Monday, August 8, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 61

How important is sustainability? Here's what EPA's science advisor, Paul Anastas, had to say
North American Indians to suffer disproportionate climate impacts green
U.K. media down on renewable energy:
Watch this video on the importance of recycling old and used electronics:
Ocean power: Still DOA
What do you think of this article? True? "What if the Smart Grid Isn't So Smart?"
The Long-Term Consequences Of Texas' Worst Ever Drought #green
Our oil addiction, illustrated green
4 recommendations for making America's infrastructure smarter
Record heat, no solar means Texas is paying 40 times more for power:
Can Energy Efficiency Save the Economy?
Did you know that you can run your home for one day from a Chevy Volt and for 2 days from a Nissan Leaf?
First Takes: Boom Times for Renewables, Buick's First Hybrid Hits the Road, and More
: Is your cheese killing the planet? Sobering for #vegetarian & omnivore alike. But it's not all bad news:
Rockefeller Foundation and Partners Launch Global Debate on the Role of Philanthropy in International...
If your company has a poor Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) record, 3 reasons why banks might fear you
Opposition to Natural Gas Fracking Heats Up
Automakers have most of the technology they need today to meet the 2025 55 mpg fuel economy standard.
SunShot: $50 Million Closer to Cheap Solar Power and Green Jobs, Too
To keep up with energy innovation, legislators rewrite rules
This is a wonderful ad campaign for a dish detergent which emphasizes sustainability! Such a perfect example of...
US Debt Deal Kills Off Prospects of Renewables Support
Report: ICE to close Chicago Climate Futures Exchange Chicago Exchange's Closure Drives Another Nail in US Carbon Market
REpower wins latest Co-operative wind farm deal
One of Every Four U.S. Bridges Is 'Broken' green
Emirates eyes EU carbon tax of $1 billion over 10 years Dubai
Atomic Bomb Survivors Join Nuclear Opposition green
No relief in sight for Texas heat and drought green
Climate change hurts your health right now, today
Denmark’s Roadmap for Fossil Fuel Independence
Friday Inspiration it is! RayCAnderson: a 'Radical' Industrialist on a sustainability  journey
Suburbs can be green too! This Chicago suburb of lux mini mansions features green design elements and a compact...
'Exceptional' Drought Parches US - About 41% of the country is facing abnormal dryness or drought green
Green-tech venture investing looks for a reboot
Greenpeace Report: Biofuel Is Not Eco-Friendly green
Solar Systems Increase The Value Of Homes By $5.50 Per Watt Installed! Inhabitat
Drought-stricken Texas town drinks own recycled urine to save water  green
BP funds push for more offshore drilling in oil-soaked Louisiana:
Carbon offsets near record low, worst performing commodity ~Reuters
[Caveat: we haven't checked the accuracy of the numbers] Solar Tower plan in Arizona promises a 200MW production
Aug 6th - 20 years ago today, the World Wide Web opened to the public
Interesting Egyptian stories! :
How to Clean Up the Carbon Mess
As summer temperatures rise, so does deadly coal pollution
Blackstone Private Equity Firm Invests in German Offshore Wind…In a Big Way
The Carbon-Constrained World: Companies Ignore It At Their Risk: When U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham last year dec...
Ever more growth in use of natural gas is welcome for many reasons. But it is not a cure for global warming
Pod Cars, Moving Silently at Heathrow's Terminal 5 -
Recommended classic on governance: "The Struggle to Govern the Commons" co-authored by Nobel Laureate E. Ostrom
Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa: an activist executed for trying to save the Niger Delta from Shell's destruction green
We like biofuel, but a study says it's causing higher food costs. We question the study, but here's what they said.
'Superbugs' in our food sustainability Drug Resistant Salmonella Prompts Recall of 36,000,000 Pounds of Turkey green A strain of Salmonella resistant to the most powerful antibiotics has been found in the UK, France and Denmark. #green
Today's eco term: Power grid. Do you know why clean energy is held back by a power grid & what it is?
President Clinton Encourages Walden Graduates to Use Their Education to Effect Positive Change: ... 
Shell has admitted liability but has a long way to go to make amends green
Roundup: Amazon Deforestation on the Rise Again in Brazil; UN Slams Shell as Nigeria Needs Biggest.
Is fair-trade coffee worse than regular beans?
Connecting the Dots: Diet and Health (People, Planet, Economy)
Climate Skeptics: How do you solve a problem like conservative white men? green
How Climate Deniers Follow Big Tobacco's Propaganda Script green
Fuel-Saving Mazda i-Stop Stalled In U.S. Because Of EPA Tests green
Twenty scientists urge President Obama to reject tar-sands pipeline green - Off The Grid Home Energy
How plastic bags are recycled via Earth911TV
Donald Trump and His Hair Oppose Offshore Wind Farm, Saying It Ruins View from his Golf Course’s Despoiled Land
How do you convert other people to sustainable living? Tips and advice for spreading the word & the movement.
BP Is Top Funder Of ALEC Annual Meeting In Oil-Soaked Louisiana green
Brene Brown at TED on The Power of Vulnerability
Gulf Spill's Effects Unknown For Years via Nat Geo 
Geologist experiments with crowdsourcing to track water levels of local streams green
Bees are struggling everywhere, but ironically they may be better off in cities than in the country. Why?
Summer is the perfect time for some nature-loving camping. If you're getting your tent on, do it green.
Find The Advantages of Wind Energy For The Home Alternative Power
Can the US learn lessons from the European biking culture as a means of mass transportation? opinion on YaleE360 
Micronesia Creates Shark Sanctuary green
Why You Should Think About Sustainability Like an Engineer
How the Tourism Industry Can Prepare for Climate Change
Why Tork Certified its Napkins to Be Compostable
Will China Take Over the Inverter Market?: Sungrow. It’s not a name you hear all the time at solar conferences...
 Our sustainable procurement toolkit is now available. Born in 2007 but as useful today
UNH gets gold rating for sustainability - WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-: 
London lags behind in home insulation league
Real Goods Solar Develops Financing Program For Commercial-Scale Solar Projects: Real Goods Solar Inc., an engin...
New York Governor Signs Into Law Power NY Act, Mandating Solar Study: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, D-N.Y., has signed i...
SEH Commercial implements solar installation for log cabin
50 years of change in Cape Cod National Seashore green
SOLARLOK wing edge junction box offers an ideal connectorized solution for easy module cell expansion
British householders should take advantage of the surprise Government incentive to install eco heat technology in t
China's new energy market to experience a fast growth
Suburban sprawl with the point of a bayonet:
Building a strong sustainability program is akin to constructing a building : be meticulous, calculated and apply...
Help for humpback whales: US and Bermuda agree to help endangered species along ocean migratory route.
Why carry a bottle and use tap or drinking fountains? See
Green: Oil Sands to Boost Emissions, Canadian Report Says

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