Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sustainability Journal Vikram R Chari Volume 2011 Issue 73

The pay-back period for solar panels installations for each state in Australia
ERCOT: conservation encouraged, but no further grid problems anticipated today (Aug 23) TX wholesale prices have climbed to their $3,000/MWH cap.
5.9 Mineral, Virginia Earthquake Shakes Six Nuclear Power Plants Within 150 Miles
Will your new car have a mileage meter that tracks your  driving and taxes accordingly?
How do animals see cities , and how can that change our own vision? 
Green Blog: Taking Stock of Campus Sustainability
Fishing Gear Is Altered to Ease Collateral Costs to Marine Life environment
Water covers ¾ of the earth. Ever wonder why we pay for water?
Germany’s road to a 100% renewable railway
Volkswagen to Roll Out New One Seater Electric Car
Report: London flooding costs could hit 'tens of billions'
Renewable chemicals company Genomatica files for IPO, looks to raise $100 million
Fitting Sustainability into the CFO's Job Description
OODA’s Twisted Cubic Taipei City Museum of Art Harvests Rain and Sun ~Inhabitat
How to Get Voters to Go Green: Watching Libyan strongman Moammar Ghadafi scramble for his life this week offer...
Are we turning our #cities into a 'panopticon'? 
IBM stakes $20M in Southern Ontario Water Consortium to research safer & more efficient water practices #in
Oregon's long-standing Business Energy Tax Credit has ended. Check out news on this and in CT, DE, DC, GA, FL,...
Tar Sands Pipeline Protests Finally Get Noticed by Major Media as 220 Keystone XL Protesters Are Arrested
Even after Fukushima...Is nuclear green? Are there VC opportunities? brilliant moderation in this…
How did an island the size of Nantucket become 100% energy self-sufficient?
Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) Working On Tire Sustainability…via @stockbriefings
Taste of things to come: Texas drought to shut down power plants
You don’t have to implement a raw food diet or go vegan overnight to be socially responsible.
Whirlpool Corp - Commitment To Sustainability (video)
In U.S., Offshore Wind Realizing The Power of a Plan
It Turns Out Electric Vehicles Are So Fun To Drive, You Won't Want To Go Back #EV
Corporate Sustainability (CSR): Tracking Tools for Measurement and Management
Chicago to Replace Old Yellow Streetlights With Energy-Efficient Lamps -Inhabitat
Bill McKibben Talks Tar Sands Pipeline on Olbermann, Democracy Now! (Videos) More evidence of the devastating effects of the tar sands pipeline. 
5 great ways to communicate customer value of the  smartgrid from  eMeter
Yet Another Investigation Vindicates 'Hockey Stick' Climate Scientist Michael Mann green
(At the same time...) China's potential for a Green Future on Nourish Planet. (The "funnel walls") China is net coal importer since 2009 Coal imports hit a record this July 
Adidas has revealed it is talking to competing sportswear brands, including Nike and Puma, as part of efforts to...
ATT + digidotcom to offer smartgrid solutions
Gas Is Cheaper, but We're Still Driving Less
Dynamic pricing expert shatters 2 myths-consumers do reduce peak demand and low income consumers win too:
Public opinion on climate just tipped: 

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