Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 55

BMW lays down its cards in electric car market BMW Unveils Details on its Breakthrough iSeries Concept Vehicles ~Inhabitat
Video: Rare earth-free electric motor = affordable electric cars
What the USDA Doesn't Want You to Know About Antibiotics & Factory Farms green
 Henderson companies blazing green trail with 'net-zero' goal
"How Is Offshore Wind Like the U.S. Economy?"
Americans Will Want Electric Cars When Gas Hits $5 Per Gallon (Or Maybe $4.50. No, Wait, Make That $7)
DECC: Electricity Market Reforms to add three per cent to large energy consumers' bills
A 54.5 MPG Standard To Hit in 2025: Here are Ten Ways to Improve Mileage: The White House and the major automakers. Technologies that will get automakers to 54.5 mpg Obama unveils sharp increase in fuel economy standards for cars and trucks by 2025 White House Unveils New 2025 Fuel Economy Standards - Photo credit: Maia via Flickr/CC BY-SA It's official; cars so...
Automakers will mainly lean on improved engines and small batteries (ie microhybrids) to meet new CAFE standards
Solar Trends From Around the World: Regional markets were, as usual, one of the bigger topics at Intersolar ea...
Climate Corps 2011: Taking the Temperature of Hospitals' HVAC
This is NOT a headline from Bush years: U.S. Vilifies EU's Carbon-Trading Scheme for Airlines green
EPA Proposes Air Pollution Standards for Oil and Gas Production
Cell phones don’t increase risk of child cancer say scientists: The European Parliamentary Assembly (EPA) has b...
The plastics industry will do anything to keep you using plastic bags
What's spoiling Yosemite's beauty for everyone? All those damn trees:
Slow Stirrings Among Conservatives on Adaptation -- Just Don't Mention Climate Change
BMW DesignworksUSA To Upgrade San Francisco’s BART Trains
Harvesting Green Marketing Tips from the Farmers Market
Eric Corey Freed on Organic Architecture and How to Engage an Audience | GroAction
Trash-to-fuel company Enerkem raises an extra $30M
CB Richard Ellis Introduces Industry’s First Concise Guide to Energy Performance Regulations
General Motors drops $7.5M in rooftop solar maker Sunlogics GM Demonstrates Strong Commitment to Solar Energy
Arts the "canary in the policy mine" for community vitality -
Design Futures Council report offers tips for successful sustainable design projects
Smart grid's daunting logistics tamed (somewhat) by smart cities concept - FierceTelecom:
Shell Profits Double as Tar Sands and Liquefied Natural Gas Move Forward Shell in Nigeria: Oil, Gas, Development & Corporate Social Responsibility
6 Free Green Things to Do This Summer in NYC!
NYC Biking is Up 14 Percent From 2010; Overall Support Rises
Alaska researcher who documented the demise of polar bears in the Arctic placed on administrative leave:
Bloom Energy to power data center with biogas
EarthDay EveryDay from, voices of sustainability, Julia Butterfly Hill, on Being Yourself.
Montana's $85m carbon capture pilot gets go-ahead
Planners approve nuclear power station preparatory work
Japanese fisheries agency committee reconsider whaling |
Apple 'greener' than Samsung and Nokia? Depends on the report! Interesting!
Sustainability update: UPS squeezes out more fuel consumption
Clean energy standards are an affordable way to cut emissions
Three Indian Cities Join The Climate Group’s Global LED Project: Reportedly, Thane, Kolkata and Haldia, the three...
Balancing climate pragmatism with moral clarity:
Free CloudApps & Webinar: Getting Employee Support for the Green Agenda -
What happens when planning is thwarted by civil unrest?
Can the California Energy Commission Clean Up Its Small Wind Rebate Program?: Greentech Media's recent investigations...
Check out the new Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Blog!
Amazing San Francisco Victorian Renovation Marries the Old With Sustainable Modern
New photovoltaic generator runs on heat instead of sunlight:
A breakdown of gas costs per city [Infographic]
U.S. nuclear fund for waste, not deficit: panel  Reuters
Jamaica Bay: Wilderness on the Edge environment
Did you know: During rural electrification, utilities made ranchers dismantle electric windmills before connecting them to central power?

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