Friday, August 12, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 65

Wordle: sustainability

Is it possible to consume less and live more? Yes! We have advice!
Sustainability Wordle: Just a fun graphic of the words that we use to define sustainability, courtesy of wordle....
What’s Behind U.S. Wind’s Big 1H 2011 Numbers?: The U.S. wind industry added 2,151 megawatts of installed capacity.
New Rules and Old Plants May Strain Summer Energy Supplies  environment
Energy/carbon software company C3, founded by Tom Siebel, names big-name customers:
Environmental degradation, overpopulation, refugees, narcotics, terrorism, world crime movements, and organize… (cont)
Still wonder why Texas needs smart metering? #WSJ: Texas Power Grid Falls Short
Don't demoslish that old house, recycle it! green
Solar startup Solexant raises more funds, deserts Oregon loan
Beyond Energy and Water – The Value of LEED · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader
DuPont Plant Saves 540 Billion Btu
New Yorkers want fracking, but see consequences
Building Cap-and-Trade System ‘An Ingenious Approach’ · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental L...
Shocking Discovery: Organic Poultry Operations Have Fewer Antibiotic Resistant Germs
U.S. Had 2,000 Unhealthy Air Alerts in 2011 So Far
Presenting Givmo - which is a new service that helps you give away your unused or unwanted stuff to...
Why we need a Kelley Blue Book for solar --
China Calls on A123 to Aid Wind Integration: China's third-largest wind turbine manufacturer is evaluating batt...
Donald Trump Angry Over Offshore Wind Farms Near Scotland Golf Course
Toys"R"Us Completes U.S.' Largest Rooftop Solar Installation: Toys"R"Us Inc. has inaugurated a 5.38 MW rooftop. Toys “R” Us Launches Huge Solar Array in New Jersey
PV Polysilicon Output From Chinese Manufacturers Expected To Rise Dramatically: In 2015, the total output of sol...
Rick Perry Thinks America Desires Another Rigid, Anti-Science, Idealogue Governor From The Great State of Big Oil
Cisco Quietly Shuts Down Building Energy Management Program
Wind supplies 20% of Iowa electricity | The Des Moines Register
EU, USA says Canada's green energy industry is illegal. Tries to have WTO shut it down. green
Check out Barbie's Greenroof ! The Barbie Dreamhouse gets sustainable … so why haven't you? 

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