Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 83

Ammonia: The Fuel Technology Of The Future?
Fall special: solar companies for sale
With the first month of Conscious Box coming soon, now is the time to presubscribe and secure your spot! "Like"...
Take a look at our great Environmental Book Lists
GTM Research Goes to DC to Testify For Solar Jobs: Shayle Kann, Managing Director of Solar Research at Greentech...
Taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil isn't creating jobs, it's adding to executive salaries, up to 8 million in annual salary. Cong. Ed Markey: Big Oil is eliminating jobs while increasing profits. 11K US jobs reduced over the last 5 years.
Derelict East London Granary Transformed Into Creative Office Spaces & Studios ~Inhabitat
Constellation Energy offering solar leases to consumers for rooftop panels in eastern states
Kiribati ponders floating island to fight sea rise ~
A team of marine scientists to recommend an end to almost all deep sea fishing | Xpost
Green Blog: When an Earthquake Shuts a Reactor
GTM in DC - Markey just referenced GTM Research's trade balance data.
Parklets are spreading!!
Public consulting, required by most planning laws, is totally changing thanks to the digital world-...
Tree rings reveal forest fires from hundreds of years ago ~
Is Air BNB a new urban model on a larger scale? What other services, like hospitality, can we hack?...
Bank of America Plans Another Billion-Dollar Solar Project: Bank of America, SolarCity and USRG Ren...
Density restrictions harm #cities - take a look > interesting, but it makes sense
Con. Markey: Investment in RE creates 3-5 more jobs. Propping up oil/coal is not a strategy. (Mention of trade surplus:
Samsung - Time to get #EcoFriendly people! Follow these tips and see how to get started
UN Chief on Climate Change -- "We are running out of time."
FBI investigates Solyndra, searches company’s HQ --
Nontoxic energy storage snags $30 million in funding.
How useful are Eco-Labels?
Ever Wonder Who Regulates Our Imported Food?
Fox News Attacks Environmentally Conscious Games
Google reveals electricity use, aims for a third clean power by 2012
Scientists Say Climate Change is Contributing to More Extreme Weather Now
The Largest Sustainability Challenges for your company in 2011:
New Global Warming Survey Finds Skepticism Among Tea Party Members
Globalwarming emissions = "the steroids of weather."
Mazda Releases Sustainability Report for 2011
Public kept in the dark on Roundup link with birth defects - new report\ 

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