Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 133

The climate news is bad, but prospects for climate talks may be worse #green bit.ly/vpqfhV
Climate negotiations open, focus on emissions cuts - AP - msnbc.com ow.ly/1fSnY7
Most dire global warming forecasts unlikely, study finds - Washington Post ow.ly/1fSnYc
UPDATE: Areva German Wind Prospect Could Boost Renewables Effort - Smart Money ow.ly/1fSnYh
Where are the new Mandelas when the climate needs them?: business_green The Durban climate talk... bit.ly/vT7Hhk
UK smartgrid test to double throughput of the existing grid using demand response: ow.ly/7HbPQ
Next Autoworks: The Curse of the Solyndra DOE Loan Guarantee greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
PG&E’s Smart Meter Opt-Out: The Ins and Outs greentechmedia.com/articles/read/…
Reuters - Denmark aims for 50% of energy from wind by 2020 and 100 percent renewable energy in 2050 - ow.ly/7HeQ3
Solar in the Asia Pacific Region Booms: China's 2011 Installs May Surpass America's for the First Time: With Eu... bit.ly/vZx9mE
Asia Report: China Strikes Back: American solar companies have been openly fearful that a trade complaint filed... bit.ly/vBk20c
London's new approach to fighting air pollution: glue traps bit.ly/txxKCJ
Why Bill Gates Says We Must Triple Our Clean Energy Innovation Funding bit.ly/vpO8ji
Number of African elephants has plummeted from over 10 mil in the early 1900s 2 probably less than about 700,000 today~ bit.ly/Ellieprayer
The Great Global Warming Fizzle - Wall Street Journal ow.ly/1fSWZo
Ancient Environment Drives Marine Diversity - Terra Daily ow.ly/1fSWZs
Mitt vs. Mitt, flip-flopping on climate change and much else bit.ly/uemXT1
Bill Gates asks the U.S. government to triple energy R&D to $16 billion, a small fraction of what is spent on war su.pr/1BsOkv
Looking Way Back at the Rate of Arctic Melting ow.ly/7GHyu
OMSI cancels global warming presentation, saying panel was one-sided - Oregonian ow.ly/1fT1LS
New blog post: Cut Cash Outflow with Energy Efficient Practices bit.ly/uDzDAh
Walmart Chairman Rob Walton: The Worst of the One Percent? - Bay Area Indymedia ow.ly/1fTa0k
Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone deemed too hot for tourists - USA Today ow.ly/1fTa0c
The state of cleantech venture capital, part 2: The investors dlvr.it/y8JGJ
Bike-powered movies on show in Hong Kong smrt.io/vBGuH4
Study: Climate skepticism leads directly to climate inaction bit.ly/tggiqz 

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