Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 57

How will your company’s own sustainability story stand out from the crowd?  http://fb.me/14jUSGFxP
In spite of cost, eco-impact and health woes, America is chowing down on more burgers than ever before. http://bit.ly/pfr2mq
This is pretty cool! MIT generates photovoltaic power without sunlight http://t.co/e6Lrr0q Solar for Vampires: MIT Creating Low-Cost 24/7 Solar Power http://bit.ly/pfjAko
CEO of ConEdison Solutions: Debt Ceiling Crisis May Hamper Greener Energy-http://www.cnbc.com/id/43971315  
Cree Demos Impressive 152 Lumens Per Watt LED Bulb Concept: http://jgrn.co/mQlVd9
Fastcompany explains why you should learn to love the #smartgrid http://bit.ly/nUOCsg
Green groups launch blistering attack on US debt deal http://bit.ly/nbCXnt
GOP Investigating Obama’s New Fuel Economy Rules http://bit.ly/qQDayZ
Is Raising the Debt Ceiling Economically Sustainable? http://bit.ly/nHm63L
Top VC: We’ve got bigger problems than Europe vs USAhttp://ow.ly/1e4fSU
Illegal Road Built Through Protected Wetlands for Unapproved $500 Million Coal Terminal http://ow.ly/1e4gik
Chart: Defense Cuts in Debt Deal Are Not the Security Threat We Should Be Worrying About  http://bit.ly/nhd0m8
Shanghai Stock Exchange to Launch Index for Low-Carbon Companies http://grn.bz/puo2c6
Green Economy and Green Jobs in China: Current Status and Potentials for 2020 report by @WorldwatchInst http://bit.ly/naKQ4Z
Chinese Government Announces Solar Feed-In-Tariff Prices: China's National Development and Reform Commission. http://bit.ly/odscel
How GRI Can Bring the Other 90% of Companies to the CSR Table http://grn.bz/pzXuSd
How to Tell Your Sustainability Story: the Messier the Better http://ow.ly/1e3Tub
Update on EPRI's Smart Grid Demo Initiative http://bit.ly/pFFqNK
South African soldiers battle rhino poachers in Kruger green http://yhoo.it/oJprqo
Australia's New Energy Regime http://bit.ly/oZamgd
Smart grid platform player gets ARRA loan http://bit.ly/oVJ5dm
EnergyAxis Today we announce with our partners, the formation of the Smart Grid Voltage Conservation Alliance (SGVCA) learn more: http://bit.ly/ogrF1M
Huge energy company profits, and huge subsidies. http://nyti.ms/qyDE6L
Why shutting down 800 federal data centers won’t be easy http://bit.ly/pNqWr9
Virtual store enables commuters in Seoul to multitask while waiting http://smrt.io/nRrnlS
Protesters Continue To Block Mountaintop Removal At Coal River green http://bit.ly/p50ixW
Green: Japanese Amateurs Track Radiation http://bit.ly/qGqGqF
Forget fighting off scurvy. Orange juice can power billboards. That's some juicy biofuel.  http://bit.ly/rfoYX9
Green: Why Climate Scientists Are So Perturbed http://bit.ly/qHfTkU
Tube City: A Sustainable Water-Purifying City for Delhi http://bit.ly/oAuele
Scientists name world's most important marine conservation hotspots green  http://bit.ly/oBvyQb
Ambient Corporation Announces Listing on NASDAQ http://ow.ly/5SXEu
Singapore agencies, Panasonic partner for green public housing - eco-business.com  http://t.co/DUC1xhy
Show me the money: How Energy Efficiency Financing makes dollars and sense  http://wp.me/p1m45A-4Y
Vattenfall slots final REpower wind turbine into place at Ormonde http://bit.ly/qVYYcA
Sustainability Due Diligence... Over Coffee http://t.co/GDUQrxs
UK slipping as European attitudes on sustainability improves http://t.co/Me0QW9o
Thames Water's solar partner warns utility's £7m PV plans are "at risk" http://bit.ly/nTABdJ
Solar Powered EV Chargers Keep SolarCity One Step Ahead of the Pack http://bit.ly/rnCyn6
SOCAP11 Convenes Hundreds of Global Innovators from 75 Countries to Confer, Partner & Shape the ...http://bit.ly/ndmaP6  sustainability
Aerosols affect climate more than satellite estimates predict green http://bit.ly/nZWgGz
Applications: the Missing Link in Data Center Efficiency http://ow.ly/1e3YWb A sneak peek into Google’s servers and energy efficiency http://ow.ly/1e471B Data Center Power Use Drops as Green IT, Recession Take Effect http://grn.bz/nT8mjZ Report: data centers accounted for just 1 to 1.5 percent of electricity use last year, Google claims less than http://engt.co/puQMWm
Celebrities endorsing green…this is when it becomes real for middle America  http://bit.ly/pmBmGo
UPS takes its role as a green supply chain seriously http://grn.bz/mPwyWR
Trip to rainforest yields new way to degrade plastic http://tw.physorg.com/231498158
Gunter Pauli - Rethinking Energy Production with the Blue Economy green  http://bit.ly/okqDTr
The CFO is Important to Sustainability http://ow.ly/5T8WL - @CSRware supports the CFO champion who wants to measure what they manage.
Solar Market Snapshot: Four Videos, Five Experts and One Story To Make Sense Of Them All: For Intersolar North ... http://bit.ly/rpoGyl
The importance of social for greentech http://ow.ly/1e43vY
Fuel cell makers eye data centers http://dlvr.it/dYX4Y
New post at SciAmBlogs: Building knowledge (and stuff) ethically: the principles of “Green Chemistry”. http://t.co/8Z7O2cI
Is a NABCEP Certification Really Necessary?: My first encounter with NABCEP (North American Board of Certified ... http://bit.ly/oMZ0Fg
Federal Energy Efficiency Legislation Slowly Moving Forward, but Will the Clock Run Out?  http://ow.ly/1e471y
Which Brands Do Consumers Think Are Greenest? http://ow.ly/1e471A
Alternate Energy Choices and Challenges in Vermont http://ow.ly/1e471C
INTERVIEW: We Talk Hemp with South African Materials Expert Tony Budden  http://bit.ly/qXlCdX
Here is one more totally awesome reason that we should be switching out incandescent lamps for LED light bulbs: http://bit.ly/nQ8dPH
Timberland keeps stretching with ambitious 2015 csr http://grn.bz/pYM7Uc
Online document management = sustainability for smaller businesses http://smrt.io/rm1ROW
GRI is taking a very strategic approach to advancing sustainability reporting in the U.S. and it sounds as though. http://fb.me/1bufawpil
Four Ways to Make Smart Meters Work for Customers: The California Public Utility Commission adopted rules on. http://bit.ly/r9kz9H
TX grid operator issues another call for conservation this afternoon; wholesale prices shooting up again above $1,000 http://t.co/CPBMtfs
Barclays to help fund K Road's solar power projects http://bit.ly/nnfdGT
Could a Carbon Tax Emerge from the Debt Ceiling Crisis? - Photo: thewritingzone, Flickr/CC BY-SA So, the Senate has... http://ow.ly/1e4iHQ
Stakeholder Engagement in Mining Operations http://ow.ly/1e4iHP

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