Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 35

Increased Access to Broadband Vital to Stimulating New, Sustainable Economic Growth: /PRNewswire/... 

GM expands Chevrolet Volt orders to all 50 states, lowers price - Detroit Free Press - http://t.co/RuXlCuW
New Post: HomeMade Ethanol http://dlvr.it/Y87FK 
Do Better CSR Reports Lead to Better Corporate Citizens? http://grn.bz/muti9P
Rappers, race cars and biofuels http://smrt.io/mu7k6c
US firms top renewable energy index despite little consumer pressure
Fossilized pollen reveals climate history of northern Antarctica  
Automated 3D Digital Landscapes http://goo.gl/fb/Cl7jk
Can a Dog Tranquilizer Help Clean the High Seas?: GOTEBURG, SWEDEN --- Medetomidine was invented to tranquilize... http://bit.ly/lnWbWz 
Ballard Acquiring Stake in Adani Power? No Way: A rumor popped up in The Times of India last week that fuel ce... http://bit.ly/j5fyw1
Harvesting Visible and Invisible Light in PVs with Colloidal Quantum Dots http://bit.ly/jProAS
On-Ramp Wireless Ramps Up Funds for Smart Grid -- http://bit.ly/jTm01I
Sustainability Scientist compares energy-efficient air conditioners to post-gym ice cream treat - cool & tempting. Uh oh: http://ow.ly/5q30c 
How to save $2,000 in energy costs this year | http://ti.me/lQa6F3
Bill McKibben: Environmental Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline #green http://huff.to/lQ0Anv
June is wedding month, and we have some ideas for eco-friendly wedding gifts. http://bit.ly/iPc7E7
Randstad leads the way on corporate citizenship! Corporate Knights names us one of 2011’s Top Foreign Corporate Citizens http://t.co/a2rx4jn

Sales of wind turbines for home use are going strong http://t.co/sQV2n8u
 (USA Today)

The Morning Dig: Europe’s Shift On Urban Transportation Policyhttp://bit.ly/jUw92V
Bike lanes better for job creation than car-only roads: http://ygl.as/kfb9kT
Mixed Greens: People Power Ups Its Offerings, SCI Buys Servidyne and More: People Power has its head in the cl... http://bit.ly/itZhnh

Hunter Lovins Sees Business Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation! http://ow.ly/5rmen
New index ranks corporate leaders in renewable energy purchases | SmartPlanet  http://fb.me/QoCWqEjh
Photovoltaic Tracker Company TecnoSun Solar USA Launches In Ohio: TecnoSun Solar USA Inc., a provider of solar t... http://bit.ly/lHYulX
Trident Solar Develops New Solar Inkjet Printhead And Etchant-Dopant Material: Trident Solar, a Brookfield, Conn... http://bit.ly/ktltwH
Virginia utility to convert three coal plants to biomass http://smrt.io/lnnBWn
Timberland Creates Role of CSR Vice President: Timberland has created a new role, vice president of... http://bit.ly/lpU81e
Norway's carbon capture bet: The fossil fuel industry claims it is the answer to climate change. Energy-rich ... http://on.ft.com/iePeU3
Obama unveils $500 million initiative to fund emerging technologies: http://t.co/tWj6EHB
Industry needs creativity to become sustainable - An Ontario veal farm that generates energy and heat from poop http://ow.ly/5sa9m
(1/2) 230 Million tonnes of plastic were produced in 2009. 50% of it for single-use disposable applications  http://bit.ly/k3luYu
(2/2) Plastic waste: Redesign and Degradability. Good "Future Brief" from Science for Environmental Policy http://bit.ly/k3luYu

Green Chamber of Commerce Perspective on Benefit Corporations and CA’s B Corp bill, AB361 http://ow.ly/5rBAt
A double duty solar window http://smrt.io/lhrFdN
What Happens To Corn If Ethanol Subsidies Disappear? http://ow.ly/5saCz
Eleven Animal Wonders of Evolution #green http://bit.ly/lRnedk
FedEx Adds More Than 4,000 New, Fuel Efficient Vehicles: FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Cor... http://bit.ly/jwoSIy
GM Breaks from Automaker Pack to Meet 56.2 MPG Challengehttp://grn.bz/it9g4Z
Arctic sea ice headed for another major melt http://wapo.st/iMTH1l
What do you do with the world's biggest coal field? Turn it into the biggest coal plant, of course!  http://ow.ly/5s9N8
GM, Westport sign pact to develop natural gas engine tech http://smrt.io/kv9iro
Sour Apple: Edward Glaeser Hates Urban Farms > http://su.pr/24IlDD
Is your shampoo making you fat? The effect of "obesogens", chemicals which affect hormonal balances, on our waist lines http://ow.ly/5sekp
Luxim Brings American Lighting Tech to China: The technology and the lineage of lighting company Luxim is nota... http://bit.ly/lcfd3t
Inside Israel’s Solar Lab: Deep in Israel's Negev Desert sits the National Solar Center, where commercial technology... http://bit.ly/l5j5bW
Boyd Cohen's Top 10 Resilient Cities around the Globe: bit.ly/lVhB49#YVR tops in North America, #Copenhagen top spot #climatecapitalism

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