Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 34

New phase-changing alloy turns waste heat into green energy, exhibits spontaneous magnetism (video)
Coal to Diesel Conversion using State-of-the-Art Pyrolysis (Gasification) System (Revised Ver.)
KLM launches commercial flights that use biofuel:
Geothermal power "heating up" across the globe: Latest update from EarthPolicy 
Rattner: Ethanol production wastes corn
A car in the US sits idle in a parking lot for 22hrs/day: Tapping the opportunity for car-sharing >
(sustainable planning = more happiness) How livable streets make us happier humans 
The Continued Relevance of Reclaiming the Urban Memory
Why We Need to Calm the Natural Gas Frenzy
China opposes EU's new aviation emission rules, threatens to pull plane purchases from Airbus
Value of solar power far exceeds its cost
Solazyme receives San Francisco Business Times Cleantech and Sustainability Award: 
Women in Green Forum: The Women In Green Forum (WIGF) will bring together renowned female profess... 
 Is Modern Technology Making Us More Reflective? 
Warming oceans cause largest movement of marine species in two million years
Earth Action Daily is out!  Top stories today 
GE’s ironic new slogan: ‘Natural gas. It’s hot stuff.’
First Packaging-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store In US Coming To Austin, Texas green
Earth Action Daily is out!
United States solar PV expands by 66 percent in Q1 on cheaper parts: 
What does positive social change really take? Practice, consciousness and compassion - Toke Møller
A Double-Dose On The #Power of Collaborative  Planning:  +
A Great Post on how #sociology Affects Our Choice of #Building#Materials - and how we can change >
See the power of placemaking in Korea
Households Challenged To Afford Their Cars -
SGX Introduces Sustainability Reporting Guide to Support Listed Companies - MarketWatch
Global Climate Change May Make Our Oceans Stinkier green
American Electric Technologies Develops 1 MW 1,000 V Photovoltaic Inverter: Houston-based American Electric Tech... American Electric Technologies Announces Solar Industry's First 1 MW 1000 Volt UL 1741-Tested Inverter System: ...
China Sunergy Increasing Solar Cell Production Through 1 GW Expansion Project: China Sunergy Co. Ltd., a solar c...
The most comprehensive evidence to date on embedding #sustainability in organizational culture
Wow. Fast food garbage makes up 50% of street (and Pacific Gyre) litter
Organic Valley and National Cooperative Grocers Association Join Forces to Improve School Lunch: ...
VoltAir: The Electric Passenger Jet Of The Future
Tomorrow, Rich Goode, Head of Sustainability, will speak at the @CleantechOpenNE East Coast Academy - agenda:
Can Developers and Locals Agree on Renewables in California?: Generating renewable energy in California’s Ante...
Saudi Arabia plans to invest at least $100 billion in solar energy & export it
First Take: Regrowing U.S. Manufacturing, the Coming EV Traffic Jam, and More...
All Effective Management Must Be Sustainability Management
GOP lawmakers take aim at Endangered Species Act green
Crazy Europeans think people are more important than cars
Why Happy Customers are Key for Utilities' Success
What's a green city to you, how is your city green, how can it be more sustainable? Use GreenCity & share your thoughts
EcoFactor Teams Up With NV Energy: EcoFactor successfully completed a residential demand response pilot with N...
Solar Competitive Market Analysis: Residential & Small Commercial:
Flow batteries store electricity in giant tanks of goop
Across Europe, Irking Drivers Is Urban Policy #environment
Study: Western US forests burn hotter, take much longer to regrow due to climate change green
Climate change side effect: overworked doctors?
Smart UrbanPlanning in Stockholm = Traffic & CO2 drops 30%, economy booms
Wind energy production has grown at 28% for the last 10 years. #green
Green - A Powerful Engine of Innovation for Healthcare?:

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