Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 66

sus.tain’a.bil’i.ty n. the ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity
Sustainability should be the true measure of US creditworthiness | Simon Zadek
Last week, the most commented on article discussed DIY solar. Would you install your own?
Today's Eco Term: Wind Turbine. It's a fun fact, but do you really know the difference between a turbine & a windmill?
The convergence society = business reforming to be more like social enterprises
Blaming nature for the CO2 rise doesn't add up #green
It's Official: The GOP Field Will Have No Environmental Advocate green
TED talk "The business logic of sustainability"
Save Money and Go #Green With The Great Pacific Garbage Patch cover an area twice the size of Texas
Why Clotheslines Are Better For You, Your Clothes, and Environment  Enjoy Laundry That’s Fresh, Clean & Green!
Raging storms, rising seas swell ranks of climate refugees - by Lester Brown:
Is Smart Grid a proper noun? Is it “Smart Grid” or “smart grid”? Read and join the debate
To avoid smartgrid data overload, utilities must start to develop situational-awareness systems Big data meets the smart grid
PlanetSolar: The World’s Largest Solar Powered Boat Docks in Hong Kong
Start 'em young! RT @greeneconpost Young Green Entrepreneurs Compete in $2 Million Cleantech Contest
Stanford University’s Xenith Could Be the Fastest Solar Car Ever Built
After all, sustainability means running the global environment - Earth Inc. - like a corporation: with depreciating..
EPA to Power Industry: Don’t Worry About Reliability, We Can Grant Waivers: Filed under: Energy News
Global News: US Cuts Coal Use at Home, Sends More Abroad; India Now Top Recipient of U.S. Solar Funding
For God and a Greener Country
The wrong kind of sea foam sustainability
Is growing vegetables from sewer water the next big thing in re-use?
Where oh where does garbage really go?
How are Arizona's universities advancing sustainability? Check out these innovations -
Rick Perry's environmental record In Texas, Perry Has Ridden an Energy Boom
Blue Oval on a Green Streak: Ford Blueprint for Sustainability
Nature Takes Over the Office in Downtown Denver green
Biofuels offer so many environmental benefits but the controversy continues. Here is the real deal on Food vs. Fuel
Analysis: Japanese rare earth consumers set up shop in China - Reuters
Net Zero Savannah iHouse Opens For Tours At Green Bridge Farm  -Inhabitat
Ecotricity Rolls out the World's First Wind Powered Car Charger | Inhabitat
More farmers markets mean more jobs, by @tlaskawy:
Smart Energy Daily is out!
Wilson Solar Grill Stores the Sun’s Energy for Nighttime Fuel-Free Grilling
Elephant, Rhino Poaching Driven By China's Economic Boom, Study Says
Why carbon footprint of bike can't be beat Surprised by how much bigger subway's C footprint is than bus.
 Big Spring TX sewage-to-drinking-water story…
Motorola Solutions Foundation Announces 2011 Innovation Generation Grant Recipients: The
The green angle on the riots
Nokia US - We’ve designed special #solar charging panels for a very special research project:
If We Ignore Warnings the Ocean is Trying to Send, We Risk Losing More Than Just Our Vacation Spots
Green Fleet Briefing: Sheraton, IEEE, Detroit Edison: The Sheraton Atlanta has become the first
Let's Do Hybrid Trains ! Battery Powered Locomotives Creep Onto The Transportation Scene
What are the key marketing benefits of improving a hotel’s green credentials?…
GM corn being developed for fuel instead of food 

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