Friday, August 5, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 60

Green or Not? How the Majority of Consumers Perceive Their Homes
Grant purchased solar-powered umbrella comes to @UCFStudentUnion Check out the Solar Dok charging station!
Local Investing to Harness Hydropower Attracts National Attention
Oil Lobby Resorts to Astroturfing on Twitter to Promote Canada-to-Texas Pipeline green
Boosting Organic Food in Indonesia
Domtar Broadens FSC Paper Product Range: Paper manufacturer Domtar Corporation has announced a broad...
Today's eco term: Permaculture. It's not just for hippies!
What happened to the UK Solar Subsidies? Dramatic changes in regulations may prevent future PV developments
Waste Not, Want Not: Unexploited Biomass Resources In Europe
USDA funding program to grow camelina for jet fuel green
SmartGrid,Home Networking groups collaborate for smart energy certification
How safe is your soil?
The more electric cars automakers build, the more SUVs they can build, under the new 55 mpg rules. New CAFÉ Standards: Is 54.5 MPG by 2025 Really Enough?
As of Mar 2011, ~54% consumers had donated/recycled an “old” device/accessories. Recycle yours!
Environmental activism: On the rise, or dying out?
3 things you need to know about biofuels
Bill McKibben Urges Cleantech Firms to Fight Against Tar Sands, GreenBiz on Green Chemistry & More -
Must-Read Energy Efficiency Reports for Your Summer Reading List
6 Exceptional Eco Schools  - Inhabitat
Japanese Internet giant to push home solar
Mixed Greens: SunPower Expands Manufacturing in Mexico, ARC’s LED Equipment and More: Despite the recent financial...
Commercial Solar Hot Water Arrives in the Midwest: If you live in the Midwest, and if you are a solar energy aficionado ...
Mysterious orange goo washes up in Alaska - I'm no expert, but this doesn't seem like a good sign. green
Poorer Nations Lead Global Movement Toward Low Carbon Energy: Scientific American -
 5 market types for smartgrid evolution
Green jobs activist, majoracarter to launch national brand for local produce:
CSRWare - Are you handling your #sustainability reports on a spreadsheet? Oh no! Check out our Jumpstart Program...

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