Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 58

Good news: Most Americans who understand the smart homes concept want them. Bad news: 72% don't get it
'Airlines and Carbon' #nytimes#editorial #carbon #environment 'plan to regulate carbon emissions... is reasonable'
Japan Will Generate Electricity by Turning Unused Rice Paddies into Solar Farms
In Poland, wind power is 50% cheaper than nuclear green
Why CIO Should Be Your Sustainability Leader, Data Centers Use Less Energy than Feared, and More... -
Cleantech Investment Drops 44%, but Big Deals Suggest Future Growth
Green: Second-Guessing Polar-Bear Research
Battery maker Leyden raises $20M, looks to e-bikes
How will Citizens Ever Afford 54.5 MPG?
Euro Sustainability, The ISSP Lexicon (TM) Project & Early Bird D...
A growing market for cleantech: data centers --
Ancient Glacial Melting Shows that Small Amount of Subsurface Warming Can Trigger Rapid Collapse of Ice Shelves
Sun-Less Solar Cells Could Make Energy From Anything Hot. (via @fastcompanyTech Energy |
Stanchart names new Regional Head of Sustainability for Africa:
Nissan Leaf’s New Vehicle Charger Can Also Power Homes
The top four ways you waste gas when you think you're actually saving it.  green
Google Pushes Electric Planes In Green Flight Challenge, via @forbesgreen
An EV has to be boring and practical. Right? New electric i3 & i8 concept cars from BMW tell a different story
Department of Energy invests $50M in solar panel manufacturing
Climate One Change: The circle of sustainability: By Stuart Hickox, Founder & President, One Change Vunt... 
Energy efficiency is a $170 billion per year investment opportunity that can provide an average 17 percent rate...
MedVirginia Profiled in Report on HIE Leadership and Sustainability | Virtual-Strategy Magazine:
High Line Park attracts $2 billion in new developments, other cities follow
Sustainable Logistics Panel Discussion: This networking session featured a panel discussion with.
Aeromexico pilots first trans-Atlantic commercial biofuels flight
NYT editorial on airlines & European carbon pricing
Green groups: Utah to okay blended nuke waste
Solar Inspection: Keeping an Eye on Quality Control: Today, silicon cell factories have moved toward the gigawa...
Energy Secretary May Start "National Climate Change Education Campaign" green
Is GE Food Necessary on a Warming Planet?
Carrier Strengthens Sustainability Offering in China via PRNewswire
Submit a Question for Charly Kleissner & The Conscious Business Institute | GroAction
Good regulatory direction on smart grid from NARUC - should help speed deployments -
Tendril Partners with NorthWestern Energy: NorthWestern Energy has chosen Tendril for its Smart Grid Demon...
Clarkson's electric car category error
Colorado plans disclosure rules for fracking fluids by end of year
Why giving consumers real-time knowledge about energy prices might be a problem for the  grid
Safety a growing concern for wind/solar in Cali. "One of these days, a turbine's going to fall on  someone."
Yellow Leaf Hammocks Launches New E-Commerce Site, Supporting Sustainable Economic Development th...
New book: Power Conversion & Control of Wind Energy Systems, by Wu, Lang, Zargari, Kouro. More info and to purchase:
Ontario banks on clean tech being the future of North America's auto industry 

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