Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 63

Understanding the Limits to Growth green
Pics: NYC's High Line So Popular, They Decided To Do It Again
New CO2 Sand Bricks are 2.5 Times Stronger than Concrete ~Inhabitat
Organic chicken farms have fewer drug-resistant bacteria:
Study Reveals That World Cash Supplies Are Contaminated With BPA  - Inhabitat
Practically all companies nowadays recognize the many benefits of sustainability tactics, from making facilities...
Top 6 Solar Powered Backpacks to Take You Back to School in Style
7 ways sustainability 'embracers' blaze a trail for the cautious
Daredevils rowing to North Pole to draw attention to climate change:
EcoMedia Adds Nearly 20 New Advertisers to Support Upcoming Environmental Projects in Communities...
Summer time is the perfect time to avoid the energy sucking clothes dryer.
Mini Prefab Police Station Lays Down The Law In Hanover, Germany -Inhabitat
Affordable LED bulbs? Japan has 'em
Conflict Mineral Legislation Sends Mining Companies into Overdrive
How did the world get so fixated on GDP? | James Meadway
Cheaper, more efficient: Solar panels that produce hydrogen
Green groups urge US 'super-committee' to take on oil industry tax breaks
Kjellgren Kaminsky’s ‘Clear Cut’ Helps Us Envision the Life Cycle of Forested Trees - Inhabitat
Green Your Cell Phone: There's an App . . .: to help you live greener.
Are Forests Breathing Easier? Thank City Dwellers
Does Recycled Paper Really Save Trees? green
Secrets of the Super Greenies Revealed
Renewable energy to power Star Trek theme park in Jordan Boldly going where no entertainment resort has gone before!
Global Experts Explore the Future of Sustainable Chemistry: The earth’s population has grown by m...
Mysterious Orange Goo on Alaskan Shores Turns Out to be Possibly Toxic Fish Eggs green
A week in the Leaf
In the Face of Regulatory Uncertainty, “Clean Coal” Teeters as Solar, Wind Carry On
Discussing Peak Resources High in the Swiss Mountains
Researchers predict we have enough lithium to power electronics and electric cars for at least another 90 years:
Seattle looks at an ambitious scenario to hit carbon neutrality by 2050:
Apple streaming movie service hits content licencing roadblock
Mount Etna Eruptions Light the Italian Night green
Charging that Electric Car Could Cost More Than a Tank of Gas. (via BNET) Tech |
Smart Grid Italy: What to Watch: When it comes smart grid, Italy is best known for its aggressive smart meter ...
You Can Go Green and Get Rich Too. I Hope. - Image credit: Larry Page, used under Creative Commons license. When I ...
The eBay of Electricity
PlotWatt Web app spots home energy hogs
Before Calling the EPA a “Job-Killer,” Michele Bachmann Asked for Money from the Agency to Stimulate “Long-Term ...
Check out: Smart Grid Sparks Pricing Debate In Illinois
20% by 2020 is possible … so far all panelists agree TEClive with Siemens_Energy AWEA
The Winter of Nuclear Energy
Generating Electricity From Buried Carbon | Injecting CO2 into ground, brought to surface for electricity production
Researchers find high energy output from algae-based fuel, but 'no silver bullet'
DIY: Piled Up Egg Cartons Give Way to an Awesome Lightweight Seating Option - Inhabitat
Kill The Myth: Incandescent Bulbs Are Not Banned
Coal-fired power plants close down rather than clean up their emissions:
Ford, SunPower Want to Plug Homes, Electric Cars into Solar Energy

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