Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 56

Installations of solar panels on U.S. homes rose 66% in the first quarter of 2011, compared with the year prior. Why? Partly because the price of solar panel components dropped 15% over the same time period.
Another Record Year for Solar Power, But Clouds on the Horizon
A better way to connect solar, wind to the grid
Home Energy Efficient Guide: "Letting The Power Of The Sun Into Your Home!"
FedEx delivers more fuel efficiency progress | SmartPlanet
NASA to Spend $96 Million at Kennedy Space Center Cleaning Up the Toxic Fumes It Left Behind
New site shows how far public transportation will take you
How wind energy saves scarce water supplies, and how wind tends to be plentiful in areas facing drought. green
Gunter Pauli – Rethinking Energy Production with The Blue Economy | GroAction
Haleakala Solar Constructing PV Plant At Commercial Center: AAAAA Rent-A-Space, a storage facility and commercial...
A thrilling potential for solutions to homelessness via well designed shelters-
What a great model showing how thoughtful design can reduce poverty, homelessness, improve shelters -
James Hansen On the Easter Bunny Myth of Renewables and His Plan for a Carbon Tax
WHOI study reports microbes consumed oil in Gulf slick at unexpected rates
Canadian Solar Expands into India; Company Signs 33 MW Solar PV Module Sales Agreement with…
NREL: News Feature - A Better Way to Connect Solar, Wind to the Grid:
Japan's amazing energy conservation effort: How to lose more than 30  nuclear  plants & manage. 
Amazing pictures of a dead coal town in Japan. Is this the future without a plan in place?
Space program's environmental cleanup could take decades, cost: $1B green
How can innovation decouple growth and consumption?
History's normal rate of species disappearance is accelerating, scientists say
Twilight of the Glaciers green
Imagine being banished by your neighbors for drying your clothes!
After more than a century, Atlantic salmon return to Credit River green
Tobacco Farmers Convert to Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods
In Europe, a steep drop in the cost of solar panel technology coincides with cuts to subsidy schemes
Top 5 trends in green construction for 2011 green
Green Overdrive Video: The Fisker Karma
Today's eco term: Hydro Power. It's both good and bad. Clean energy, but environmental issues. Learn more.
Mexico's Small-Scale Farmers Gain Entry to Global Carbon Markets
Why Does Massey Energy Get Away With Murder While Environmentalists Are Sent to Prison? green
Roll Over America Takes 50 Velomobiles from Portland to D.C. to Raise Sustainable Transportation  Awareness
Urban Living and Individuality: Maybe Living With Your Parents Isn’t So Bad? Modeling and Measuring Cities
No, new data does not "blow a hole in global warming alarmism" (Shame on Forbes for suggesting it.) green
Oil Found on 60% of Yellowstone River Shoreline
Removal of Dams Expected to Replenish Salmon Population
Japan vows to skirt nuclear shutdown, watchdog embarrassed
U.S.: New Clean Air Rules Force Some Coal Plants to Close green
Green: Literacy and the Population Problem
Keystone XL -Uniting Lots of groups, and People in Opposition to Stop the Largest Carbon Bomb on the Continent. green
EPA again delays stricter smog rules
SEC seeks records for shale gas well claims
WA set to begin largest dam-removal project in US history
Climate Corps 2011: Taking the Temperature of Hospitals' HVAC
4 Reasons Why US-China Collaboration is Critical to Sustainability
After hundreds of earthquakes, Arkansas shuts down fracking disposal wells
Extinction Countdown: Kenyans Reportedly Chewing "Potency" Herb into Extinction green
Japan watchdog tried to plant views at nuclear forum: utility ~Reuters
Not Enough Elk Hunters Left To Kill Montana Wolves, As Desired By State Game Managers
How Meat and Dairy are Hiking Your Carbon Footprint green
Will carbon-free status give LG appliances an edge?
Tokyo is cutting electricity use by 15percent
Fracked Gas Breaks the Bubble: Is fracking about to come to the Bay Area green
I will be going the entire month of August without the aid of an automobile green
Google embraces solar skylight from EnFocus
Weak solar casts shadow over Bekaert H1
CANARY Risk Management Software Warns Of Water Contamination Threats, Enables Fast Reaction green
Leaders in Energy Star Buildings Challenge Cut Power Use by 30%
7 Solar-Powered Wearables That Will Infuse Your Gadgets With Energy
Devil's in the Details on Obama's New Gas Mileage Rules green
Google and NASA Team Up for a Green Flight Challenge with $1.65M Prize  green
The Island of Hashima: what is left when humanity is done exploiting a finite resource green
Anyone interested in saving pandas? green
For Judy Bonds: Historic Tree-Sit on Coal River Mountain Enters 10th Day green
New Post: Solar Power…Find Your Energy Solution!
Bloomberg Goes Beyond Coal; Activists Step Up Protests Against Tar Sands green
Analysis: Gas engines at center of fuel efficiency drive ~Reuters
7 Myths About the EU's Airline Emissions Plan
U.S. has the debt ceiling, but China has massive debt problem at the local level as well 
Latest: Fukushima Protesters Urge End to Nuclear Power - AFP An estimated 1,700 people rallied in the capital of Japan.
Israel should catch the wind
The GOP War Against Climate Adaptation
Take a look at one of the most livable urban environments in the world:
Worth reading: this interview with David Freeman, general manager of LCRA 1986-1990
How business thrives in a carbon nation
Backlash Against Cigarette Manufacturer’s “Green” Marketing Campaign
Exclusive: Increases to Anaerobic Digestion feed-in tariff rates delayed
Part 3- Why Large LEED Greenbuilding Demonstrations Matter- Taipei_101
Is your city walkable? New data ranks cities and points to ways to improve walkability
EnergyHub Moves Into Software as Service: EnergyHub added another dimension to its home energy management offe... 

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