacts that shorten the lifespans of many men
The Social Side of Reasoning (create collective meaning to find a "truth")
Can Underground Water Cool City Houses?
Efficiency 2.0: Couponing Your Way to Efficiency: There are two things people love in this world: getting discounts...
If Renewable Costs Are Down, Why the Financial Uncertainty?: Over the past few years, renewable costs have been...
California confirms 12-month delay to carbon trading scheme
The Supervalu family of grocery stores, annonced a new sustainability initiave! The addition of 40 new zero waste...
As Energy Demand Accelerates, ARPA-E Bets on Caves, Biofuels
San Francisco tops list of 'green' cities in survey #green
More CPV Funding: Semprius Gets $20M from Siemens, et. al.: Semprius, a developer of concentrating photovoltaic...
UK's Energy Secretary Promises Green Policies Will Boost GDP
UK emissions flat-lining, warns climate committee
UK partners downplay impact of Google's decision to axe PowerMeter
Skills gap puts UK's biodiversity efforts at risk
DECC warned it could 'blow' £11.3bn smart meter budget
New Greenpeace VW Star wars Campaign, Great Video! #green
GreenVolts, CPV Aspirant Gets $39M in VC: GreenVolts, a second-tier Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) supplier ...
GM working on sexy new all-electric car for every country except U.S.
Cincinnati kicks off Green Business Council:
California’s New Pesticide Plan Sparks Protest | LA Times | pesticideplan
High-Stakes Wind Farm Drama in Minnesota Enters Final Act / Subsidiary of Boone Pickens' Mesa Energy impacted.
Germany to substantially increase geothermal feed-in tariffs:
If you like #EV then check out
University of Toronto announces Solar Development - Colloidal Quantum Dots: #green #sustainability #environment #solar
EV Laguna launches electric vehicles charging stations - Coastline Pilot
Climate of Denial... an epic article by @algore in @RollingStone. A must read!
Climate of Denial... an epic article by @algore in @rollingstone. A must read!
How the Meat Industry Turned Abuse into a Business Model #green
Next time your flight's delayed, it might be because of this:
Progressive Brands Should Turn Their Backs on Sustainability: Every progressive consumer-facing bra...
When it comes to green, what you buy matters more than where you live:
Announcing ShadeFund's newest field partner, the Green Chamber of Commerce
Falling PV Module Prices To Drive Solar Market's Recovery Later This Year: After declining for two consecutive quarters...

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