Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 59

China unveils feed-in tariff for solar power 
The @EPAgov and 16 other Federal agencies make strong commitment to environmental justice:
Wal-Mart turns up heat on sustainability goals: In a recent presentation to some industry members at the 2011
MediaPost: Nissan Launches Sustainability Game Site mediapost
What Should a Federal Clean Energy Standard Look Like?: It’s going to be wind and biomass, and it’s going to c...
The Department Of Energy Reveals The Light Bulb Of The Future
Here are five celebs who are bridging entertainment and the environment!
Monsanto launching its first biotech sweet corn
Trade War Looms Over Airlines Refusal to Comply with EU Cap-And-Trade Law  green
New Maps from NRDC Show How Warming Will Affect Your Health
The new 55 mpg fuel economy standard is really closer to 40 mpg.
DuPont may recall, halt sales of herbicide: U.S. EPA ~Reuters
E.P.A. Is 'Greening the Apple' ~NYTimes
Is Cisco Backing Out of Building Management?: Cisco was one of the first large computer companies to jump into...
Shell gambles U.S. rules on drilling before Arctic freezes green
Shell Accepts Liability For Nigerian Oil Spills For First Time - Region Will Take 30 Years To Clean  Up
Target Commercial Shoots Go Eco-Friendly
The next hot cleantech sector: clean water for gas fracking
Are You Getting pressure to Build a Sustainability Program? Jumpstart your CSR Today! Check this out...
Amazing sustainability video: Doing Better with Less:
Sharks kill two or three people every year. People kill 73 million sharks in the same time period. 
CA PUC ruling allows consumer access to their smart meter data | greentechgrid
LADWP's Revived Solar Program Sparks More Industry Backlash: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADW...
Cities require large buildings to disclose energy use | SmartPlanet
Ceres Urges EPA Not to Delay Final Implementation of its Air Toxics Rule for Electric Utilities:
A new fabrication technique lets batteries use tin electrodes, and store more energy.
Born after 1976? You’ve never experienced normal global temperatures:
UPS Reduces Per Package Fuel Consumption
Not only is Sungevity doing a great job educating people about solar, but their truck is getting some major style...
The Slowly Evolving Botany Sands Aquifer Ecological Disaster green
Philips snags $10M L Prize with energy efficient light bulb Latest from Philips LED -> Department of Energy Announce Philips as Winner of L Prize Competition
Coal: A Love Story — Must-Watch Journalism
BrightSource adds salt for solar power at night
For smaller green-tech start-ups themselves, big companies can be a ticket to seeing their products get beyond...
US Chemical Reporting Policy Finally Enters the 21st Century
How to Get the Most Out of Your High Performance Building
UN's Method for Measuring Building Emissions May Become ISO Standard
3 Best Practices for Managing Corporate Sustainability Projects
Is ISO 14001 Certification Still Relevant?
Why green-tech start-ups depend on big business
Global News Roundup: UK Sails to Offshore Wind Lead; Germany Boosts Clean-Energy Research by 75% to Ease Nuclear Exit
New Report: Transport Determines Housing Affordability
World Wind Market: Record Installations, But Growth Rates Still Falling: The impact of the economic crisis can ...
Eco-friendly Skate Ramp Material! Outlasts Most Materials On the Market and Made out of Recycled Plastic! More here:
Anthropogenic nitrogen plays a double role in climate change
Why You Should Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Smart Grid
Solar power. Saves on your bills and provides you with WHAT?? (xpost from pics) green
What are the Best Recent Stories on Climate and Energy?
Wholesale power prices in ERCOT are almost at the cap again today, approaching $3,000/mwh.
Better desalination technology key to solving world's water shortage
EPA should require disclosure of fracking chemicals, groups say |
Pictures: U.S. Frogs Deformed by Parasite Infections green

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