Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 62

New smartgrid technology is helping consumers reduce their energy use, save money:  http://t.co/qOUhlBi
Elithis Tower: The World’s First Energy Positive Office Building http://ow.ly/1eaywg
The Simplest Multi-Billion Dollar Budget Cut of All: Oil Subsidies http://ow.ly/1eayvd
India seems to be chasing the goal of being one of the world's top 20 emitters of carbon emissions. Yikes. http://bit.ly/oeXscb
Update: Proxy pressure on environmental issues reaches high http://smrt.io/r2zSZE
Human-Powered Gamera Helicopter Breaks World Record! http://bit.ly/pFYiAh - Inhabitat
Toyota Publishes 'Sustainability Report 2011' - MarketWatch http://t.co/PBTcJ6q
Green Your Cell Phone: Make it Multitask: Smart phones can make minimalism easier. Here's how: http://bit.ly/qO4OkF
Why the U.S. Debt Crisis is just the Tip of the Melting Iceberg http://bit.ly/pO405N
1000 New Farmers Markets in a Year - The Daily Greenhttp://ow.ly/5Y79l
Elemental LED Welcomes Sustainability Writer Michael Gutman as a Regular Contributor to its LED Lighting Blog http://t.co/e35tGdF
Millennium Stadium achieves sustainability standard http://t.co/5MZWDR8 
Transparent battery developer imagines see-through iPhone http://smrt.io/nucKQN
London taps into the Thames for river power http://smrt.io/pOsX30
10 installations that use fuel cells as an energy source. http://fb.me/Q5mbsVAU
Vestas announces plan for new Brazilian turbine plantshttp://bit.ly/n6Da07
NASA Discusses Green Building: Dr. Seth Shostak and Silicon Valley Buzz interviews Dr. Steven Zorne...http://bit.ly/quR0KF #environment
Companies claim concern for climate, but sponsor ALEC: http://bit.ly/q38Pzs
Bringing Social Entrepreneurs and Investors Together: Kevin Jones on How to Maximize your Value | GroAction http://bit.ly/rpktZb
Schools Of Fish Can Lead To More Efficient Wind Farms. Biomimicry in full effect!  http://t.co/8vHiRU2
So long sweet corn. green http://bloom.bg/q6J0l7
Japan tsunami causes icebergs to break off in Antarctica http://t.co/rA3LrCE
"No one should be claiming sustainable products. There is no such thing yet in terms of zero footprint. What you... http://fb.me/C4VYZ38k
Carbon permits rebound 5 percent on utility buyinghttp://bit.ly/nXBzzp ~Reuters
Global CSR Conference: Adding Value in Emerging Markets and Local Communities: BREAKING: BCLC is ... http://bit.ly/qhylaa
Today's Eco Term: Solar Thermal Energy. What the heck is it? Seriously? http://dld.bz/ahwJk
How a Wind Energy Empire Was Built: http://ow.ly/5YJmQ 

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