Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 82

Pacific Voyagers Expedition: A Solar-Powered Journey
Sun Devils Soak Up Solar Power
One of the major drivers of habitat disturbance to many of Alberta's caribou herds is tarsands development.
Read how Apple could revolutionize solar by implementing it into its devices
Repair our dilapidated schools + improve our power grid + build some new power plants + advance our IT infrastructure = JOBS
The Solar-Heated Adaptahaus is the UK's First Affordable Green  Prefab Home
First industrial-sized Carbon Sequestration facility breaks ground in the US:
Solar PV is now fastest-growing industry in the world ~
Electric cars and hybrids could represent as much as 15% of the new car market by 2020
Power struggle erupts in SmartGridCity…
How to (safely) integrate renewables at scale…
Oil Exploration Under Arctic Ice Could Cause 'Uncontrollable' Natural Disaster? green
SmartGrid leaders are saying about GridWeek, then check out the agenda
Glencore's 1st sustainability report shows 18 deaths | Reuters
9/7 Daily Pricing…
9 Green Design Books to Add to Your Recommend Reading List ~Inhabitat
Another Successful Season for Our New Gelatinous Overlords
The growing role of flexible packaging and its environmental impact
DOE offers $344M loan guarantee for 160K solar installs on military bases. Residential solar financing at huge scale

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