Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 131

63: the number of synthetic chemical products found in the average American home, translating to roughly 10 gallons of harmful chemicals.
Supply Chains & Carbon: Australia Is Worlds Largest Coal Exporter, Japan It's Largest Customer
Charles A. Sammons Cancer Centre awarded LEED Gold: Reclaimed materials constitute 21% of
Global Green: Water Saving Strategies Amber Keenoy has 11 water saving strategies
'Emissions gap' overshadows warming target: UNEP - Global Energy Watch: 
HQE Exploitation vs Breeam In-Use vs Leed for Existing Building : Let's fight ! 
Green Building Comes of Age in South-East Asia 
Modern, Simple, & Green - Building, Living & Design : A Blog 
LEEDing the way Minto energy efficient homes 
British Airways to Fly on Biofuel from City Waste 
Green Remodel hits market in St. George Utah 
European Products for Building Tight Homes
CertainTeed EnerGen Thin-Film PV and Sustainable Insulation Featured...
GRIHA rating for new government buildings: Speaking during the inauguration of 'Green 
Betsy Herbert, Earth Matters: Say hey to graywater, while rainwater catchments ...:
Green Centers Go Biocoastal In Canada 
 How To Choose GreenBuilding Materials - 
What are earth sheltered homes, and why are they an example of green building
First US National GreenBuilding Code Approved for 2012 implementation! This is a bigger deal than it seems, folks. Dept of Energy Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals -
FMA awards highlight energy efficiency measures 
Nadine & Thawq have posted about their internships in the UAE on our blog!
EPA and GSA Team Up to Promote Green Federal Facilities in Boston & New England 
Green Building pioneer Edward Mazria on his mission to make all buildings carbon-neutral
Prefab Green Homes: Ten Sustainable Home Manufacturers to Consider
Is the solution to sprawl reimagining office parks?
Bill passage puts offshore drilling, 'fracking' one step closer - WRAL
New civil fine to be paid by Dominion over 700-800 fuel oil spill in 2010 - Examiner
America Recycles Day 2011 Video Competition Winners Announced
A How-To Guide to Slashing California’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050
Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage: Feasibility, Permanence and Safety Issues Remain Unresolved
W2 Energy Completes Construction of WaterHelix Hydrokinetic Power Head
Glazer: ‘War on Christmas trees’ is really just a little green marketing push
ACE Appoints Green To Lead UK, Ireland Business - Quick Facts
'Green' project at Adams to include wind, solar energy 
Delicious: Green Marketing and Social Media for Promtoing Environmental Sustainability - ParkHowell. [Research]
Research - Green Marketing and Sustainability Research with LOHAS
The Art of Green Marketing for Sustainable Brands
As climate change gets worse, so will the cost of fixing it - medically speaking.
Louisiana Teens Kill 2 Whooping Cranes; Wild Flock Now Reduced to 4 Birds.
Sustainability - International Trade Centre and CSRwire Announce New Partnership: From a recent collaboration
Climate change: South Africa has much to lose - The Guardian
Research and Markets: Marine Geology & Geophysics. A Derivative of the Encyclopedia of Ocean Science...
20% of US CO2 emissions are from cars. New mpg standards would reduce C02 18% by 2030. That's progress! 
Elephants Killed by Heat Wave in Zimbabwe
The Green Marketing Company: A Social Business Enterprise
Reducing meat and dairy consumption: easier said than done, or easier done than said?
Some water-saving showerheads even have a "pause button" to let you stop the water while soaping up or shampooing
TMMS will offer overseas science eco trip
Wind, solar, and ocean power manufacturers to require $17 billion through 2012
Climate change hits Africa's poor farmers - Winston-Salem Journal
Smokies research indicates bugs antsy about climate change - Asheville Citizen-Times
Saudi Arabia to become solar powerhouse
Sorghum capable of mitigating global warming impact: ICAR - MSN India
Wind Energy Today: Submarine Cable O&M: Cost Critical Strategies for Offshore Wind - YAHOO!
Climate change bridges gap between Aspen and Uganda - Aspen Times
Canada to argue 'ethical' oilsands at climate change talks - Calgary Herald
U.S. Motor Gasoline Use Declining - Renewable Energy - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Climate change deniers just want status quo - Arizona Daily Sun
OECD: World must act to cut CO2 emissions - Independent Online
The Green Marketing Company: Sustainability Equals Profitability
THE GREEN MARKETING COMPANY: Search Engine Optimization
Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage: Feasibility, Permanence and Safety Issues Remain Unresolved 

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